Star Wars Kid

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Mahir Cave : Legend says he taught Yoda

ƝveR : He released so much strength that he ended up teleporting the camera to a basketball game.


Isaac Berryhill : The only man who can beat Thanos

Dolph C. Volker : Guy should have embraced the nerd in him and gone with it. Says a fellow nerd to nerd.

CaptainAmericYang : He should be canon

George : Its actually kinda sad watching this cuz it reminds me of when the internet was this simple

mrhoffame : I wish they could find a way to give this dude a Cameo in one of the real movies!!!!

George G : Still a better movie than Last Jedi

2muchwhit1 : The prophecy is true.

Chloe Stern : I feel bad for all the bullying he got


Block Head : The Force is strong with this one.

Naydine Swain : 2018 This guy is still a legend

Valley Films : Who's still watching in 2017/2018?

MiSFiT : *He strikes fear in the hearts of men*


Dimitris *K* : One of the earliest videos on YouTube. The stuff of legend

AussieDogfighter : feel bad 4 that kid having his private time put online. BTW that kid has good form

TheTotallyNormalYouTubeChannel : I know this kid his friend put posted this on YouTube and he got bullied for like half of his high school life now he’s a lawyer for people to get cyber bullied and that’s the real story

Gavin Baker : This is unironically impressive...

Fake tendo : Legend has it that he was the first jedi

Akhil Djokovic : Came here after watching the last Jedi honest trailer

The Stupendous Wave : Form 7 if I ever saw it.

The CineRanter : Classic

Theprunedpug : he knows his moves i can tell u that

meme : God I wish that were me.

Midnite St0rm : It makes me sad that this video ruined the poor guy’s life

Wolf Pierre : Am I the only one wondering how he didn't break the camera??

ProvingCandle : Watch this video in slo mo

Lost : I was 5 when this came out. Now I'm 17 ._.

Lexi Harris : I’ve done shit like this one too many times when I’m in my room alone... then I think of this and I stop...

mewyattt : Eh...better than new the new Star Wars trilogy.

Bluespheal : Did you ever hear the tragedy of Darth Plagueis "the wise"?

Kristiano : How is seeing in 2018?

Nick Name : I rate this video 5/5

Le Moob Man : UHC2 would approve

Sir Ali : I watched this while listening to the Power Rangers Theme....ahh Satisfied :D

AngryRedJuiceBox : Admit it, if you've seen Star Wars you've done this at least once.

Darryl Kelly : He shall fulfill the prophecy

James Sweeper : This is actually a waaay better movie than the last jedi or force awakens. I'm not even exaggerating.

Lucy Florin : Who ells wants to be like this I know I do

The gaming watermelon : I feel bad for em. :(

ConnorTheGreatAsian : The force awakens inside him

L0000s 1.0 : If i were him i wouldve used those sweet moves to take down the bullies that bullied him for this videos.

danny fonseca : I guess this is what the palpatine meant by cheating death

Xirtual : Anyone from 2018?

jorgiebutt : This is the reason why the Star Wars movies failed. Because a clip of this does not play during the intro crawl

Andrei C. : Rey's Father confirmed.

Gregory Gobaira : I love all the nice comments about him