Star Wars Kid

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CaptainAmericYang : He should be canon

Mahir Cave : Legend says he taught Yoda

RedArtMedia1 : He used "The Jedi Mind Trick", he knew this would go viral.

Dolph C. Volker : Guy should have embraced the nerd in him and gone with it. Says a fellow nerd to nerd.

mrhoffame : I wish they could find a way to give this dude a Cameo in one of the real movies!!!!

The Stupendous Wave : Form 7 if I ever saw it.

NveR : He released so much strength that he ended up teleporting the camera to a basketball game.

Jaismin Taneja : If you guys know or not, this is the "first" star wars video on youtube!

Cadence Cassettes : Snoke origins.

2muchwhit1 : The prophecy is true.

kimjako 1 : Me trying to impress my crush :/

The CineRanter : Classic

Daviel Marakov : Who watch is 2018 xD

Domenik bauers : If u read about this he was bullied and Cyberbully because some kids recorded him and posted it and it ruined his life and chilled hood but now he only smiles and became secsessful. and he is now a lawyer for bullying and cyberbullying and is now a famous lawyer

TheGoldenConnorific : The force awakens inside him

Just Some Guy : Still better than The Last Jedi.

Crazy Gorillax : Luke is wrong.. this is the last jedi

xkvhi : This is what Rey looked like on the cliff, just with jump cuts

영민이 : Who’s here watching this in 2018?

Arnell Long : This will NEVER get old. He needs to become a permanent part of the Star Wars universe.


TheCrazyHobos : It's the kid from the end of The Last Jedi

B. Walker : Bad Ass.

George : Its actually kinda sad watching this cuz it reminds me of when the internet was this simple

Sir. Simon : *He is the dovahkiin*

Jeroen Willemse : honestly thought this is what was going to happen after that kid picked up the broom at the end of The Last Jedi

Vinxk : He has better moves than any of you.

Vincent Meade : i really wanted him to hit the camera

Bluespheal : Did you ever hear the tragedy of Darth Plagueis "the wise"?

Harry Spurr : Arguably one of the very first digital memes, also appeared in Tony Hawks Underground 2 (2004)

Gavin Baker : This is unironically impressive...

Akhil Djokovic : Came here after watching the last Jedi honest trailer

Chloe Stern : I feel bad for all the bullying he got

PeeledBanana : Good ol' classic memes

Marii_ fid : 17/12/17 brasil!

Kristiano : How is seeing in 2018?

Hotshot141 Yt : I saw the last jedi in the vid

Metal Maniac : Star Wars: Episode 9 [Leaked Footage]

Theprunedpug : he knows his moves i can tell u that

bob renolf : I was little when I saw this and to me then it was genuinely badass

beloid : I love how the kid at the end of The Last Jedi is literally this kid.

OclusOwl : Who saw this after South Park

Peter Wilson : 10 years later he's now called the legend27

Agent Section : 2018 anyone?

C minor : That was freaking amazing :o

Block Head : The Force is strong with this one.

miscelaineous : Yo whata legend

Wolf Pierre : Am I the only one wondering how he didn't break the camera??

Lemarcus Calhoun_YT : Form 9 if it exists the form combining LIGHT and dark force energy to congure the power of it

danny fonseca : I guess this is what the palpatine meant by cheating death