Lioness helps tigress to raise cubs

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Lioness raised by tigress helps tigress to raise cubs. She warns (roars) the tigress when cubs are in danger. Listen to JV singing Big Cat Love - 6 years later: Lyrics of song: Savannah Savannah born in darkness Confined by wire cages Is offered a chance of freedom By a tigress and her cubs Freedom calls And she doesn’t speak the language But she suckles from her mother Young lives emerging Like the flowers in the spring Emerging lives And she stands atop the mountain She roars like rolling thunder Vibrates like fire And it echoes down the canyon I am here Savannah is a hunter Fast and strong and deadly And she runs the prey down To the waiting, patient tigress Invisible Silent in the shadow Light and dark are merging Coiled like a cobra Explosive in her power How she has Speed and strength are merging Claws are ripping, gripping Teeth are seeking pressure And the prey sinks down It is over Stands atop the mountain Roars like rolling thunder Vibrates like leopard fire And it echoes down the canyon I am here Savannah is an auntie To tiger cubs emerging And she carries them so gently In jaws of strength and power She carries them And she guards them in the morning In the caves at midnight A guardian and a hunter A teacher and provider all in one All in one Thunder clouds are darkening Flooded rain like furry Tigers fleeing, swimming Running, hurting, injured Chaos reigns Savannah darted falling Seatao kills her swiftly Sorrow overflowing And the canyon stands empty It is empty No longer stands atop the mountain Roars like rolling thunder …. Savannah is gone And the canyon stands empty Lyrics: John Varty


Gothic Hillbilly : Reading the comments, and realizing I haven't hit "the song" yet LOL

BLACK STAG : Why did they have to mess up this amazing documentary with that crazy song?

Makaveli The Don 7 : Idk why. But I feel like that Old man n this video is the one singing. Lmao

leodf1 : 06:44 'Savahnur is an anteeh, Twotigercubs emmerrggginnn, and she carrieees them so geeeentleaaah. Jawsofstrengthandpoooowwweeeerrrrr…..

Loran Xu : Lion:Nah,giving birth is too painful. I will just stick with my friend‘s kid.

AirForceSacVet : That song at 3:26......cringeworthy!...especially when the chorus of out-of-tune women chime in. Truly AWFUL!

Sena Wabayakawa : This is fake, The camera, the prey, the situation. *_those lion and tigress are both paid actors_* , FACT !

LBC213 : Great video. I just had to watch it on mute and turn on The Lion King soundtrack. LoL

Saad mohammed : Mother is mother Anywhere ❤️

not tsundere : I play this song to annoy the neighborhood

Possum Williams : Thanks for the video.. but the music sucks..

The Amazing Vidya Dog : I didn't expect the song but it's SO WHOLESOME ;W; aww

It's Kamo : No one: ... Absolutely no one: ... "Savannah born in darkness" *singing* 😂🤣

Guddu ooo : i was not ready for that song🤐🔪

SMILESZ2 : Lioness: Girl, girl girl .... Come get your babies. Tigress: ok, Here I come.

Shade On A Cool Day : John I'm gonna need you to fall back on your music career. What you're hearing is not what we're hearing.

Fah미나 : 2:56 When the weird aunt hugs you at a family reunion for just a little too long

Youtube Username 2019 : Mother's instinct maybe. Those cubs are so adorable!

matt hudson : And in seeing this i am afirmed that my cat and my dog have ways of communicating

FaerieBearies : When you a lesbian and you and your girlfriend/wife have kids, but everyone thinks you’re just really good friends.

JIMMY : John Really Good videos, keep them coming. The Music on the other hand? Ouch!

מירנה דה פז : So Wonderful to see great Friendship between Tiger gril and Lioness. LOVELY.

Scotts Freeny : If these two animals with different features can get along why can't we

Ali Ahmed : Hahahahahahaha. The song! Hahha Hahahah

I'm a good boy : I was was enjoying the emotional moments until that song attacked me in the face .

Nikkia Lyles : This is an amazing video. I wasn't expecting the singing though. God is good.❤️

Makaveli The Don 7 : Wow... This is amazing... What a beautiful story could've went without the music though lmaooo.. But love the story

BakemonoShiz : "Freedom Calls": Available on iTunes; Published by Sony Music Group.

Flauschekugel28 : The song has me shook I love it xD it may not be quite my taste but I think it's great that this man shared his passion with us :) Also I lovef the story of the lioness and the tigress

Miranda Baxter : Such a beautiful friendship..

David Sansome : The song kinda spoiled a perfectly good video.

iForgot My Name : Godammit John Varty!!!

chilly pobloaf : people singing in the background seriously need to stop 🤮

Memphis Booger : I'm banging this song in my car ( as I drive off the bridge )

Vincisomething : I came here for the interspecies friendship, but now I'm waiting for the song.

jet44444 : I didn’t know what everyone was talking about, then I got to the song... 😂

Usman Haider : Why so many dislikes? From Hyenas may be 😅

Ampo Delgado : Beautiful... They're bilingual. Lol. God is real😊❤

Mounir Nour : That was amazing. But WHY the song WHY ?

Lissyyy : I wasn't prepared for that song 😂

Beccah R : “At a fast pace” Bruh that’s the pace i walk at to go to work

OmegaZPlayer solo : CN: We have the best LGBT representation in the world Mother Nature: Hold My water

Young Vices : Julie immediately turned around and at a face pace went straight back to the den... 😭Julie walking back slow asfuck

Christopher Clewis : It's simple my guy "The Lord Jesus Christ" gave them understanding.

Zonia Flx : I find more deadly animals have more cute babies.

Witknee Hix : Girl, I cant be here taking care of yo babies all the time. Come get them they hungry.

RandomBlackGamer : Broke Tail Mountain

Richard Were : That is some 1970 Hippie song....mushrooms and lionesses...hehehe

מירנה דה פז : Lovely to see lioness take care of tiger cub. And have a Tiger mom as a friend. together, they rais a little tiger-cub.