Home-Cooked Vs. $1000 Gingerbread House

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Nimrit Randhawa : I thought the next video would be “Eugene reacts to Detective Pikachu” but ok.

زراعة الاسطح : 99% of you won't read this but.. Have a good day <3?

Paulo Castilho Ribeiro Santos : This overly produced style of video doesn't work well for you guys. The more organic videos are much more enjoyable.

- amy Wong - : *the try guys should do a gingerbread house decorating competition*

FrAzZiO : *I love how they watched a cooking tutorial from one of BuzzFeed's channel after quitting BuzzFeed. lmao*

anastasia : If I've said this once I've said this 100 times. _These two are the epitome of goals_

CrayCho : This might just be the whitest video I've seen in my life.

TheLaughinAssassin : This is what married people do in their natural environment, such majestic creatures.

Weirdjustweird Yep : I mean it can be sponsored I don’t mind u making 💵 but it doesn’t have to be THIS cheesy doesn’t feel like you

Sabrina Hards : I was disappointed with the $1000 gingerbread. I would have rather they made one house and focused on the detail.

poly r : this was like watching two little kids getting excited by gingerbread, and then Ned saying "we're _new_ parents" while wearing _that_ suit. adorable

BOF007 : honestly i love this channel but this video felt fake :/ and they shoulda announced what they liked at the same time ned was totally about to say night out xD

Fiona Sinclair : this is what worth it would be like if steven and Andrew were a married couple

Subscribe To Me For No Reason : *Worth it has left the chat*

Kirsten Kay : Not even December 1st and they're all like "Merry Christmas!" You just know they filmed this weeks ago so Ned was walking around in that suit in like October 😂😂

Ava Yee : Omg Ned’s outfit is everything

Black Sheep : Challenge Keith and Becky to a cooking showdown without the help of google.

- amy Wong - : this video is literally the most sponsored thing ever but i still love it 💕

Liberty Kalin : Love you guys. Just want to say I agree with a lot of the people in the comments. It doesn’t feel natural. It feels like an episode on hgtv or food network. It is high quality, very well produced, and you’re definitely achieving the theme that you’re going for. However, it doesn’t feel like a YouTube video or a Try Guys video at all. I loved watching it regardless because you two are so cute and it really was fun to see the fancy gingerbread house.

Gaby Gener : I love Ned and Ariel so much!! But... I’m missing the other try guys, I see what they’re doing with separate videos = more content but I kinda just want more of all of them together, that’s just my opinion. But I still love you guys!!

THE_NATE_PROJECT : how are they so cute it hurts me


Brody V challenge : I think it’s better to do it at home so you can spend time with family

Agnes Trillana : Ned's night out outfit makes him look like a gift wrapped present.

500 subs with no video? : When it’s night in vs night out but it’s happening in the middle of the day

Zach Choi ASMR : My anti-social self is screaming Night-In, but my stomach and eyes are screaming Night-Out

FrAzZiO : 99% of people wont read this but Have a fantastic day 1 %

Karina SZ : It would be hilarious to see you guys try the couples yoga challenge!

Lazz : something about you guys's videos does not feel genuine

GuelphRacing : Hey random person scrolling down the comments.. May you have a wonderful day :)

ginacarano 4ever : I missed this series a lot tbh

Marie Price : I want 0:03 to be my ringtone

Laura Falb : how is that gingerbread house any more than like $80 tops

Ratanakpich Piseth : Can u guys do a video of Try Guys Tried ASMR

Anupam Saha : Tooooooooooo fake! Meh not what exactly the try guys do...

Amanda Rose : *#1 ON TRENDING??? IM SO PROUD!!* 💕

H23 : These videos are becoming less and less enjoyable as the days go by. something is really missing from your stuff. sadly, the honesty you had in the beginning has started to vanish.

Alejandro Fernandez : I felt awkward watching this...

The Official Rishona G : Great series! I might do something like this too in my video. Thank you, you guys rock!!!

Ideldoofer 67 : Your whole cute couple thing is getting really obnoxious

Eileen Zamby : Ned and Ariel are so friggin cute omg ♡

Yeet Me : I don’t know why but this video seems kinda bad. You guys seem to be acting which isn’t normally the vibe that I get from your content. Your content is usually natural and sometimes really funny when not political or anything. Please never force your content again. Much love And I know it’s a sponsorship where they are trying to make money but that shouldn’t affect the quality of your content that much from what I’ve seen from other YouTubers like pewdiepie and general sam

Cherry Pop : OMG a Nariel series. It's a Christmas miracle.

Deja Taija : Sorry to say but the raw egg thing is only for sensitive tummies or people who have reaction to raw egg other wise you can eat what ever batter you want. Tip for your immune system the more germs you eat such as not washing an apple or if you drop something on a table you can eat them and make your immune system stronger.

_Bob McCoy : *_Gingerbread Man wants to know your location_*

Babe Babes : 6:25 When you and your S.O. literally become the same person.

Christine Van : They are perfect for each other

Amanda milson : I thought he was going to put icing on her face

ESmithMedia : I love you guys but this google home promo is extremely cringy

Lara Sunshine : I feel like Ned really wanted to go for the 1,000 Dollar house and then didn’t say it, to not hurt his wife 😅🙈 Awww