Star Wars Kid
Star Wars Kid Viral Video is Twelve Years Old

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Leo ? : People bully you back then, but now you are a legend among the meme society. Respect👌

Neon Link : *15 Characters That Can Defeat Thanos*

Midnite St0rm : It makes me sad that this video ruined the poor guy’s life

-Dimitris K- : One of the earliest videos on YouTube. The stuff of legend

Kone : Why do people harass him he's got sick moves.

meme : God I wish that were me.

Captain Memez : Much anger in him, a powerful sith he'll become

Jonathan Bautista : Better than YouTube Rewind 2018.

TheTotallyNormalYouTubeChannel : I know this kid his friend put posted this on YouTube and he got bullied for like half of his high school life now he’s a lawyer for people to get cyber bullied and that’s the real story

KIRA WOLF : *He strikes fear in the hearts of men*

900 Subs Sin Videos : Who's still watching in 2019?

Kalvin Koolaid19 : Jesus Christ it’s Jason Bourne

Forenzyx : This boy has a high number of medichlorians. The force is strong with this one!

AngryRedJuiceBox : Admit it, if you've seen Star Wars you've done this at least once.

ToyCandyEggSurpriseZ : 144P WE MEET AGAIN

Indominus Maximus : *I've never seen this kind of raw power before*

Musicman928 : He may have been bullied but someone had to break the ice of the entire meme culture. I have nothing but respect for this man.

My name Jeff : Star Wars 10 : The Last Sith

Peter Wilson : 10 years later he's now called the legend27

Dragongamer1301 : Star Wars Kid: *Appears* Shaggy: Finally a worthy opponent. Our battle will be legendary.

The Flying Brick : episode 9 trailer looks pretty good, glad to see Disney putting star wars back on track...

carlos garcia : i didn't know Peter Griffin was a Jedi-Master

mayannaise : This guy faced some horrific stuff just for having fun, but I think he got the last laugh since he graduated from McGill law and is fighting against cyberbullying now. Ghyslain rocks!

Mahir Cave : Legend says he taught Yoda

Big Serb boy : I personally like him and I have done this

Nick Name : I rate this video 5/5

Jonny Crono : Haha oh this legendary video. It had been so long since I saw it. Anyone else came here because of Arrested Development?

SpringWizard453 : I believe this man can kill John Wick

Abel Salas : Becomes bullied, becomes a meme legend. A small price to pay for salvation

ParaChomp : Compared to what happened recently, this guy will always be a legend.


William Hudson : He's pretty good with a bowstaff. Probably alot of gangs are interested in him.

George G : Still a better movie than Last Jedi

Captain Memez : Top 10 most powerful jedis

Leo ? : It is impressive that with all those moves, he managed not to hit the camera, not even once.

DJ SHUFFL3R OFFICIAL : Who else is binge watching and surfing through an entire marathon of these timeless classic YouTube masterpieces?

tim johansen : [shaking head] "not ready, he is."

CaptainAmericYang : He should be canon

Fedrox : *This man created the universe.*

je bergman : the prophecys was true...the lost meme is finnaly back...bow to the new king

M. A. Packer : Oh jeez, another remnant of the Darth Maul generation

SledgeNE : Long time ago. :-) The most seen clip on youtube. ^^

Some Random Doombringer : Rey's Father confirmed.

keith forrester : Drunken master technique

Shawn Marino : He has the power of God and anime on his side

not thick boi : All women are queens. *If she breathes, *SHE'S A THOT.*

Temper Just Temper : I feel sorry for him but at least he became an advocate for anti bulling

Cory Danrich : 15 seconds in is priceless ... my mistake for laughing Ghislain but that part gets me everytime bro.

Triple GD : Only some people know the real story of this video.