Guide to the Lord of the Rings

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Richard Kaskiewicz : They're taking the homeboys to laser-tag

yy : J.R.P.G. Torkelson is rolling in his grave.

Andrew P : I was done at Legalize Greenleaf.

Vishnu Venkatesh : I can't remember their actual names anymore.

Keeseman : Do you have a full version of the map with all the changed names? I want that as my new desktop background.

ThioJoe : The King of the Ring is my favorite book series. But you left out the part where the house fell on the Wicked Witch of Westeros.

Dillon Everett : This is my favorite asmr video to date.

rex collis : just because the main joke here is the stupid names doesn't make it less funny

HonorNecris : I think this technically contains no spoilers.

Pikminiman : ...and at one point he just casually re-dubs Legolas' famous line really well, and it's no big deal.

NimbusFilms : I just realized at 3:43 the music playing is a midi version of the Who Want's To Be A Millionaire theme. Holy shit.

Wanessie : Imagine how different the books and movies had been had Sauron actually been named Simon. "Simon says give me back my ring." "Simon says spawn more orcs."

Jadranka Ledinski : you could hear he almost lost it on "glockenspiel"

McCronstrojoton _ : *_GUMBALL_* _son of groin_

Jetstoanywhere : I am going to name my first kid "Bonercar"

Andrew Turner : It's just stupid names in a stupid voice with stupid captions. But the silliness is inventive and diverse and expertly done, and the jokes mesh into a beautiful rhythm. It's a virtuoso performance. Anyone who doesn't enjoy this must care more about looking cool/sophisticated/proper/independent/edgy than enjoying humor.

salculd : The MIDI soundtrack is secretly the best part of this

OmegaMapDesign : I really need a full version of Aragorn blitzing through the caves with Anduril set to a midi of The Boys Are Back in Town


Mr Plow : As funny as this was I think it really decreased my LOTR knowledge...What's the main guys name again? Ponyo? Faygo?

OrchardFilm : completely lost it at AOL's battlecry, lmao

Captain Lagbeard : The Sewer, home of the Hobos. ...That's not inaccurate.

justsignmeup911 : "Book Four: Epilog" That last half hour certainly felt like a whole book.

Mort : Seriously Niel? No referring Mount Doom as Mountain Dew? smh missed opportunity there.

WhyTheKarma : I'm so glad I got the Aerosmith joke

Ariel Couch : Watching this makes it more obvious how influential Neil has been on that signature "internet" sense of humor.

Hoodie : I had to pause the video halfway through because I was laughing so hard I got lightheaded.

Jimbles : "anakin was crowned the king of town" dead

nielsf : Goddam it that airhorn totally floored me.

SAFR Projects : I injured my lungs the last time I watched this. I watched this again today, thinking since I've seen it once it won't hurt as much. I totally forgot everything about it. My lungs hurt again.


Mason Brown : I'm very surprised that he missed the opportunity to rename Bilbo to 'Dildo'

KingofSting19 : The Brotherhood of the Wolf ends up in Los Lobos? J.R.P.G Torkelson was a master of foreshadowing.

FoxOwne : Dear God do Metal Gear. "It was then that Hidden Vagina decided he wanted to replace Salted Steak with a new protagonist, Rayman."

OmegaMapDesign : The Battle of Home's Depot. I peed.

Alyssa Brock : I can't wait til you do Harry Potter

Cream The Everything Fixer : "They're taking the home boys to laser tag" Hahahahhahahahahaha

Icyndr : I love how the midis in the background have nothing to do with lord of the rings.

Lutfie Menke : I lost it at "Sliders"

Kzinssie (porygonlover322) : Do you have an upload of the map of Google Earth anywhere?

AndSuarez : Is the song at 4:26 "The boys are back in town"?

Tiffany Dickenson : For some reason all I can think of right now is "Yolo Swaggins."

Aratharr : I'd love to see a Guide to the Game of Thrones.

bpansky : Oh god now everything I read is in this voice.

Ty Hunt : The sheer amount of old pop culture references is pretty impressive.

GarBear7G : I'm really upset that this made me want to watch lord of the Rings.

FreakForFilmScore : The best joke by far is the reference to Feivel Goes West at 1:38. Anybody else remember An American Tail?

Griffin O'Connor : "Legalize Greenleaf" oh my god I can't stop laughing

erock676 : I feel like there needs to be a Harry Potter episode

djhero35 : Did anyone else notice the "Who Wants To Become a Millionare" theme at 3:42?