Man calls a national Australian radio station live to talk about a RuneScape scam from 10 years ago
Man calls a national Australian radio station live to recount a RuneScape scam 10 years ago

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The textline during the call: So f****** good I've been crying for 10 minutes This is hands down without a doubt the best dog act segment that I've ever heard on this show This is absolute gold! Back to tutourial island bro The best dog act segment to date, absolute fire This is the biggest dog act since 2006 Australian idol . I have never been more offended in my life This bloke is the best radio all week Old mate has got to be the all time greatest triple j guest. Give the dingo a segment!!! That dog runescape act brought me to tears. I quit runescape after someone stole all my lobsters and said he would have sexual relations with my mother


FrenchyToastyy : This is so sad, poor aussie! If anyone needs their money doubled in Runescape, hit me up!

MrAdelaideRS : Incredible editing

Stef Willemse : at least i scammed mith and stuff... what are ya gonna do with bronze?? lmfaooo

sarcasmo57 : So many runes so little scape.

Grandpa Joe : Australians are some of the funniest ppl I've ever met. It's like they come out the womb funny

Kirb Y. : This is so sad. Alexa, play Sea Shanty 2

ZupaTr00pa : Something about some Australians and they way they tell a story that is just insanely funny.

Garrett Johnson : Love how Aussies/Kiwis talk. Great lingo

biclexual : I still miss my full adamant

Handles YT : Poor guy.. I remember getting scammed for the first time. Now I give back to the community. Doubling money, 1m minimums

TheRedMiners : Im dying laughing lmao

Chymistry : original content

Datastream : This is sooo good lmaoo

Statistically Challenged : LMFAO

Raonic Mitten : Aussie here this is my regular radio station, Triple J! Sad I missed this live haha

its genesis : While I was listening to this at work I was tempted to call up and tell my story about when I was about 12 I had a mate who introduced me to the game. I slowly got my stats up killing cows every afternoon after school making that bank loot. And after about 4 weeks I had 200k or so and then I got hacked. I went to my friend the next day at school all and and said someone hacked me. To him this shocked him and he said it happens all the time. So eventually I got over it and kept playing, killing my cows for them Pressious hides. And another week goes by and I tell my friend I'm over being hacked I don't even know how this happened twice to which be comforted me and said just keep going it won't happen again. So another week goes by and I'm hacked again. Big fucking shock I ask my friend for GP who was standing there with a fresh set of saradomin and a amulet of strength t who happily lent me 10k the baller. It wasn't until a few years later I realised it was him. That cunt of a mate who was hacking me every week. I'm not and anymore, just disappointed. RIP Greenboy750

Auke Doelman : Great editing aswell dude. Love it

Michael Lesko : I love how the runescape logo used for the caller was different than the logo for the radio hosts, to show how they're thinking of two different things

A man with one hand : I died a hero in Runescape. Quit after getting dogged out of my account.

harry Burgess : Guys, trimming full bandos, varrock west bank. Ill even trim ya DFS for free too.

Cassat53 : I remember listening to this live and having to explain to my dad what was going on, claasic

ackerman66 : I think everyone on runescape at least tried scamming people but the ones who did it constantly day in and out are the disappointing ones.

MagnuM00125 : I bought a rune longsword noted but ended up with iron long for 40k... lol When was that like 2003-05 So many scammers in this game

一つ黒オオカミ : Respect to this savage <3

Sparc Mac : wow (owen wilson)

Slappy Nut : Reminds me of the old Maxmoefoe videos

Georgiee Trance : I got scammed twice. Once from buying the rune pl8 from dude in edgy for 80k and then getting scammed in trust game for it 🤣

David Mackay : This is BRILLIANT

Indrek : Quality. I would like to see more

saccoFTW : He's a product of his environment hahaha

ajnode : The undecipherable phrase is "sweet".

jamilthemaster : How did they run with this story for so long??? If on an American radio show they'd talk down on the person for playing a video game in the first place.


S A V A G E : So sad.. *alexa. Play DESPACITO 2*

Only for the weak : Amazing

Nathan dalby : Best thing ever

Nick Everingham : Probably 10 years ago I bought a RuneScape account from a mate, it wasn’t worth much but it was a lvl86, anyway here I am being all innocent and the mofo uses his email recovery to recover the account and changed he passwords. I don’t know what’s a bigger dog act than that but I’ll say this, we haven’t talked since.

Pixiedrop : Lol that's hilarious. I remember someone did this to me with my mith platebody, it took me ages to get!

Ban Anders : Is this Lord of the Dings? @Maxmoefoe

DeadlyLagg : legend haha!

Licksquids : this is going down in the books

Star Laughter : Rofl this was awesome. My hubby had been playing runescape for years and after a break returned and was approached by a guy that apparently needed help to scam a scammer, even linking him to a fake video which put his red flags to rest. He partied with them and was introduced to a new spell which teleported him to the wilderness where they murdered him and took his beloved blue mask. He had an early night after that, wasn't feeling too social :)

STAX onDECK : You bloody dog cam , got scammed for mith years ago in lummy was most likely you

Grïsu : these people really hate dogs eh?

Collision : What language is this

iDropAll Pkers : I was laughing really hard at this until I realized that I got purple portal lured for my ags lol

Christopherson : SAME. I spent weeks saving for mithril, picking up coins people didn't take from fally knights, then some dude on karamja tells me to die to a demon to get off the island and ends up taking my drops. Was my saddest moment ever.

spark : bit of a dog act.

Serenity : Nice.