John Cleese vs Extremism
John Cleese vs Extremism

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John Cleese shows the pathology of extremism


Plato Smith : Those damn, bloody moderates!

Daniel S : im sick and tired of everyone going like "he was ahead of his time" this shit was going on for millennia

Galaick : Extremists are my enemy! Theyre everything that's wrong with the world!

showmemoviesnow : "...and upstart actors" I died.

Mazaroth : It is sad that this is the human condition.

Zeemod155 : Can like this be mandatory for every human being to have to watch please? That'd be great.

: Is someone opposing all the enemies mentioned (left and right) an extreme extremist? :O

Dustyolbones : "There is (almost) no such thing as a bad tactics - only bad TARGETS" -Bob 'I lived in my parent's basement till I was 30 Moviebob' Chipman

Connor Spencer : Rung true then, rings true now.

artman40 : I know cases where authoritarian left-wingers call libertarian left-wingers right-wingers.

Tim Randall : Well that explains just about everything!

BigMobe : Extreme moderate FTW.

Zinny Paz : common sense brought me here

Maleific : Just when I thought I couldn't have any more respect for John...

Robert Phillips : Too true. Thanks TB made my day.

Roger Levy : Oh, no no no. This is all wrong. Quite off the mark, really. Everyone can't be a mix of both good AND bad. Then we'd actually have to TALK to each other and sort things out! I just want to be left alone with the peace of mind in the fact that I'm right and we're all on a 1-dimensional continuum. Much simpler that way.

Mustafa Kulle : I stand in the Weirdo category. Lol. XD

Alexis Audoin : If my enemies are extremists, does that make me an extremist to some degree? (and of course a colossal hypocrite)

E. Camilo : He just described the american government, didn't he?

Madame Ant : BANG ON MATE!!! Every last word! :-D

36gregross : Tumblr in a nutshell...

Dank Potatoes : The alt right and the regressive left doesnt realise the irony in making this about their counterpart

CMSonYT : these comments are sad :/

Marc Aquino : Does anyone know what this was from?

chris : ron hubbard was a master at selling extremism

Robin Hansen : This is brilliant!

A Gorilla : I feel I am the good kind of extremist. I'm on the right side of things, therefore I am exempt to all of these points he's making. I'm thoroughly pleased that John Cleese made a hilarious mockery of those other, less desirable extremists. You are a great ally, Mr. Cleese.

tjbrinjak : "keep your man focused on the war....not so much his ailing mother....." - C.S. Lewis "The Screwtape Letters"

A : The people calling out a specific group don't get the point of this video.

Martin Axe : Could someone please share with me from where this clip comes? Thanks!

Von Faahquard : oh the brilliance of John Cleese

Rod Prynne : incredibly relevant to today in spite of the piece looking old. Pity about the poor picture - the content is excellent and of course very funny!

Byenia : Too funny but SO true!

Stu Mackenzie : 1:36 Is that Jeremy Corbyn?

rvdrvd1000 : Now 22, I didn't dislike the video, just the people that use the word "our".

afaultytoaster : communism is cool as hell

Super Abound : You think Dave Chappelle is evil?

MrMorethanexist : Muslims are extremists though! And they are F8cking EVIL Bastards!

nvsbl2 : "Extremism" is in the eye of the beholder. ;)

Draconisrex1 : My god, this is brilliant. And is as relevant today as the day it was made.

theMstanglover : So are you telling me the people I hate are humans? Are you mad??!? Of course I'm good, and anyone who thinks otherwise is evil. John is silly man.

MURPHYCHACHO : The problems of the world in a nutshell: hating things is fun.

Mitchell K : truth


h0stI13 : here's UKIP's list of enemies : Romanians, Bulgarians, the EU

undeadpresident : And what about people who are EXTREMELY moderate? hmmm? Come on now, they feel good in always trying to find a middle ground between opposing points of view just for the sake of being "moderate," even if one argument is complete nonsense and another is based in reality. Simple being atheist is considered extremism in some parts of the world.

baldie80 : There are moderates and then there are Moderates. Small "m" moderates take a middle position on any issue(s) and are happy to leave the agruing to others. Capital "M" Moderates are militantly moderate, strongly pushing a moderate agenda, and love to disguise their intense campaigning under a banner of "hey, we're the voice of reason & moderation here" but are actually using the very same "bully-boy" tactics as the extremist they claim to oppose. John's moderates are always good/neutral/victims.

davitdavit87 : and of course what? I couldn't understand, help me

gha23ify : John's a treasure.