Star Wars Kid

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Mahir Cave : Legend says he taught Yoda


ƝveR : He released so much strength that he ended up teleporting the camera to a basketball game.

Isaac Berryhill : The only man who can beat Thanos

C.Harris34 : Let’s be honest everybody has done this in some way or another in their life lol

CaptainAmericYang : He should be canon

meme : God I wish that were me.

George G : Still a better movie than Last Jedi


Dimitris *K* : One of the earliest videos on YouTube. The stuff of legend

Midnite St0rm : It makes me sad that this video ruined the poor guy’s life

L0000s 1.0 : If i were him i wouldve used those sweet moves to take down the bullies that bullied him for this videos.

ProvingCandle : Watch this video in slo mo

MiSFiT : *He strikes fear in the hearts of men*

Valley Films : Who's still watching in 2017/2018?

TheTotallyNormalYouTubeChannel : I know this kid his friend put posted this on YouTube and he got bullied for like half of his high school life now he’s a lawyer for people to get cyber bullied and that’s the real story

Leo Li : People bully you back then, but now you are a legend among the meme society. Respect👌

Nick Name : I rate this video 5/5


Kalvin Koolaid19 : Jesus Christ it’s Jason Bourne

Xirtual : Anyone from 2018?

Lexi Harris : I’ve done shit like this one too many times when I’m in my room alone... then I think of this and I stop...

Jonathan Bautista : Better than YouTube Rewind 2018.

The Stupendous Wave : Form 7 if I ever saw it.

Alex Vasylyev : This dude is now a lawyer

Darius Istodor : He's Thanos's teacher

Jaret t : Darth Kid

Online Originals Entertainment : Still better than last Jedi

Wolf Pierre : Am I the only one wondering how he didn't break the camera??

kt_ 13 : Much anger in him, a powerful sith he'll become

Iateyourmotherandfather : The new captain phasma

Jon Osterman : Still better than episode VIII.

Arzenith Estolas : Darth vader kylo ren and darth maul cant defeat him in a lightsaber fight too powerful

Dolph C. Volker : Guy should have embraced the nerd in him and gone with it. Says a fellow nerd to nerd.

900 Subs Sin Videos :v : Who's still watching in 2019?

Land Creature : I heard he got bullied for this, and that's a real shame. I really can understand how that came to be though. I mean this is hilarious, it's like catching your younger brother dancing and singing, dressed up to some trashy teenage girl pop song and catching it on film, or finding the tape of him recording himself doing it. There really is nothing wrong with it, but it is still hilarious. I wouldn't tear him up for it too bad, unless I really knew him because that's how us guys roll. You do something embarrassing or funny like this, and there is just no stopping most boy's young sense of humor. I found the boys generally made fun of each other but it was more in good fun, and when the girls did it it was horrible, but that's just from my experience. I spent my time in school defending those who were bullied, but out of the approximately fifteen schools I went to in different states cities and counties in America, I actually saw very little bullying and that wasn't because I wasn't aware of it, I was quite aware of those who were in my schools, it's just for whatever reason It didn't happen enough for me to see much or hear much of it at all. When the anti bullying people first started talking to us at my young age in the 90's it was just us all looking at each other like "huh? What are they talking about" Then any time you ripped on someone for something there was often someone trying to be a good kid and telling you not to bully when it wasn't that at all. Also the whole anti bullying movement as positive of a thing as it is has really killed the word bully for me. The most times I ever heard the term were from those who were trying to tell us not to bully. I mean just say the word in your head a few times. Bully - bully - bullllly - bullllieeeya - boowley - buhlay - ahbuhlaybuhlaybuhlaybuhlay! It's just one of those words that make me laugh. It seems dated now, I guess everything is in a way. There was a Rockstar game called Bully and I never got to play or even see gameplay, I guess I'm going to check that out now.

boide chef : The lost legend

Luke Milbocker : Admit it. We have all done this with a broom stick after watching Star Wars Episode 1: the Phantom Menace duel of the fates with Obi-wan and Qui-gon going against Darth Maul, lol.

Bluespheal : Did you ever hear the tragedy of Darth Plagueis "the wise"?

jarhess : I love this guy👍🏼👍🏼 Star Wars rocks! I am a fellow nerd & I don’t give a rats ass who knows it! You go Bro:)👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

Bookmarked Foe : This is so nostalgic. like 10+ year nostalgia

Olicha04 : Stop bullied im, you don’t know his history

Sir Ali : I watched this while listening to the Power Rangers Theme....ahh Satisfied :D

AngryRedJuiceBox : Admit it, if you've seen Star Wars you've done this at least once.

redstone craft guy : Top 10 anime characters who can defeat Thanos in seconds (even with the infinity gauntlet)

Eric Fartman : Better than The last Jedi.

jorgiebutt : This is the reason why the Star Wars movies failed. Because a clip of this does not play during the intro crawl

Herr Winkler : Star Wars kid in battlefront 2 pls

boi no : Screw Darth Maul when you have this guy

Thoeny65 : In case you didn’t know, the kid that you see in this video is named Raza, and the original video was made in 2003. Raza actually didn’t want to release this video to the public, but some of his classmates in school managed to hack into his files and managed to release the video, which lead to Raza getting bullied at school a lot and eventually dropped out of school. As of this comment, he is alive and he is living a normal life.