John Cleese vs Extremism
John Cleese vs Extremism

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John Cleese shows the pathology of extremism


Endless Jess : everyone in this comment section: "ha, john cleese is spot on about (enemy group)"

Daniel S : im sick and tired of everyone going like "he was ahead of his time" this shit was going on for millennia

Galaick : Extremists are my enemy! Theyre everything that's wrong with the world!

AwoudeX : Is someone opposing all the enemies mentioned (left and right) an extreme extremist? :O

Maleific : Just when I thought I couldn't have any more respect for John...

Mustafa Kulle : I stand in the Weirdo category. Lol. XD

Zeemod155 : Can like this be mandatory for every human being to have to watch please? That'd be great.

Tim Randall : Well that explains just about everything!

E. Camilo : He just described the american government, didn't he?

Connor Spencer : Rung true then, rings true now.

BigMobe : Extreme moderate FTW.

Roger Levy : Oh, no no no. This is all wrong. Quite off the mark, really. Everyone can't be a mix of both good AND bad. Then we'd actually have to TALK to each other and sort things out! I just want to be left alone with the peace of mind in the fact that I'm right and we're all on a 1-dimensional continuum. Much simpler that way.

Dustyolbones : "There is (almost) no such thing as a bad tactics - only bad TARGETS" -Bob 'I lived in my parent's basement till I was 30 Moviebob' Chipman

Mazaroth : It is sad that this is the human condition.

Savos Mok : SJWs and the alt-right in a nutshell

Alexis Audoin : If my enemies are extremists, does that make me an extremist to some degree? (and of course a colossal hypocrite)

anjetto1 : I can't think of any cool, moderate chants. What do we want? Some more of this and less of that! When do we want it? In a reasonably timed fashion.

Robert Phillips : Too true. Thanks TB made my day.

Madame Ant : BANG ON MATE!!! Every last word! :-D

Branislav Hanakovic : This thing never stops being relevant

Zinny Paz : common sense brought me here

Marc Aquino : Does anyone know what this was from?

artman40 : I know cases where authoritarian left-wingers call libertarian left-wingers right-wingers.

tjbrinjak : "keep your man focused on the war....not so much his ailing mother....." - C.S. Lewis "The Screwtape Letters"

A Gorilla : I feel I am the good kind of extremist. I'm on the right side of things, therefore I am exempt to all of these points he's making. I'm thoroughly pleased that John Cleese made a hilarious mockery of those other, less desirable extremists. You are a great ally, Mr. Cleese.

chris : ron hubbard was a master at selling extremism

Robin Hansen : This is brilliant!

Rod Prynne : incredibly relevant to today in spite of the piece looking old. Pity about the poor picture - the content is excellent and of course very funny!

Kevin Sissons : We become the worst in which we oppose.

A : The people calling out a specific group don't get the point of this video.

Von Faahquard : oh the brilliance of John Cleese

Saxo Ungrammaticus : John Cleese combines a canny understanding of human psychology with a humorous and thoughtful mind. The end result is both insightful and entertaining.

LadyTaraJo : Tumblr has been explained

Some Random Stranger On The Internet : inb4 "Sargon sent me"

Atma505 : wonder how Cleese feels looking back on this one. Really drew in a sour crowd, oof

LuxAlbedo : He says "do not criticize or withspeak anything". Horseshit.

jaja isrichtig : brilliant

Caqueux : To misuse a youtube comment about the youtube comments: "ha, john cleese is spot on about (everyone protesting in America right now)"

playswithlife : Thank you, very good reasons to become an extremist.

Asemafilmi : Wait, is that Jeremy Corbyn? 1:36

rvdrvd1000 : Now 22, I didn't dislike the video, just the people that use the word "our".

afaultytoaster : communism is cool as hell

Super Abound : You think Dave Chappelle is evil?

MrMorethanexist : Muslims are extremists though! And they are F8cking EVIL Bastards!

nvsbl2 : "Extremism" is in the eye of the beholder. ;)

Draconisrex1 : My god, this is brilliant. And is as relevant today as the day it was made.

theMstanglover : So are you telling me the people I hate are humans? Are you mad??!? Of course I'm good, and anyone who thinks otherwise is evil. John is silly man.

MURPHYCHACHO : The problems of the world in a nutshell: hating things is fun.

Mitchell K : truth