GTA V vs GTA IV - Car Gameplay Comparison

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Shahriar Shawkan : Man his subs are increasing real quick..because of his quality content

EnchantedGoldenApple YT : If you use headphones on this with full volume it is like the intro is earrape

Francis Helem : gta 5 car physics just feel so light almost light crashes even if youre going like 150kmh and theres no bodyroll on the car and the ragdoll physics in gta 4 is better wish they kept that or rather improved it

Techno AS : GTA iv

Emre Yılmaz : Gta IV 👑

Zesty Mango : Short, sweet, to the point. Love it

Viso2k : EZ GTA IV Win.

Jan Kalinowski : GTA 4

Dr Anuradha : GTA 4 win

Derethevil : I kinda hate how people think that the GTA 4 Car physics are more realistic. If your car would lean in like that irl your whole frame would shred on the ground like mad. That slight lean like in GTA 5 is way more realistic. One can argue about the damage detail. I did like the physics there better as the new ones but... no.. Those physics in leaning are unrealistic.

Nathan09786 : I would have preferred GTA IV handling with a mix between V and IV's Damage psychics

Alexander Pechtold : Everybody suddenly say IV is better. Come on. Be realistic. You just miss the times you played IV but not because it was better. Gta V is the best game ever made.




Sam Kent : GTA 4 ❤️❤️❤️. They don't make games like they used to anymore. Sad reality

Just FRANK : People in GTA V wear seatbelts, that's why you need a significant speed to make a character fly out of the car when u crash Maybe Niko should've listened to the rules on the road

Pro Gaming : i love Gta 5 more

TheDarkKnightGaming : M8!!! We all know that the winner is GTA IV bcz only legend ls play that game!!! GTA 5 is for toxic 12yr olds!!! 😂👌👌

Race Twingo : I playing GTA IV more Than gta V Because its more realistic and better

Дмитрий Алмазов : GTA IV BEST IN THE BEST

Dowww : 5 is the clear winner.

menino neymar : No GTA IV não tinha controle de tração kkkkkk

GVM Channel : - hey mom ı want gta 5! -no son - gta 4 is better than gta 5! MESUTTV NİN KANALI 2 HAFTALIĞINA BANLANDIĞI İÇİN YENİ KANAL AÇTI. DESTEK OLUN =>

jamesthefishy : I don't know but I still like GTA V more... You could do more shit with friends more missions, steal other players car etc and more.

Supremo kaioshin : Gta v wins

FELIPE GAMES 157 BR : GTA V!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Абубакир Кудайберген : Gta 5 😙😙👉💪🤘👍👍👍👍👈😙😙

อภิรักษ์ พหลทัพ : GTA IV

erfan : GTA IV is Legendary. .. i love it 😍

Sadəcə Faziko : Gta 4

Pedro Lucas Magalhaes : gta 4 wins

Ryan Mercado : people are dumb these days why dont you just like both of them at the same time? gta 5 is good in graphics and gta 4 is good in physics why dont you stupid people calm down and just agree both games are good godamn.

Atrocious Killer : GTA IV !!!

one guy : Rockstar games you moneygrabbers. You downgraded physics and you made gta online only for selling Shark cards

Do u Know M3 : Gta 4 more realistic

Sakar Saber : GTA IV is very better than GTA V... im still great fan GTA IV. Hateee GTA V!!!

Raul Garcia : Es mejor y mas realista el GTA IV

Megy G : Prefiero gta5

el wacho tv : gta iv =realismo gta v = graficos

Dr Anuradha : GTA 5 is best

Mr. Macedon : For everyone asking the *intro music is "Lost Memories – VYBZ"*

Eric : In a matter of realism (physical) the GTA IV is incomparable, much better. And with a good ENB, has graphics better than the GTA V.

Amaury Ezelle : the most scariest thing ever is... The A.I Gangs In GTA4 Because They Carry AK, MP4, The Uzi Pump shotguns and automatic shotguns, dessert eagles. like damn and yes I'm a kid who enjoys playing and messing around in gta4 any comments???

Big1 : Sometimes in gta 4 it was fun just to drive around the city because it is actually hard to control your car while driving fast, especially on wet streets. I am not talking about graphics or story line, gta 4 was just better in that aspect. In gta 5 you can go up to 100 mph, hit the brakes and your car will be stopped in seconds, even if it is just an ordinary car.

Gustavo Silva : GTA 4

Ricardo gamer Saldanhaaa : gta v ganha

aljubailcity : Without seeing the video.. iv is the best

remusny : is it me or gta 4 is better?

Dimitris Here : Who thinks that he is the best youtuber in GTA V???