My One Night Stand Is Stalking Me (The Jerry Springer Show)

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SHÁE SHAKUR : He’s so NewYork

Stanley Dougé : Smh that's a man ....

keyonce stellas : Everyone supposed to realize that everyone that comes on Jerry Springer show it's all about talking about cheating, transgender, stalking, wanna be with a stripper etc.. Lol omg


Red Sugar : I can't understand why can't guys see straight away that's a man tf Diamond : ❤Y'all boys better stop fighting these tyrannies... they got hands ❤💅👑🔐

FullofSouthernCharm : The way that he is talking to Jerry like he is from New York is funny as hell.

I’m Not A Robot : Who heard shorty yell out “let me see” from the crowd? 😂

In and out Of love : He new that was a man 💀 I’m tired of these boys on here acting like they don’t know what a trans is like I new he was a man when he walked out 😂😂😂

Sierra Flowers : Okay first off he ugly as hell.

katie !! : right when he came out i was like broo that’s a dude

Monay Arianna : “She start giving me the owap” 🤣🤣💀

Born A Queen : Don't leave the strip club drunk

Miley Cyrus : He saying she ugly ... Has he looked at his self .... that hairline needa be fixed 😂

Anonymous 101 : I’m on level 4 drunkness

Hannah Butler : Unfortunately he works in my local target I'm deadddddddd...UPDATE: we don't have strong accents in homie needs to cool it

Maliah Thompson : Every damn time. Words I live by: " Well I gotta let you know something, I was born a man!"

Promya : what channel is jerry springer on??

NAS &MISS : me to my crush

Melanie Cabrera : “You the man of my nightmare now” 😂💀

Antanice Parrow : I knew it before she said anything

Kamilah Carter : the she male cute

Marissa Montgomery : How can't u tell if somebody a man or

#TLo tha Kyd : "Here's Man-laysia" 😂😂😂😂😂💀💀💀💀💀🙈🙈🙈🙈

Promya : What a shame

Breonna Davall : This video is so crazy 🤣

ka'ase Sagapolutele : I'm blessed 😂😂😂 .. man I was hoping for a "I banged your ass in my car" 😂😂😂... That'll really kill the dude...

kota smith : I'm blessed man I'm blessed😂😂

Ernyas slime pet peeves! : I was born a man.... No you were born a boy as u can say a male not a man... Idk if yo mama can have a man😂 idk what i sayin💯 Diamond : Blessed with what? Boy bye disease.

shane michaels : this dude is def from NY

Zakari Doss : I could literally knew that was a dude before he talked

Dominique Fuentes : She cute

Christian Lawson : Crazy girl

Music Explosion X : 6:30 “Let me see” 🤣🤣🤣 I can’t deal

Taylor Janae : LMAO omg 😭 man of his dreams 😩🤦🏾‍♀️

shechinah chigwende : i never clicked fasterrr jerrrryyy

Martin De Santiago : She a man

Anonymous 101 : I’m on level -1 drunkness

Alanda Dalyrimple-Lala : Can anyone else hear a song by Jennifer Holiday?.....and I am telling you I'M NOT GOING

Music Garden : Lol this is so fake but funny

dxddy _jennn : "oh okay" 😂 "nooooo" 😂😬

Hipolito Casanova : Hi

Raven : people are so dumb. like all these transgenders sound and look like a man, how tf are these men out here getting tricked aha

Kimberly Anderson : He don’t want u

Natalya Adams : Calmest one yet

Lowkey Obęÿ : 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 oh shiiii

Finesse God Jay : I see duke at the park every day he said it’s scripted

heathen mane : He must be from new York 100

Kimberly Anderson : He don’t want u