Lynx in the house!

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Your Mother Hubbard : who is here cause of the video of the 2 lynx' screaming at eachother?

NoahzArk771 : Funny how it comes into YOUR house and proceeds to get pissed when you approach it

sad boy : Skooma is a hell of a drug

Faris Mustafa : JRE anyone?

Skip 2 My Lou : Damn J'zargo really let himself go after giving up skooma

Tapir Jesus : This is the future vegans want.

Lysergic Casserole : And then he died

awaken77 : Best surprise for burglar

SigmaDraconis87 : This is now Khajiit's house! Go human!

pfcande : If something is roaring at me, I'm not sure I'd mock it.

sparkplug T : Hold on! I can translate *clears throat* WHATS THE WIFI PASSWORD?! TELL ME NOW!!!!!

Hilt Tilt : Khajiit has wares if you have the coin. No u

Night bot : It be like RAW and u be like RAWW xD Rawwww

TROLLSTIN13 : Me: the foods in the Kitchen, and here’s the keys to the house, you enjoy your Extended-stay to my humble abode. If you need me I be outside running for my life :)

bestamerica : ' how cause lynx getting so mad and angry voice... lynx is a big hate hate the videocamera recording or another reason

Chuck Iringtwice : It never fails to amaze me that people think having a wild animal as a pet is a good idea. Friend had a raccoon he raised from a baby and it turned on him he had to be taken to ER and sewed up. Raccoon had to be put down. They are not domesticated animals.

marco feola : wow they really have a roar dont they? thats cute, i would of thrown him a tin foil ball lol

RedShot101 : whats ur problem

xXRedHawkReviewsXx : It was probably hungry, man is skinny af

Hyper Wolf Co : Who is here because of the two lynx screaming at each other?

Deborah Campbell : In my house... No, they would have to call animal abuse officers... That wild animal would be dead...

Ben Wright : Like gettin mauled eh?

SEE YAI AYE : Good thing I have my steel capped boots on, *kick with the force of a thousand suns*

Your Mother Hubbard : Bruh I woulda befriended it and asked it to teach me a spell or two..

That1TechDude : So that's where my cat went! Can I have him back, please?

Vomit Princess : Poor kitty lol

Tolga Kuyubasi : Like a daugther that wants money for shopping x,D

WildCraft Gameplay : aaaa AAAAAAAAA aaeeemeeee aaa aaaaAAAAAAAAaAAAaAaAAaAAaAa

Raabert Ellis : Domestic cats sound like this too especially when they are fighting another cat in between houses and alleys.

ben grey : is that how it tells you to feed him now

Danny Topping : Hey, buddy give It some cat food and Is this your new house cat ?

Houndoom : It's so cute!!!

Lord Proteus : "Good thing I'm in the kitchen where there are many knives." *STAB STAB STAB*

sexobscura : It's just saying *"Hi. Welcome home. You won't mind if I eat you"*

leafer numberwatever : Sounds like my mom lol

William Casserly : Dat ting come by house I kill it!!

Alexander Kammerer : Ok how did this happen

R K : How has this not gone viral xD

Almir Andrade : Bruce Lee

Hannah Gonzalez : That's so funny

HomeIsWhereTheHeartIs : Hahhaha you are creazy

Your Mother Hubbard : Why didnt this man grab some meat from the fridge for the guy .. he could have had a soul animal for life but instead chose to be a dipshit and antagonize it..

Amanda Jacks : Its yelling😂😂😂

Steve's Mixed Bag : idiot...keep taunting it. That thing can take out your jugular with one defensive swat...or easily mame or disfugure you. Go outside another exit and open all the doors...let it leave

Vampire_born_in_2006 : sounds like my friend's gf

moana roedel : is he angry 0:03

Hannah Gonzalez : How do you get it out of the house?

Darcy Burlingame : Sounds mad

DelDjango 44 : Sounds like feminist, someone get the bleach

MRBARBARYCOAST : Jesus Christ!!!! Did the little hairy bugger ever leave??😄