Lynx in the house!
A lynx in a kitchen

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Lynx in the house, not happy to be recorded ! Our Blog: ### Please Subscribe ###


NoahzArk771 : Funny how it comes into YOUR house and proceeds to get pissed when you approach it

Faris Mustafa : JRE anyone?

Your Mother Hubbard : who is here cause of the video of the 2 lynx' screaming at eachother?

pfcande : If something is roaring at me, I'm not sure I'd mock it.

Skip 2 My Lou : Damn J'zargo really let himself go after giving up skooma

Lysergic Casserole : And then he died

flykeys : Best surprise for burglar

Hilt Tilt : Khajiit has wares, if you have the coin.

SigmaDraconis87 : This is now Khajiit's house! Go human!

TROLLSTIN13 : Me: the foods in the Kitchen, and hereโ€™s the keys to the house, you enjoy your Extended-stay to my humble abode. If you need me I be outside running for my life :)

Padarc - : Me: "Ok bro, its your house now, im gonna move, cya"

Hyper Wolf Co : Who is here because of the two lynx screaming at each other?

Sparkplug the fox : Hold on! I can translate *clears throat* WHATS THE WIFI PASSWORD?! TELL ME NOW!!!!!

Your Mother Hubbard : Bruh I woulda befriended it and asked it to teach me a spell or two..

Joel Lindholm : That lynx sounds eerily human.

ben grey : is that how it tells you to feed him now

Night bot : It be like RAW and u be like RAWW xD Rawwww

RedShot101 : whats ur problem

Tapir Jesus : This is the future vegans want.

leafer numberwatever : Sounds like my mom lol

Julio Valencia : Lynx: I need my darn cold medication!! Person: Hmmm...let me see whoops oh is this what you want?...psych ๐Ÿ˜

the march of the killer queen : It's so cute!!!

sexobscura : It's just saying *"Hi. Welcome home. You won't mind if I eat you"*

Mochi : It sounds like a drunk woman screaming... ;-;

Drak Goner : it sounds like more like aggressive baby grizzly bear when I closed ma eyes

Danny Topping : Hey, buddy give It some cat food and Is this your new house cat ?

xXRedHawkReviewsXx : It was probably hungry, man is skinny af

Brum : It's helarious how the guy yells back to the linx

Mexican Food : XD how this lil munchkin growls

Kurt M : How has this not gone viral xD

dat boi is a rude boi! : Its yelling๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

Neo Incognito : Thatd be the wrong house to break into....

KY Never : "Lemme talk to you!"

tim bartz : You better earn your keep and start paying some bills around here my man

XXXDragonzXXX : Who tho hell invites a A grown Up lynx in there house man imma punch this lynx with this ๐Ÿ‘Œ

toadamine : It just wants to play, tickle it's chin. ๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ‘

HomeIsWhereTheHeartIs : Hahhaha you are creazy

Chris Garret : Plot twist: lynx uploaded this; the owner could not be reached for comment

Wilde_kendrickman 123 : XD LOL

MrNinjafreak : You approach me

Nizki iton : he is just damn hungry but since he is a german lynx you don't understand it, he only wants a "reh"=deer

Kitty // Silver Playz : A lot of views but not a lot of subscribers.... People are so rude

Nikki Hampton : If you taunt ANY cat theyโ€™ll get pissed off. Hope it bites off your arm for being a TWAT WAFFLE

bestamerica : ' how cause lynx getting so mad and angry voice... lynx is a big hate hate the videocamera recording or another reason


Elm Street : Lmao I like how he taunts it at the end.

el planton : They're beautiful.. but dangerous :,(

SEE YAI AYE : Good thing I have my steel capped boots on, *kick with the force of a thousand suns*

Alexander Kammerer : Ok how did this happen