Yakko's World but Empires Still Exist

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Vexillographer : Best one I've ever seen.

morges : damn spain, england and france need to chill jesus

Ray Nightshade : But England owned Canada

Dzastin 0713 : 1:22 - Best part right?

Pualam Nusantara : *The Spanish Sahara is Spain.*

Michaela : Here’s a fun game! Take a shot whenever Yakko says: England Spain Or France

Harry Senior : England wins flawless victory

artistwithouttalent : Why doesn't the United States count as part of the British Empire?


FunkyMunky 40 : Europe just owned the world basically

prøducerNNN : "the spanish sahara is SPAIN"

Wurfenkopf : "The spanish Sahara is Spain" ROTFL totally didn't see that coming!

Pomono : the spanish sahara is spain

That1TechDude : 0:40 "Italy Turkey and T U R K E Y"

Altrix : Shouldn’t the US be England?

Troy Robles : Actually, Panama was colonized by Spain and the video says Scotland. Why? Because this refers to the Darien scheme, which was an unsuccessful attempt by the Kingdom of Scotland to become a world trading nation by establishing a colony called "Caledonia" on the Isthmus of Panama on the Gulf of Darién in the late 1690s. The aim was for the colony to have an overland route that connected the Pacific and Atlantic oceans. So yeah, great video anyway!

SAMAR ART : 0:49 There S... France

Why Not? : Why was Canada France when it was part of the British empire and a member of the commonwealth?

sugarbxrry : lyrics for north america alone: United States France Spain Scotland France England Spain Spain Spain Denmark Spain United States Spain Spain Spain England Spain Spain England Spain Spain And Spain And Spain Spain Portugal Spain England Spain England England England United States Spain Portugal The Netherlands And France England And United States

Liam Craddock : So the world was basically: England,England,England,England,France,France,France,Spain,Spain,Spain,United States,Turkey

TheAntiParadox : Italy did not conquer Ethiopia. They tried but failed and withdrew when WWII started. Ethiopia is the only country in Sub-Saharan Africa that was never successfully colonised.

LordMIGtau : Basically Europe owned the world

Mikhal Mosav : E N G L A N D

Yuzi 雄二 : England

That Øne Artist : England and France need to chill

George Budd : Lol so much England and France in Africa

WhoIsCraig : Jesus England...

InsertEdgyMeme : *E N G L A N D*

Dark System97 : Viva España joder

TacoDemonio : E N G L A N D

Minion KevinYT : The Spanish Sahara is Spainn

Jordan LaQuey : France England

Steven Wertyuiooo : So Crete was a country back then... Request:Yakko's world but everything is Crete

Josè Emmanuel Oseguera Camarena : Filipinas and puerto rico rico spanish Usa is spanish(aztlan,florida and spanish lousiana), brittanic(13 colonies), france(french Lousiana) And russian (alaska)

Canadaball : i don't see the logic in having canada be france, but have phillippines be the USA

Andre Aguirre : Wait why you did not put England in the United States part, they also were a colony once.

Way Hay memes and co : Why this was so helpful?

LaChambre DeSpitch : South America = Spain Africa = France Asia = England

TheSusMaster : How can Scotland own something in America but not own Scotland?

Sofia Kyrnasiou : Actually there used to be a greek empire and it had gone all the way to Iran

Anglo Mapper : i sped it up so it sounded like: the nations of ENGLAND SPAIN SPAIN

Anonymously Done : He forgot England.


TV FilthyFrank : Africa

Margiela : The United States should be England or The Netherlands

AJDoodles ‘Ava’ : *_take a shot every time he says ‘england’_*

Giuseppe Bongiorno : Eritrea and Somalia were italian

Chris Riley : The Spanish Saharah is SPAIN

DarkBeast 27 : Why doesn't it start with England?

SpangeBab : Spanish Sahara is *SPAIN*