Stoat kills rabbit ten times its size - Life | BBC
Stoat kills a rabbit ten times its size

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SUBSCRIBE to the OFFICIAL BBC YouTube channel 👉 LAUNCH BBC iPlayer to watch full BBC programmes online now 👉 The crazy games of young stoats help them develop the killer tactics they need to catch their prey. As rabbits are fast moving, quick-turning, and ten times bigger, the slim-lined stoats must develop their hunting skills early to stand any chance of catching these relative giants. Despite their small size and short legs, stoats can carry on going where their prey might start flagging. Life | Episode 7 | BBC #bbc


Interesting View : Avoids All the Coyotes, Hawks, Owls, Snakes, Bobcats and Hunters. Gets eaten by a squirrel...

kgkustomz97ser : When the homies just watch you get murdered without helping 🤣🤣

My Dixie Wrecked : All wildlife videos are better when the narrator has an English accent.

ViperWolf28 :/ : At least the rabbits don't take their phones out and record it and put it on the social media

Andreas Hoppe : That's what it's like to have 10000 'friends' on Facebook but when you're in trouble no one will care, they'd just go on minding their own business.

Tw1 : Bacteria kills human 3,000,000,000 times it's size (MUST SEE NATURE)


Anselmo Sablan : Other rabbits: is that Kyle? Other rabbets: yea i think thats kyle.. Other rabbits: should we help? Other rabbits: why?? Other rabbits: You right.

FaTHoMnL : This reminds me of when you're playing tag and the person who's *IT* is only focused on you. Smh

Joel Roldan : Guess that bunny had Duracell rather than energizer. 🐇💀

stephano zondiros : Welcome back to YouTube recommendations, this episode: rabbit gets killed on Easter sunday

kloezoeloezoealshetmoetshootyou Zizwar : Bugs bunny was like UHmm. .. Whats up doc.. Peace out from morocco casablanca.

JuicyLemon : The way this is shot makes it look like the rabbits are some kind of massive herd animal and the stoat is a cheetah or something

blahblah : I know Bunnies are dumb as rocks but I can't help but feel bad for them.

Kevin Arc : Rabbit A : “you know we might be next.. wanna help him? Rabbit B : “meh.. maybe tomorrow”

Gil Rodriguez : This rabbit won’t bother fighting back, meanwhile my finger’s getting mauled at the petting zoo.

03Bommer : I was the first one to teach stoat how to hunt. T.K. Kirkland

Eurpup : The other rabbits: "oh, there goes Paul. About time."

The Ego : That rabbits foot wasn't lucky at all

The Truth : This is one of those videos that Joe Rogan will ask Jamie to pull up on one of his podcasts, out of the blue while talking about the glorious effects of DMT.

Pavan Babhale : This is because rabbit only knows to runn and not to fight

Mlogan11 : Looks like the rabbit was running by all his comrades as if to try to entice the Stoat to go after them instead.

Crazy Brit Nasa Fan : Peter rabbit shouts "oi cottontail, can I have your stash of acorns when you're dead?

AY Blackie : When your buddy Rabbit is in trouble ... But the 🌿grass 🌿 is too good and you and your entire squad are completely lost in the deliciousness of the 🌿grass🌿.

Steve Parker : Painful end feeling those sharp lil teeth gnawing at your neck, well at least until your paralyzed, and get eaten alive.😱

Potato Pleb : I was screaming too my screen *"RUN BOI"* OOF

DJ : Ozzy Man Reviews should do this. It would be brilliant.

Paul Ybanez : Bruh this is like some velociraptor hunting footage lmao

Smörgåstårta 420 : Ferret got himself some 24 Carrot Goldmine

Fjeldfross : Mustelidae are just badass. Stoats, Mink, Ferrets, Badger ans Wolverines... thank gods theyre not getting bigger. I think they are the most fierce and fearless predators we have on this mudball.

Gen. Layabout : What if this was our reality. You're just chillin, eating lunch in the break room, and all of a sudden you're running from a rodent that's a third your size while your coworkers just kind of sit around and drink coffee like, "oh look, there goes Dan...You think he'll make it *sips coffee*..."

FUR : That rabbit was like "Wtf is wrong with this squirrel" 😂😂

Silver Scorpio : Generally, don't screw with any member of the weasel family

bearmanguy : "10 times" Is that metric or...

glassheartnerd : I'm a crazy bunny lover, so I hate the stoat :(

Flx Gld : Bunnies on the side watching:"I got 9 Carrots on Larry getting caught"

Arex Gamming : 1:20 That rabbits like hey paul you got a sec.....oh never mind guess your busy right now

Jose Torres : The other bunnies thought they were playing tag...

Curry Chicken : The crunch on that bite harder than a snicker bar

Anakin Skywalker : Honestly, this comment section gives me a deep hatred for humanity

ItalianMofo 145 : This has got to be the hardest thing to watch in the world. Something super super cute being killed by something even cuter.

Michael Kirkland : This is what you get when you mate a squirrel and a honey badger 😨😨😨

Calvin Bottoms : Aw it was hilarious until I unmuted it at the end 😭

ChamplooVibez : Notice how the stoat ran directly pass another rabbit but still was locked into the one running. Nature crazy

Jay Deng : Vegetarian triggered while watching this

DooDoo Man : Those rabbits standing around watching are like "whatever, we'll all have reproduced 100 new rabbits before that stoat finishes eating Bill".

I AM PAIN : Kills the rabbit... “Ah shit how am I gonna get this thing home.” 😂

Jayson Carpio : Rabbit: wats up doc Stoat: wats up food *start chasing*

selfie kroos : 0:50 other rabbit just chillin