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DiecastCollection : when GoPros weren't even born yet...

CUSTARDP00DLETK : the 2700 dislikes were mitsubishi owners

1st1 : По следам шин в каждом кадре - можно прикинуть сколько было дублей ;)

Brent Moore : Still my favorite car from block

TriniRogue : I still miss the subaru :(

sodazman : I actually like the Subarus a lot more than the Fords now.

Marius G : By the end, all 4 cylinders probably had 0 compression.

Maxyce : 4:25 window painted , 4:44 window no painted, 4:48 window painted  .-o-o-

Joester The Toaster : Who's watching in 2017?

coberon zephile : 2:34 seen this tries to do in a parking lot failed doing so. received a ticket for reckless driving. go home. cried beside my fucked up car.

AnElevatorFart : Give Rob Dyrdek a paintball gun and he'll somehow make it sound like a Colt .45

Morgan DeLay : this was when he drove a good car..

EpIxSiLvEr13 : Someone should have hired this dude to be in Tokyo drift

Cruizen277 : Anyone who says they are a good driver...think again.

spike : лайк если ты русский

King-Sized Mattress : Ricers be like, I can do that, but 10 times better.

lostdarkness : Subaru Subaru Subaru...

Tovarsch Hren : Ha, how many tyres those guys change during this video?

Edwin Rojas : first song:DJ Egadz - Have Some Guts Kid...! :D

JoeHannibal Smith : The Subaru was way better than the this new Ford is

Didonato L : Интересно,какой температуры достигает резина?

Fynn Gartz : Who else watching in 2016?

BM Hazy : I love the ford but nothing beats the subaru.

Mike Stand : why did he smash a lightbulb on his head

Gluvić ➕🐉 Alfista 🍀 : impreza more than fiesta!! :S

Wakajacka : back when 560 horses was top shit xD Like if watching in 2018

Teh Gamer : Google will never do what bob says, the change has already been made, so deal with it.

Njabulo Mzulwini : Here hold my beer

cverdo : subaru is good but ford is ford

ghosted : damn i remember watching this when it first dropped.. 7 years ago, still speechless at how crazy this is

twoWheels Priest : 2016 and still a bad ass video

Daniel Bilzerian : porque le dan no me gusta a un video tan genial como este?son subnormales o que?

Mohd Hafiz : That paintball ruined everything..

Иван Нефёдов : 2009... Omg

Nantha Kumar : Ken Block you really awesome 👍👍😈😈😈🇲🇾💖🕊🕊🕊

Tuna Zikadar : DC shoes presents ken block

Anonymous Guy : This is me when I am late for college??.

Im Benga : Song at end?

ZEPHYR 971 : 5:03 Real Split second ?

FlowPanda : Bwaaa stututu !!

Memo Memoli : salak mıdır nedir

Sergey Teplyakov : Кен  Блок крут,Gymkhana 2 лучшая...всё закрываем тему))

Fandi Ahmad Barady : This is video legend

frostedmender3 : Ка же было афигенно)

lemonpillow720 : Music at start?

Cole T. : I can still Drift my Silverado better

Kimberly _thegreatest : The music at the end making me sad 😂😂😂😂😂😂

mircea gheorghe : viata mea subaru ooof mor nu am bani sa o cumpar o doresc cu tot sufletu meu de rebel

LazerHawk TM : cual es el nombre de la musica? // what is the name of the music?

Mohamed Farvees : Very very very very very very super beautiful stunt