Jeff Goldblum Taught Me This Song

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Ashton Turner : You guys should drop an album called Gold and Silver. Keep the name. Free of charge from a devoted fan.

Anarkisst : Put out an album and call it "Silver & Gold"

BTG : Turn your phone sideways next time.

steven54111 : This is awesome! just wished you turned the damn camera..

mandydax : Sarah, um, finds a way.

Leandro Escobar : Does Sarah not age?

Mark Cotton : Wow people just love to moan. This vid was brilliant, I loved it.

EvilStreaks : Highly erotic. Five stars.

GCKelloch : Damn, grrl...nice singing.  I really wish some network would have picked up your show about living in Chcago.  That looked good.

Felichia ThomasMcCormick : Love it! I'm still crushing on Jeff Goldblum 30 yrs later!!! Great voice Jeff!

Bumble Weaver : Ian Malcom!!! Singing with a T-Rex!!!!

Miles C : That was Awesome!! I never thought that Jeff Goldblum could sing like that.

Kyberik : Damn, Sarah Silverman, didn't know you had a channel!! The pharmacy called, concerned that this was better than Lexapro. I think it was.

Dennis Mangual : That was awesome! Wish the camera recorded in landscape though :)

amazingbollweevil : That was pretty damn good. You know, you two should seriously consider a career in show biz.

onjoFilms : Where's the right and left part of this video?

Olly Baby : Oh wow Jeff Goldblum is classy love it

Stuart B : 1:22  didn't even notice Sarah's blunder the first 3 times I listened.


James Whitener : Where do I sign up to have Jeff Goldblum come to my house and sing a piano duet with me?

The Miniature Fleshcouch : I kept expecting to see somebody in the doorway.

TimmahDee : Like Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett, but better!

Tal Moore : Andre's sister and Ruxin's dad are back together.

CassesVultus : I loved the song, but the aspect ratio was painful to watch.

Chris : Oh these two Jeff and Sarah are two of the nicest Irish people you will ever meet! I love County Kerry so much!

Andy Vegan : Beautiful voice, Sarah! You are so talented in many ways, but I'm not surprised. You are just awesome <3

proslice56 : Thank you for sharing that special moment.... Tell Jeff we love him too...

Mike Chapman : How much for a private booking? I'd like you to play this in my living room. While I scratch myself all over.

Ben BamBoo : It's still upsetting and tragic that your network show w/ Goldblum was never picked up. Clearly there's magic here.

TheFacelessK : andy and ollie should sing this song on Bobs Burgers!! please Sarah push for that <3

ZEPPELIN101 : I love that they actually recorded for Jeff's new album.

Lisa Sanders : OMG they’ve finally recorded this for real! It's on Jeff’s new album!!

Nathan Rigby : i love their version of this song, i watched this when it first came out and i always come back to watch it again.

Bob Davis : Oh Sarah have mercy. I managed to get over the " Matt Damon thing" and convinced myself, the Jesus thing was strictly platonic, but now: How long must I wait for the shine to wear off the Jeff Goldbloom thing. Forever hopeful.

Josemg : man these two, are perfect as a duo. wow, Sarah is also really good at singing

Anders Öhlund : Nice. But what's with the VVS* Sarah? Friends don't let friends film vertical you know. =) *Vertical Video Syndrome

Tony Mountain : My favorite comedienne & one of my favorite actors ... together at last ......

Jerel Damon : Yes I am busy.

Ernesto Marcos : Late Night with Seth Meyers brought me here.

originalsuki : How did I not know you sang??? How has this not had a million comments since Jeff mentioned it on Late Night? That was so fun. I really hope to see more! <3

Matthew Wayne Selznick : How did you know today was my birthday?

Exigentable : life...uh...finds a way.

Nymphonomicon : Really great collab, but your face keeps getting eaten by the cold, black space. Horizontal view, yo!

po st : Ha great. Sarah what a great little voice!

72Ridders : Now on his album :O

krby 666 : Sarah's voice though

SKJEAN3107 : my son just survived epiglottitis, just like you sarah! Thank you for sharing your story. i can't hear from him how he feels because hes only 10 months. So we've been watching some of your vids at the hospital, with me rooting him on telling him to be as strong as you!

TORI SKYLAR : Jeff Goldblum used to creep me out as a kid but now as an adult I can't get enough of this guy ;)

peepeeland : This was surprisingly EXCELLENT.  Kudoz~

Roy Godiksen : Awesome. Fun, entertaining and impressive.