Life - Stoat kills rabbit ten times its size - BBC One

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kindev : The other rabbits: "oh, there goes Paul. About time."

ViperWolf28 :/ : At least the rabbits don't take their phones out and record it and put it on the social media

Rocky Gems : Aww, they're so adora- JESUS CHRIST!!!

Gen. Layabout : What if this was our reality. You're just chillin, eating lunch in the break room, and all of a sudden you're running from a rodent that's a third your size while your coworkers just kind of sit around and drink coffee like, "oh look, there goes Dan...You think he'll make it *sips coffee*..."

Nathan Dance : rabbits are idiots, just look at them all, sitting there while a stoat chases a fellow rabbit. they don't even move.

EsplodingBomb : The way this is shot makes it look like the rabbits are some kind of massive herd animal and the stoat is a cheetah or something

Karmel Humphrey : Rabbit at 3:03 was about to ask Jimmy for them 5 carrots he borrowed then he was like.."oh he busy I see.."

Adam Rivera : Wow... that catsnake is a beast.

Patrick Carta : Cutest hunt ever.

Owneador1337 : The incredible retardedness of the rabbit, practiced since he was a kid, was enough to turn the balance.

lovelywaz : Sadly, we humans are becoming like these Rabbits.

snattler : At 3:03..."I'll help you buddy!..... Oh never mind."

Hyperterrestrial : The cycles of energy transformation in this universe are amusing to observe.

BossBuscusgaming : When the stoat pounced a rabbit came in a watched his friend rabbit die xD It's like Rabbit 1:(Squeling) Rabbit 2:yep there goes johnny

draconic33 : Other rabbits: "Better you than me." Sort of like the US right now.

firecrackerjack68 : "It so fluffy I'm gonna die!" - said the Rabbit 

michael musser : All of those other rabbits just watched, As if to say, "There goes Frank" "Yep" "It's going to kill him" "Yep" "I want a salad" "me too"

Brittney Hernandez : I think it's strange the Rabbits just sit there in the midst of one of their own being hunted. Either they're used to relaxing if they aren't the ones being chased, or they're not very smart. I've seen wild Rabbits make a bigger attempt to get away when I simply walk nearby. But you have to admire the Weasels stamina. They are impressive predators.

King Snowman : Video title is misleading. More like 5 times its size.

Johan Chen : Stoats or ermines look cute on the outside, but are fierce on the inside - they may look cute that you would adore the way they really are, but beware! Stoats are brave, fearsome killers. With the fierocity of a fully-grown male tiger, the bravery of an angry badger in hot pursuit, the agility of a cat, and the stoat's small, slim, and sleek profile, there you have it, one of nature's most efficient hunters. Isn't God's creations really amazing?

Storm Trooper : I don't know what to feel

Louis Emery : The rabbits don't help each other? they watch impassively? They are doomed.

Also_Kiki : Shadow of the Colossus confirmed

Aaron Green : Hey I'm Grump!

The 90th hunter : R.I.P Judy hopps Not killed by a fox but a stoat

James Dooling : This stoat must eat like a pharoah.

sasayaki : Cutest murder ever. Turn the sound off so you don't hear the screaming at the end and it's still cute. Then I thought "This is like when someone gets hurt and the bystanders just watch. If one of those rabbits had a phone it would probably take a picture. Anyway...cute!

Matthew Moscotto : the other rabbits could have helped their friend out LMAO smh

Lucian Ene : Now Bugs Bunny has met his match.

Ibe Responding : It was like an adorable version of a cheetah chasing an antelope.

bahghoul : It's like being on a miniature safari. :D

Yousuf Individual : Woah, I never knew rabbits could be such pussies, I mean its 10 times the size!

Mrigank Mongia : If you mess with stoat, you'd be toast :P

Old Schooled : Oh hearing Sir David Attenborough tell about stoats, can it get even better ?

Prince Blake : Holy shiiiiiit. Thats some cold blooded hunting right there. Tire him out then break his neck. Nice

TheHybridNarwhal : when the rabbit screamed I almost cried

Ben Wagner : Wish there was more screaming.

TheHybridNarwhal : the scream was disheartening

Lawrence Lepes : Talk about not helping your friends out in need. Those rabbits are selfish. LOL!

SaturnineXTS : Rabbits are the Yamchas of the animal kingdom

Minetic : its like the other rabbits are watching and thinking "Well...I'm glad he's not chasing me"

Mark Hill : Seems like the stoat has been watching attack on titan.

MrSoprano0125 : And all the other rabbits are like "Ain't my problem buddy"

҉ : 3:06 Rabbit: Omg ur a noob a stoat is killin u i wont call the 911 u noob

Ruth Mckay : Wish they'd shown the whole thing...the stoat ends up dragging that huge rabbit off, and up and over a wall. Truly awe inspiring strength and agility. If stoats were the size of wolves, they would be terrifying!

psp785 : rabbits are such pussies 3:04 watches other rabbit getting killed

André Leitão : rip bogs, nvr 5get

sonsofsparda22 : what a precise kill severing it's c5 spinal cord. 

Tuneless Steak : I love how it totally ignores the other rabbits and keeps running after the same one

Mark Deaton : Stoats seem kinda like weasels over-achieving gay cousins. Really into ballet and flourishes, but also willing to take down some big-ass game, while weasels just go for field mice.