Guide to the Lord of the Rings

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NimbusFilms : I just realized at 3:43 the music playing is a midi version of the Who Want's To Be A Millionaire theme. Holy shit.

Richard Kaskiewicz : They're taking the homeboys to laser-tag

rex collis : just because the main joke here is the stupid names doesn't make it less funny

Alyssa Brock : I can't wait til you do Harry Potter

Hoodie : I had to pause the video halfway through because I was laughing so hard I got lightheaded.

Belated Media : As always, this is simply masterful.

Dillon Everett : This is my favorite asmr video to date.


yy : J.R.P.G. Torkelson is rolling in his grave.

Steve Zaragoza : YES PLEASE!

Andrew Turner : It's just stupid names in a stupid voice with stupid captions. But the silliness is inventive and diverse and expertly done, and the jokes mesh into a beautiful rhythm. It's a virtuoso performance. Anyone who doesn't enjoy this must care more about looking cool/sophisticated/proper/independent/edgy than enjoying humor.

Keeseman : Do you have a full version of the map with all the changed names? I want that as my new desktop background.

SAFR Projects : I injured my lungs the last time I watched this. I watched this again today, thinking since I've seen it once it won't hurt as much. I totally forgot everything about it. My lungs hurt again.


ThioJoe : The King of the Ring is my favorite book series. But you left out the part where the house fell on the Wicked Witch of Westeros.

Lutfie Menke : I lost it at "Sliders"

Remus : ay caramba

WhyTheKarma : I'm so glad I got the Aerosmith joke

McCronstrojoton _ : *_GUMBALL_* _son of groin_

GarBear7G : I'm really upset that this made me want to watch lord of the Rings.

Aratharr : I'd love to see a Guide to the Game of Thrones.

Andrew P : I was done at Legalize Greenleaf.

Jimblus : "anakin was crowned the king of town" dead

Jadranka Ledinski : you could hear he almost lost it on "glockenspiel"

salculd : The MIDI soundtrack is secretly the best part of this

Icyndr : I love how the midis in the background have nothing to do with lord of the rings.

OmegaMapDesign : The Battle of Home's Depot. I peed.

Gabe Odebrecht : The Tsundere seas. LOL.

OmegaMapDesign : I really need a full version of Aragorn blitzing through the caves with Anduril set to a midi of The Boys Are Back in Town

Vishnu Venkatesh : I can't remember their actual names anymore.

Mason Brown : I'm very surprised that he missed the opportunity to rename Bilbo to 'Dildo'

KingofSting19 : The Brotherhood of the Wolf ends up in Los Lobos? J.R.P.G Torkelson was a master of foreshadowing.

AndSuarez : Is the song at 4:26 "The boys are back in town"?

Ellie Powell : omg please make guide to pirates of the caribbean

FoxOwne : Dear God do Metal Gear. "It was then that Hidden Vagina decided he wanted to replace Salted Steak with a new protagonist, Rayman."

djhero35 : Did anyone else notice the "Who Wants To Become a Millionare" theme at 3:42?

Pikminiman : ...and at one point he just casually re-dubs Legolas' famous line really well, and it's no big deal.

Trenton Sale : why is there a Nick Jr logo in the corner

bpansky : Oh god now everything I read is in this voice.

justsignmeup911 : "Book Four: Epilog" That last half hour certainly felt like a whole book.

A Very MLG Potato : This 6 minute video did something that 2 years of therapy couldnt. Thank you, my lord, for this internet gift. Sure, it's only fucking hilarious if you know the names, but thats not a problem for me because Im a fucking nerd.

Griffin O'Connor : "Legalize Greenleaf" oh my god I can't stop laughing

Ariel Couch : Watching this makes it more obvious how influential Neil has been on that signature "internet" sense of humor.

OrchardFilm : completely lost it at AOL's battlecry, lmao

Captain Lagbeard : The Sewer, home of the Hobos. ...That's not inaccurate.

nielsf : Goddam it that airhorn totally floored me.

Wanessie : Imagine how different the books and movies had been had Sauron actually been named Simon. "Simon says give me back my ring." "Simon says spawn more orcs."

Ben Ratcliffe : 'Gondo whisked Pepe to the kingdom of Mario tennis where Lord Disneystore' Of all the lines in this video this one got me the most, please do doctor who next aswell

Ty Hunt : The sheer amount of old pop culture references is pretty impressive.

Mr Plow : As funny as this was I think it really decreased my LOTR knowledge...What's the main guys name again? Ponyo? Faygo?