Nathan Fielder Reports: The Tall Club of Toronto

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Nathan Fielder gets a fresh perspective on what it is like to be tall.


cuttygrass : Now this is smart comedy.

I love Kara : bet Nathan sexed them tall women! He's a real ladies man behind the scenes!

Gh0st : "Hows the weather up there?" "Raining" *Spits*

Lewis B : "Oh fine, but how do my armpits smell down there shorty?" Zing! As a 6'4" man, I'll definitely be using that one the next time someone gets mouthy!!! Edit: Don't say this. They just looked at me like I was weird

jo hn : "If Edison was worried about his candle customers, he would have never invented the light bulb." - Nathan Fielder

aq1w2e3r4 : He invented Virtual Reality

HanzSygnal : tall hanging out

Cool Beans : This had me dying! !!

A A : He's fucking genius. This is perfect comedy.

Jeff Bezos Brain : I think its more difficult socially when you're in mid 20s and under 5'7

Beach Queen : Lol liar he's NOT 5'11" just look how short he is next to every talk show host whose heights we know. I'd guess 5'8".

ashtree80 : wow! I'm still laughing. Love this guy!

Wiseguy : Bring this guy back on Nathan for you! Need to hear some more tall ppl zingers

Jack Middleton : Annnnd this guy is exactly why they have a tall club.

Michelle Rivas : The birth of Nathan for you! Making simple concepts so much more complicated LOL

garbara berwald : Amazing

Colten Milford : Do they have a height minimum, and how many people have they turned down for being too short?

ChristinaZ_Witchblade : Why the laugh track????

Diego Gonzalez : im 6 feet tall, and I always feel like a fucking giant. Im a guy.

tank butt : Yeah the worst part of being tall is small bath rooms Airplane ones are worst

Dylan Stewart : Where's my short club?

amona girth : the ending scene though aww hahaha

Hollywood G : You could tell those girls were really into him

Michael Sheridan : I do how's the air up there and all kinds of stuff to my friend. You get to let them know how tall they are. Sometimes they forget

seededsoul : lol! who paid this guy back in the day??

Real Madrid : if you are 5'11, then they are 6'4 and above ? o.o

Jeff Power : I’m 5’10” and literally every tall person I’ve ever met has had to constantly remind me that they’re tall. Freaking annoying

larchend 000 : Lol he is using a vx1000 as a camera. If only he had a fish eye lens........