That Mitchell and Webb Look: Homeopathic A&E

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Scott B : The scary thing is the people beleive in this and it is big buisness.

H to the third : wait wouldnt super diluted lager make them sober?

Ariel Viotti : Hilarious!!!!!

neo geo : Bottle of water and an invoice in the other hand lol

ゆい714 : That beer at the end is about as strong as American beer.

JammyTurtle : homeopathic lager...don't they call it fosters now?

sanguine fan : I recently spent six hours in A&E when an itchy rash developed over my entire upper body. Finally a doctor saw me and diagnosed an allergic reaction to antibiotics prescribed at the same hospital several days earlier. He prescribed steroids and antihistamines for the rash and did not say anything about stopping the course of antibiotics. All this in about 3 minutes. I decided to stop the antibiotics anyway and did not buy the additional medication. A week later the rash disappeared, the underlying problem that required antibiotics also cleared up and I'm feeling fine. So please don't imagine that orthodox medicine is superior in any way to the alternatives. Quite honestly, the approach seems to be to throw pharmaceutical products at the problem, with more to follow to counteract the side effects of the first lot. Give me homeopathic A&E any time.

sexobscura : Mark Evans is very easy on the eye

Actingskint : I guess everybody has their own delusions . I mean I marvel at all the muppets buying bottled water every day because it’s claimed to be better than tap water . That’s a world wide scam making more money than any homeopathic remedies .

SuperWolfman9 : 0:24 also known as Aconite!

Millicent Bystander : Homeopathy is 100% quackery. How can be people be so gullible as to hand over hard-earned cash to those shysters?

Ophelia S : I love this skit!

MadScientist512 : There's "Magnetic Therapy unit" and "Scream therapy ward" signs on the wall at 0:05

Dogon Backwards : that's way too much beer for homeopathy

MrAaronvee : Hang on - vertical sundials run backwards!

HailAnts : Funniest part is soooo many believe this bullshit!!!

sn3192 : oohhh shots fired! homeopathy fans won't be too pleased^^'

Bitplex : Haaha I love this old skit

N BOR : This is just a strawman fallacy

theflaca : I had a friend who had a shelf in his dining room. One side was loaded up with little bottles of liquids with strange labels. The other? No less than 2 dozen bottles of booze.

PointyTailofSatan : I know someone who was using a homeopathic medicine. He thought it wasn't working, so he started taking less of it. This caused an overdose and he died.

Djarms67 : wait is that the identity killer that just died.

GLNgal9 : So hilarious and spot on!!

William Lockhart : Wouldn't a homeopathic lager hypothetically sober you up?

Camila Parker : More MONEY than sense LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

PlasmaMongoose : Why do you think the airlines don't allow more than 100ml of any fluid when you board a plane anymore, it's due to the threat of homeopathic semtex.

James Kelly : Don't despair or doubt the effectiveness of homeopathic treatment. You need to be really careful with the ratios. You just got the ratios a bit off.

Sir Crabsalot : Should've used some eye of newt. Amateurs!

RONG PIRSON : They didn't dilute the lager enough

plezx29 : I want Homeopathic lager, must be strong stuff

Kevin Elliott : Homeopathy: dishonest people taking money from stupid people.

MalakianM2S : Don't forget to take your homeopathic remedies, you could die of an overdose.

sagov9 : Time of death, 3:34 ... -ish :)

Christian Koncz : Whilst I think homeopathy is just placebo, some alternative therapies have been proven to be effective, acupuncture in particular. Of course in an emergency situation it would still be useless, but for some chronic conditions it is actually better than drugs or surgery, due to its lack of side effects.

Mike Mare : such a great idea of a bit

Totalavulsion : The negligence here is clearly evident: the dosage of Arnica Montana was incorrectly considered and a lower dose was administered. Appalling

John Pliskin : homeopathy works until ppl point out it doesnt, placebo effect is incredible

Mark S : Al Gore goes to chakra healers. Google Al Gore and Release my chakra.

Kevin : Homeopathy works. Not for car crash victims though.

Maceta : 1:50 I love how at this point it basically becomes a rant on homeopats. They do it in other sketches too.

Brendan McCabe : The funny thing about the basically just water is that not even one molecule of the original diluting agent is even in it statistically

Bayush Alford : This and the conspiracy theories video are my favorite of their sketches. I love David mitchell and Robert Webb. They're hilarious! XD

Mick G. : When are we gonna ban this shitty, charlatan practice? Why the hell isn't it illegal?

annoyed707 : 'scream therapy ward'. psi-cology....

Tony Suffolk : The best way to deal with the woo woo merchants is mockery. Loved this sketch. (In microscopic doses.)

Grim Reaper : 330 people have more money than sense.

Grunthos The Flatulent : Biro was Hungarian

Arpan Bhattacharya : Homoeopathy servives only by the blessing of the patients' love, eagerness to cure from root.but like all other pathies it has some limitations as well,i.e emergency management.but don't ignore over 500 million people all over world are being treated by this pathy,that's why it is the 2nd largest pathy of the world according to WHO

Kenneth Gay : this is brilliant.

fishyc150 : There was a battlefield version similar to this once... People prayed, made sacrifices and used this sort of stuff. All the casualties died.