John Cleese vs Extremism

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Endless Jess : everyone in this comment section: "ha, john cleese is spot on about (enemy group)"

Big Al : tumblr

Plato Smith : Those damn, bloody moderates!

Some Random Stranger On The Internet : inb4 "Sargon sent me"

Byenia : Too funny but SO true!

Clementine : Sargon sent me

LadyTaraJo : Tumblr has been explained

Zironeful : Guys, guys, guys! RUN! Sargon of Akkard unleashed the floodgates!

Galaick : Extremists are my enemy! Theyre everything that's wrong with the world!

Zeemod155 : Can like this be mandatory for every human being to have to watch please? That'd be great.

Closet Pankin : I can absolutely relate this to my blunderyears as an evangelical atheist. And I can absolutely see this in anti-GamerGate right now.

ChaseFace : Parmesan cheese is the best kind of cheese.

Dustyolbones : "There is (almost) no such thing as a bad tactics - only bad TARGETS" -Bob 'I lived in my parent's basement till I was 30 Moviebob' Chipman

Connor Spencer : Rung true then, rings true now.

lysol5555 : Trumpism and Sanderism explained by John Cleese brilliantly Trumpism and Sanderism: ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME.

Rod Prynne : incredibly relevant to today in spite of the piece looking old. Pity about the poor picture - the content is excellent and of course very funny!

showmemoviesnow : "...and upstart actors" I died.

Zinny Paz : common sense brought me here

Nathaniel Dance : Every Bernie supporter needs to watch this video.

Daniel Baskakov : its funny that on both sides theres moderates, but they forgot another one, jews

Dogma : So it's best to be a moderate?

Northern Winds : SJWs and christian conservatives in a nutshell. 

Mustafa Kulle : I stand in the Weirdo category. Lol. XD

Kevin Sissons : We become the worst in which we oppose.

JoeyLikesFish : This is perfect... It doesn't matter how true or false your cause is, once you become an extremist, you have lost.

Saxo Ungrammaticus : John Cleese combines a canny understanding of human psychology with a humorous and thoughtful mind. The end result is both insightful and entertaining.

Marc Aquino : Does anyone know what this was from?

Rafael Santos : Finally someone who can explain feminism. Thanks, John.

Stu Mackenzie : 1:36 Is that Jeremy Corbyn?

Teunis Peters : If you're in gamergate because you think the press is corrupted by "evul w0omens" then you need to watch this video again. Otherwise go investigate real corruption.   I suggest starting with Fox "News", as it's a really easy target being so incredibly obviously corrupt.  But it's far from the last. otherwise gamergate IS the corruption in the system.

Robin Hansen : This is brilliant!

Robert Phillips : Too true. Thanks TB made my day.

campnfish90 : Still relevant today, I see it every time I lurk gamerghazi.

BigMobe : Extreme moderate FTW.

Noah Nobody : Did he say castraters or class-traitors?

Alexis Audoin : If my enemies are extremists, does that make me an extremist to some degree? (and of course a colossal hypocrite)

Asemafilmi : Wait, is that Jeremy Corbyn? 1:36

Doeray : Just to play devil's advocate here,  but most moderates I know quite often fall into the clueless about anything outside of their own world category and want the opposing sides to an issue they have very little,  or often the case  no actual information about,   to be friendly and stop making so much noise because it is bothering them and their pursuit of personal ambitions/desires. Jonathan Gruber and his stupid people comments,  Marx and his useful idiots both come to mind.

Maleific : Just when I thought I couldn't have any more respect for John...

Julien Dhondt : Sometimes, today's extremists are tomorrow's moderates.

Stephen Smith : Gamergate in a nutshell.

A Gorilla : I feel I am the good kind of extremist. I'm on the right side of things, therefore I am exempt to all of these points he's making. I'm thoroughly pleased that John Cleese made a hilarious mockery of those other, less desirable extremists. You are a great ally, Mr. Cleese.

Aresh Melone : Feminists in a nutshell.

Madrrrrrrrrrrr : so on point this basterd! hahahahaha

BoxyLemons : I didn’t come here from that pseudo intellectual twat Sargon, I came here because John Cleese is an actual intellectual

tjbrinjak : "keep your man focused on the war....not so much his ailing mother....." - C.S. Lewis "The Screwtape Letters"

chris : ron hubbard was a master at selling extremism

Mark Lawrence : This sounds very much like a current, baby-faced, orange president.

36gregross : Tumblr in a nutshell...

David Logan : Bloody moderates....