My One Night Stand Is Stalking Me (The Jerry Springer Show)

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keyonce stellas : Everyone supposed to realize that everyone that comes on Jerry Springer show it's all about talking about cheating, transgender, stalking, wanna be with a stripper etc.. Lol omg

Darky 964 : 6:30 That little voice in the back " let me see it"

Kailee’s World : That transgender sound like nicki Minaj and cardi b mixed together 😂😂💯

Lea Hill : i love how he talk😂

Hello There : 6:30 you can here a girl yelling in the audience sayin' let me see after they talk about how big he is lmao

SHÁE SHAKUR : He’s so NewYork edit: ya’ll so aggy. in the previous comments, clearly i said im from GA, so I don’t know anything about NY. Just the way he talk, we would think he’s from that area or somewhere. sheesh 🙄 my bad new yorkers. now ya’ll getting me “tight”

Naomi King : Damn so one hour, sloppy blow job and now he's the man of your dreams? Lmao!!! 😂😂😂😂

Freakish K.L : This is why you ALWAYS have a sober friend with you 😂 ⚠️ Waring⚠️ PLEASE don’t drink and drive ⚠️ PLEASE don’t get in the car with a person you just Met⚠️ Love Ya’ll beautiful Strangers! 😂❤️❤️😜

Melissa’s Life : YALL IM WEAK WHEN SHE (HE) CAME OUT I WAS LIKE “ she’s not that bad tf” AND WHEN SHE SAID SHE WAS A MAN I LOST IT 😂😂😭😭😭😭😭💀‼️

It'sTrish Gekko : Key and peele vibez

Stanley Dougé : Smh that's a man ....

NRY RMO : Can this be called rape?

Maly Mal28 : NY dudes are str8 homo lmao

DeWayne Hodges : He got the "ooowop" LMFAO!

Liliana Cruz : He's from New York! I been to club mix a couple times😩😩😩😩 lmaoo oh nah!

I’m Not A Robot : Who heard shorty yell out “let me see” from the crowd? 😂

Bankzzz 4lyfe : Aye who ever a new yorker like this comment

Don't mind me : but wait.. It's almost like the trans dude was possesed.. She’s like "nooOOooOoO Jerryyy" edit: 6:44 look at her stare at Jerry lmao.. DONT TELL ME THERE ISNT A DEMON INSIDE OF HER AHAHHA

Nique Ness : Haha! A whole mess! He was witty with the comebacks tho. He/she: he's the man of my dreams Jerry He: and you're the man of my nightmares Jerry: But how can he be the man of your dreams? It was dark. You barely saw his face. He(looking at he/she): And I for damn sure didn't see yours

Ty : Yeah.....He’s from New York


IM JADA : ?????ouhop????

Shy Mitchell : After he said I’m blessed someone in the Audience said let me see😂😂😂🤦🏾‍♀️

Ray xøxø : "let get to the (idk) I was born a man" JESUS😂


Youngin : What’s the boy instagram..the straight one instagram????

DeWayne Hodges : I better know see any "She wrong for not telling him" because he clearly said if she told him immediately, he would've beat her up in the club, meaning that it played no factor. I feel like trans people should tell someone they're going to be in a relationship with, but at that point, it really didn't matter.

Ahniyah Jackson : U can hear it in his voice that’s a man

Double paper Devenish : All actors

Red Sugar : I can't understand why can't guys see straight away that's a man tf

Lowkey Fire : “COME ON MEEGAN”

kayla crimmins : Tbh what does Jerry actually do...😂😂

jada minkler : She's really pretty and he's a jerk

Angie_xxy Love : He was at 3 everything seems pretty at 3 ( idk I’m 13 ) 💀💀💀💀

ThatGirl Mya CanDance : Somebody said let me see😂💀😂💀

jacelynn : "I'm blessed not gonna lie." YOOO LMFAOOO

Kaither : My nightmare

Malaysia Cowherd : I was so mad cause my names Malaysia and so was his stalker omg😭😭💀💀😖

Angie Gonzalez : As soon as she walked out I knew she was a man, cmon bro 😂

Tynia Bennefield : She CRAZYYYYY

Kawaii Rxxi : I feel sorry for him😂

voga mio : I SWEAR YALL NOT ALL OF US ACT LIKE THIS (New Yorkers)😂

Zebra Cakezzz : I want him 😂

shane michaels : this dude is def from NY

Sybilena Anthony : 6:25 I’m blessed not gonna lie😂🤣

Rondale Johnson : Wonder why Mfs be getting killed smh

The Golden Hidden : This is some key and peele shit right here 😂

Marin Maric : This is so f****** scaring

Official QueenxN : He new that was a man 💀 I’m tired of these boys on here acting like they don’t know what a trans is like I new he was a man when he walked out 😂😂😂

Sam 77 : Someone has to make memes about this😂😂🤣🤣