That Mitchell and Webb Look: Homeopathic A&E

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Hilarious sketch from the fourth episode of series three of 'That Mitchell and Webb Look.' TM&WL at M&W in 'Peep Show' at

Comments from Youtube

MadaxeMunkeee : I dunno, but I use homeopathy everyday to heal mild dehydration

Patrick : I freaking lost it at a vague sense of unease or a touch of the nerves.

xanthromera : I hope to see the day when homeopaths are prosecuted for putting peoples lives in danger.

A smoking ChickenFish : His chakra's are fading, he's going to need some crystals

Nino : I am a vet, and I have to deal with homeopathic nut jobs all the time. This video has made my day. No actually, it has made my year!

Lenier Ashcraft : Homeopathic lager = bud light?

Michele MacDonald : Damn, you just have to admire the elegance of the writing.

PlasmaMongoose : Why do you think the airlines don't allow more than 100ml of any fluid when you board a plane anymore, it's due to the threat of homeopathic semtex.

Peter in Private : There's nothing wrong with homeopathic treatments as long as you get the dosage right. Just use it once every ten million years.

Artstux : Strong stuff!? That's a whole drop of lager in there- it needs to be much more dilute, you lightweight!!

Patrick Flanagan : They forgot "frequency", "energy," and "toxins."

roflex2 : Did you hear about the guy who overdosed on guys homoeopathic solution? He forgot to take his dose... Think about it.

PointyTailofSatan : I know someone who was using a homeopathic medicine. He thought it wasn't working, so he started taking less of it. This caused an overdose and he died.

Maxx Kroes : If water really had a memory, just think of all the pee in it over the years, feel cured yet?

spider5600 : Just need Dara O Briain to burst in to that pub at the end and yell "Its Just Water!"

J. Li : Homeopathics: ✔️ Anti-vaxxers: ✔️ Moon landing deniers: ✔️ Climate change deniers: ✔️ Alright guys it's settled. I don't want to live on this planet anymore.

sn0wchyld : What UTTER drivel. The entire reason that the crystals failed to save that mans life is the docs didn't bloody realize that they're suppositories. Didn't they see that episode of american dad where steves game character WAS BROUGHT BACK FROM THE DEAD by a natural suppository administered by someone who was close to him in life, namely, his sister?! Definitive proof ON CAMERA that crystals save lives! ALL YOU HOMYOPATH DENIRES NEDE TO GET A GOSH DAM EDUCASHON!

agentc0r3 : For years now I have made homeopathic birth control in my garage. ... We are about to have our 4th child. I might not be making it strong enough.

Adrian Owen : genuinely the greatest comedy sketch I have ever seen  

Millicent Bystander : Homeopathy is 100% quackery. How can be people be so gullible as to hand over hard-earned cash to those shysters?

Nino : They should have tried some distance Reiki – he wouldn't have died then!

thaddeus buttmunch : FORGET the Horoscope-what's his Chinese Birth Sign?

MagicalMelan : Shame homeopathic lager doesn't work, think of the money I'd save!

demolazer : Brilliant, classic satire

Roy Mosby : Actually, would't a homeopathic lager be used for sobriety?

JammyTurtle : homeopathic lager...don't they call it fosters now?

Liquid Audio : Priceless! Finally someone pulling the necessary piss out of crystal and homeopathic bullshit. Absolutely classic :)

ChucklesTheSane : Excellent vid. Anyone who believes that garbage should gracefully accept that they know nothing about basic chemistry, atomic structure, and effective medicine.  Homeopathy STILL requires idiocy of chemistry even at an 1800's understanding, and requires that kind of ignorance to be perpetuated for it to "function" - how can homeopathy work "better" than a placebo when placebo effect is the best it could claim?  You might as well save your money and go "Christian Science" to be able to use the no-cost prayer alternative - both operating upon the same principle of wishful thinking. If any of that bullshit worked better as actual medicine, then we'd probably be using them by now rather than having to rely on cherry-picked stories for efficacy. These are the last surviving remnants of the old USA snake oil salesmen...aside from the soft drink companies that started out as "health tonics". At that point of following junk, you might as well pop open a Coca-Cola to have some actual flavor to your medicine.  :P

Lizzi Burgess : I wonder if my laptop remembers how funny this was each time I watch it, and makes it funnier..?

Hunter : Homeopathic doctors should live in homeopathic houses aka dog houses.

Scott B : The scary thing is the people beleive in this and it is big buisness.

Gra Piken : I'm all for Functional Medicine, but homoeopathy is quack, snakeoil medicine. Run away from it... It's all placebo nonsense.

arcadiaenlightened : whoa- that's strong stuff

HailAnts : Funniest part is soooo many believe this bullshit!!!

Kasey Escape : RW's delivery of the final line is perfect.

Ryan Curry : O, that's so good! You're spoofing my X-girl. I love it! Get the stones out, I'm about to flatline

TheDreadfulCurtain : I love this sketch it is so good. Just brilliant, my favourite anti woo comedy sketch ever.along with Rainbow rythmns from Peep Show. I would like to see them make some more sketches again.

Jürgen Erhard : One part in 10 million?  That's only a D7.  That's why it didn't work!  It was way too weak!

MadScientist512 : There's "Magnetic Therapy unit" and "Scream therapy ward" signs on the wall at 0:05

calamagrostis88 : What is scary is this kind of thinking is so widespread.  And while the mainstream media usually does not spread this non-sense, they also do very little to challenge it and help people come around.

Nigel Nix : "-ish" lmao

Maceta : 1:50 I love how at this point it basically becomes a rant on homeopats. They do it in other sketches too.

Totalavulsion : The negligence here is clearly evident: the dosage of Arnica Montana was incorrectly considered and a lower dose was administered. Appalling

jmalmsten : I love this skit. But to be slightly pedantic. It's based on "like cures like" (heavily dilluted car curing car-crash injuries for example). So even if it did work, Homeopathic Beer (patent pending) would actually be more of a hangover cure than a source of drunkenness... if you want to get drunk homeopathically you would need to find some substance that creates the exact opposite of drunkeness, so that the massively diluted solution of that active ingredient can cure you from it... making you drunk. Almost feels like something out of The Guide...

Jeremy Johnson : Absolutely BRILLIANT.

annoyed707 : 'scream therapy ward'. psi-cology....

MrOrtloff : Tasmania, this is your future.

Nicitor313 : Brilliant!!!!

Deb Coates : Brilliant!