carl lewis national anthem

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mrm64 : UH OH :)

Carlaeyyy : Uh oh, I'll make up for it now **still messes up**

Strider Zero : and the rockets.....rick flair

Nia Freeman : How he skip a whole chunk of the song? 😂😂

Kevin Marcel M. : This is will NEVER get old lol

Kia Doll : lyrics: Ooooooooh oooh say can you see and the pla oh oh, i'll make up for it now for the laaand of the freeeee 

Sheree Hayes : And the rockets....RICK FLAIR!!

HBK : Who came after Fergie performance? 🤣🤣

ALEJANDRO GARCIA : this is one of the greatest vids of all time

Arizona Life : Still better than Fergie

Deidra James : He said uh-oh 😂😂😂😂😂😂

Raache Reed : And the rockets "Rick Flare" And had the nerve to say ill make up for

Tuck Chesta : "Uh Oh!"

Tyler Palkovitz : Aaand the rockets...Ric Flair!

ClaireBear1189 : And the rockets... rig glehh...

DAWG : If this isn't a contender for funniest video of all time

Xur : Francis Scott (off) Key

Brian G : nothing makes me happier in seeing Carla lewis fail....I looked up to him for years when I was running track...I qualified for the 92 Olympic trials and broke my leg before getting to run and could only be there as a spectator...I asked for his autograph and he laughed at me..Dennis Mitchel took a pic with me...he was seeing carl fail at our National Anthem and boo'd I LAUGH BACK AT HIM!!!!!! LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

jxjx024 : "UH-OH!"

natashaissilly : I think i just busted a lung lmao

milkmanv1 : rrrrrrrREEDDDD GLLLAAAaaaaaaaaAAARRRRrrrrrrrEEEE!!!

kazehana877 : He said ric flair

w wilson : sorry carl but whats been done cannot be undone 

Matt TheDestroyer 2 : *Still better than Fergie....*

Fashizy : Fergie watches this from time to time to make herself feel better I'm sure

Mai Ta Xiong : Too funny, I just got to replay it again lol

Chrysanthemum Scorpio : Fergie brought me here, oflmao


_Paws_ : People suggested this because of Fergie's version

Bricksfor36 : Fergie brought me here

Dottier Glint : Fergie ain’t got nothing on this

Tonya throughJesusImFree : Someone said that there's a version worse than the torture I endured last night listening to Fergie. My God! When I thought the impossible was IMPOSSIBLE! This should be a crime!

Shazeda Hussain : 0:16 ahahahahahahaahaha

Christopher Merritt : where's the full video???😂😂😂😒😒😒

fendersting : uh oh~ I make up for it now~~ LOL

liamLG MC : The richest brought me here

Andy Kidd : Nailed it.

DoctorBoosh : He should have taken some of his performance-enhancing drugs that day...

Khulekani Magubane : Uh-oh...😂😂😂😂

Adam Moreira : Written by Francis Scott Off-Key.

jo point : World Record... (Fastest National Anthem Fail)😂🎤🎶😳

MrSamer83 : This never gets old, lol

tibėt bucan : Oooh say can youu see and the rockeets reeed fleeğğğ

Lichtblick Vegan : lmao ^^

Quame Wright-Beckles : Fergie brought me here

Ramisa Tora : Firgie brought me here lol

Bethebest 1 : Now this is how you mess up a national anthem. This was much worse than Fergie.

David Austin : Lol fergie brought me here !!!!

MALARIAONE : somebody tell my why this man went from the opening line to skipping half the anthem? And then he wanna low key add in a dedication to Rick weak

Blueberry _Camille Anais : and the rockets red glare! uh oh!