Lioness helps tigress to raise cubs

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Miranda Baxter : Such a beautiful friendship..

shubham singh : God bless all mothers.

Loran Xu : Lion:Nah,giving birth is too painful. I will just stick with my friend‘s kid.

Nubian Kush : That song, I can't. I'm done.

Inachi : I find it astounding that, somehow animals manage to befriend each other, despite being different species, yet humans are the exact opposite, and we fight. Tssk, I'm wondering who's the real animals now😂

Alizabeth Cazier : I don't actually hate the song I think it's cute he made a song for the lion and Tiger he loves most

Young 100 : Who else cringe when he started singing 😂😂😂🤣

Utos Utos : Lioness be like wow my baby got tattoos.

dirty socks : That song has to be a troll....there is no way in hell they were being serious😂😭💀

Amar Ademi : I only came here for the song.

r .ra : Song troll level = 10/10

biken gurung : I got depression after hearing this song 😂😂

Hemant Singh Mehta : They have better rule than us. Better heart than us. Better communication than us. And And And And better singing talent than us for sure.

Vipul Anand : The awful song😂

David Si : Can i get this song on iTunes? Hahhahahaha! Jk! Hahahahah

Hunter : Omg this is amazing! and beautiful. Very nice ending music as well, i enjoyed. Best regards from Brazil PS: These big cats are in captivity?

DefCom Top 10 : Respect to this man, and god bless him and his animals. But please don't ever freaking play that terrible god forsaken song. Or warn us beforehand.. God Bless hahaha

andrea : someone get this man record deal asap

ThePltsweet : I would rather get mauled by the tiger and lion than listen to this song again.

Frank : I can do without the singing mate lmao

DIO : Who the fuck thought this song was a good idea?

Una Roberts : Awww New subscriber to your channel 🤗 How sweet to see two different breeds of big wild cats working, and living, together as one! Thanks for sharing this amazing video with us! God bless everyone 😇

equarg : Guys....the Tigress raised the lioness as a cub, so technically the pair are more mother daughter pair then gay pair! Get your facts straight!

Ahahahahah ahahaah : TIGER IN SAVANA????????? TIGER IN AFRICA??? IMPOSSIBLE

John Palermo : There is NO better mother than a lioness. Don't get me wrong ALL mother's are incredible. But lionesses bring a certain type of fierce to the job.

Dimitri Ham : UPDATE!!! After hearing this song the lioness went crazy and murdered the two tiger cubs

Specialty Nrs : That song!!! 😨

john sparten : Amazing song, whats it called.i wanna listen to it in my car when im driving through the hood.

Timmi Segtar : I love these two amazing friends..just amazing...

Christina Billups : Beautiful friendship, hurt my ears song!

꧁꧂Ꮆ Ꮛ Ꮼ Ꮧ Ꮆ Ꮛ꧁꧂ : Great, my ears are bleeding now!

Cathy Baldry : Sisters from different mothers

Tengaryu : This is how it should be, instead of ridiculous lion vs tiger fights.

Jean Simard : That lioness is deeply in love with the Cubs.

Ivy Vines : I didn't know that lions and tigers could work together so well. Simply amazing and beautiful.

P C : This is amazing. Tigress and Lioness can communicate! Is it possible that a Tigress can learn this behavior from a Lioness? That would be interesting.

Ariel Catabay : I love big cats

mthatanam91 : interesting story, very compelling, but mood is killed by the song. The song is wack.

DatGidiGirl S : I can't with that song. wtf

23chrisfm : best thing was the song in the end.

The 2080’s : Ok mr American idol judge, I’m mature and didn’t laugh or cringe about the song it’s the message that’s nice! 🙂

Julie Anne : i can't xDDD THE SONG XDDD

Lou Zer : Awesome but please never ever sing again.

mykaelprince Banks : Dump the singing , could kill the Cubs listening to that yoldling

temjen among : Can I get backing track of this song? . 😂😂

Amaechi Jones : What a lovely bond.

Amethyst G : Awww, I like cats.

Yep that's me : I was was enjoying the emotional moments until that song attacked me in the face .

Zacimus the master Shooter : Ah that’s so cute and beautiful😄😄😄😄😊😊😊😊👍🏻!!!

Tiger India indian Tiger : True friends.