The Panalysts Ep12 - Empty this Dog Please

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TheNerdySimulation : This show is great and I love every episode.

Jacob de Vries : 15:26 the Marble Cinematic Universe...

Michael Tate : Holy shit Kathleen's hair is fantastic.

Edward Howden : I really need for Andrew Cownden to be on this show, like, a lot.

GoodMorning AndWelcomeTo : Quick make Kathleen more popular so she keeps bringing back guests we like!

Marcel Lavigne : I say we make Adam Reddit famous

Theo L. : Jacob needs to be paired up with someone genuinely nice like Ben or Serge. Watching him struggle with horrible people is funny to watch, but I'm starting to feel sorry for him.


godofthunder4242 : I feel Cam has had some bad experience with dogs. Not being a dog person just doesn't explain the level of consistent antipathy he directs at them.

Jack Linde : Please tell me someone is making a subreddit for this show!

Ryan Speck : View numbers might not be great, but The Panalysts is my favorite thing LRR has ever done.

Samantha Burt : Specifically, Cameron, if each of the marbles is 2cm in diameter, then with a packing efficiency of approximately 74%, they would occupy a cube 2.83 metres (9'4") on a side. Edit: If loosely poured into a bowl (for a giant Kerplunk), they'd be less efficiently-packed and occupy a sphere ~3.7m (12'2") across

Amaranth : Well, of course viewersghip is low. You don't have...this hat.

William Silva : He's HERE!

Gibfr Gyjcd : I have a very old and arthritic Bichon Frise, this hits too close to home.

DrChillbrain : Bad News!?

Molly Domino : Having owned an elderly Bichon Frise, it's really not bad. It's gonna want to sleep for most of those months

AusSP : I would watch Sidewalk Slam, but I hear they've had serious production troubles that a Youtube Empire would usually be avoiding. Like not having episodes out.

Densetsu VII : 15:20 I need this channel in my life. Think - 'A Fistful of Marbles', 'Les Marblés' 'Mad Marbles Fury Circle' - THREE MARBLES OUTSIDE EBBING MISSOURI I could go all day!

Charles Jang : I wonder what Jer's going rate would be to sort four million marbles. Assuming, of course, that he's not the one in the hypothetical hospital asking the Panalysts to take care of them.

C Davis : If this shows numbers really aren't good there's something wrong with the world.

Pyre Dynasty : The marbles are literally my dream. I guess that would make me the friend in this situation. But anyways: the obvious right move is to sublet my own apartment and move into the friend’s place because it is obviously a place already suited for four million marbles. The hard part is I would only have about 120 days so my pace would need to be more than thirty-three thousand marbles sorted a day. Perhaps there could be a complication that would give me a little more breathing room.

robbthewolfking : man how i enjoy adam

Jake Everfree : I honestly thought I heard "Deer Friend" and I was like "No! Johnny Stag!" Also, hopefully one day we hear some Rad News everyone.

trident042 : Adam, seen here practicing his ABCs - Always Be Content Creating

Sam Ballard : I need Jacob in all the everything please.

the Inquisition : I'd like to see a Florida man edition of this

Dwed746 : Oh it's the Panalysts…welp, time to get the drugs!

Phivos Schran : I hope one day she says “BAD news everyone!”

Tom Jackal : Oh come on, at least Panalysts is doing better than all your podcasts.... combined

Eramiserasmus : Jacob returns with Cam as a partner. Already achieved a great episode. But then he actually ups his friendship with Cameron by helping him with the dog thing.

shadowscribe : Cam's dog reaction. I love... how... horrible they are.

Hard Drive : Fill this dog with cream. Wait no

Mara K : Next SWS when?

Nathan Kirchner : I freaking love this show.

QuestionMarc : Someone said if you exuded Hickory Smoke then a villain would hunt you to exploit it? A good counterpoint, I am that villain! I would exploit MYSELF and get wealthy from an organic sustainable source of Hickory!

Uncle Istvan : It's great that Jacob learned that Cam is hardcore. Now he has glimpsed a bit further into the void witch will pull his being towards it time and again for it's odd amusement.

Marshall Jackson : closer to 5m cube you're forgetting about packing efficiency. Random spheres is about 64%

Matthew Geer : Maybe add a third option to the question so the second team has some choice to make.

AllTheoryNoPractice : I found that Feed Dump was very hit-or-miss during it's wonderful run; THIS has been solid gold every single episode.

Paul Tuck : More confirmation that Kathleen speaks with the voice of The People! hoorah for more Jacob!

Lucarioguild7 : Damn Cam just threw him under the bus savage

Kevin Lemley : I am 100% on board with Cam's description of the fundamental loathsome nature of dogs.

tai ram chupak : Love the hair Kathleen!

meatrace : Is this the first time Graham's team has won? Poor guy, and I bet he thought being married to the host would work in his favor. Hard lesson learned, my friend.

ZoidsNut : 4 million marbles...I want a massive MASSIVE marble run with that.

asddsa28 : I have an old Bichonfrise and I love her there amazing

David Johnson : Cam doesn't like dogs? But... But... Cam was my favorite...

Benjamin Coyle : Where can we find Jeej's ghost stories?

DrDeathable : "Absolutely not involving a plunger, i heard from Cindy" Jacob you are awesome!