Lioness helps tigress to raise cubs

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Miranda Baxter : Such a beautiful friendship..

mrs mozzarella sticks : "Girl, your kids are running away"

FaerieBearies : When you a lesbian and you and your girlfriend/wife have kids, but everyone thinks you’re just really good friends.

Juno the Dragon : they're lesbians harold

Vincisomething : I came here for the interspecies friendship, but now I'm waiting for the song.

shubham singh : God bless all mothers.

Zonia Flx : I find more deadly animals have more cute babies.

Princess PinkiePie : I wasn't prepared for that song 😂

Sacred Icon : It would be interesting if the tiger cubs picked up the lions communal life style, imagine tigers and lions hunting side by side

¿Do Geese See God? : That song is the most old-person thing I've ever heard, and it's absolutely adorable.

Danielle Bond : Love is universal. She knew love for the cubs and their mother and helped.

The Don : He’s telling a story through the song. Respect it 😂😂😂😂😂

19_soso_84 : That song tho. I dont hate it but was it necessary? ... ok I lied I hated it

W. L. Orodor Calaerchon : Should this story get a movie?

SMILESZ2 : Lioness: Girl, girl girl .... Come get your babies. Tigress: ok, Here I come.

vercotes : I don't know why are you complaining about the music, it's better than most of your top artists!

D. P : They're gonna be one spoiled tiger cubs haha

Random Cat : and at a fast pace went straight back to the den *Slowly walks back*

Sunny Sandra : I think the song is cute and it's not about the quality it's about the messenge and this is why the song is ten times better than any damn song about party, tanking drugs or what ever. You all should respect the man for be so brave the share this song and his passion with so many people. So many people are so pathetic and laugh about the thing he toke so much love and passion in but I bet that no body of them is so brave to share his passion about a topic like he did. Shame on all this really stupid people who laugh about his work. Try to make a song about the thing that touched your soul and when 1000 people laugh about it tell me how it feels. But the once who laughs about the song like that are probably all to weak to be so brave or don't even have a passion. Btw I know my English is not good I am from Germany but like I said it's about the messenge and not the quality.

Nubian Kush : That song, I can't. I'm done.

Raman Parashar : Racism exist only within Humans !

TheDevilsRuby : “Such a great friendship.” honey, don’t lie. they’re lesbians. you see 2:12? gay tail flip you cannOT CHANGE MY MIND

Thatrandomguy : Did you know Tigers and lions can mate and even produce fertile offspring?

ssenyos Daviee : If both of these big cats heard the song... It would ruin their friendship

Loran Xu : Lion:Nah,giving birth is too painful. I will just stick with my friend‘s kid.

RandomGirl&Co : Is it just me or did anyone else actually really liked the song?! Fantastic video :) So beautiful!!!!!

audiencepurpose : If you haven't watched the whole video yet, mute it when it gets to 3:22. Thank me later

Adam Buentello : This song would've been a major hit... in 1960s prairie lands

marshmallow girl : Wtf is this song 😂

Rex : That song must be what waterboarding sounds like. 😂🤣

mrbuck49 : This video is amazing, from subject to accompanying original song, all home spun. This is the stuff that you tube should be full of. Honest, relatable expressions of love. Thank you for this video and all I can say is "Encore please."

Reyy crayy : I swear reading the comments and hearing the song playy at the same time make it sooo much funnier 😂😂😂😭😭

NovaGamer : Here I was reading the comments wondering why people are hating on the song, and then I hit the 3:26 mark or so and I realized exactly why. Lol.

TTFxSSH Gang : They probably thought that song was hot💀💀

Radha m h : lioness is missing her pride.Got a tigress as her beloved sister.A nice sweet story.

Rex : The song just jumped out and attacked me. 😂🤣 SOMEONE NEEDS TO STOP WHITE PEOPLE! Why did I even listen to it to till the end!

Adam Lone : The song would have been fine if he hadn't brutally butchered the high notes.

Vipul Anand : The awful song😂

Jai YADAV : That's why I respect all girls

HeadShot : 4:57 Yoo this Tiger tho buffed af

LT Dan : 4:24 "...and it echoes down the canyon.." lion.......URRRRR!!!!!

sacrilegioux : harold they are lesbians

Utos Utos : Lioness be like wow my baby got tattoos.

DILF DEVON : 2 days from 2019 and White peoples are still dancing and singing off beat 🤦🏽‍♂️😂😂😂🤭🤭🤭

Hikaru WDM : It's interesting to see these two large predators functioning as a family unit despite their different tactics.

SpootyNoodle ! : "Playing the role of aunty" Yeah actually bro that's her wife.

chol makai : ruined by the song thanks

C Lopez : Not surprising the tigress knew what a call for help meant.

Hell Hound Baby : The lioness is like the crazy cool aunt lol.

Loki : i think mother love is one language