Back to the Future: 3D Printed Automatically Extending Bat

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deathrow1080 : It uses a pneumatic Hydraulic Gas Lift For Office Chairs

U Do It : Yessss!!!!! This was awesome. I got this on video!

HAPPY2ISI : Awesome 👍

_ __3DTimelapser___ _ : thanks

SAOS451316 : it doesn't seem to spring open so i guess it's pneumatic? it might work like a pump action squirt gun where you pump the bat to build pressure in a tank and then release it when you want the effect. brilliant prop!

Nicholas DeVincentis : Good idea using a soldering iron to heat up those pems and get them into place!

Jason Baker : That is really cool. I have some ideas on how you did it but none for sure. I guess it will be a cliff hanger until next time. I'm really excited to see the durability test!

Nicholas DeVincentis : Nice work, excited for the next video! I like the music in the background. Keep it up!