GTA V vs GTA IV - Car Gameplay Comparison

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慶河世祝泰式 : this guy always makes original vids🙌

Maša Hacker girl : Jel ima neko da prica srpski

SillyTube : I can't stop laughing at those who think that Gta IV'S driving is more realistic than V's😂😂😂 Go drive a car in real life.

MariusGamer TO : GTA V - Graphics GTA IV - Physics GTA V + GTA IV = GTA VI

Mohit rawat : GTA 4 have better physics

Semih Doğan : Gta Iv <3

JRaccoon57 TheGamer : Ok I use to play gta v gta Iv and long time a go gta san... but as how you show the video you do need to compare the real life from these 2 games and show witch one is realistic thx for reading

Instant Gaming : Gta 5 so much better


عبدالله قيمر : Gta iv better

Mta tp : Gta iv

dark side : GTA IV is the best


Wrong Side of YouTube : GTA V with GTA IV car physics and GTA SA modificability

Studioprodabing TV : Gta IV win!

NaCer UsMiStE : Gta iv win

Diogo Silva : Gta 4 is better

Techall with yash yash : GTA 5

Dimitris Here : Who thinks that he is the best youtuber in GTA V???

AnimeFan : GTA 5 the best

Omer Ates : GTA 4 PERFECT

Всё Tv : 5!

Fahruddin Setiawan : GTA SA is better

Strike86 : I got into the 9F at the start of GTA V and within five minutes of driving I thought, "they've ruined it". Four years later my opinion hasn't changed. GTA4 was a better game in many ways.

LukaFTW : When I say GTA 5 driving physics are shit,I mean it.

RUTWIK H KAREKAR KAREKAR : GTA 4 Graphics Have More Realistic That GTA 5 But GTA 5 Have More Advantage Of Effects

McLOVIN : En fisica es mejor gta lV en mapa es mejor gta V

Всё Tv : 👍🏻 tu ES 2018

SD Smtbro : Gta V

CRISPY chicken22 : GTA V shouldn't even be in the same category as any other GTA game. It's a complete joke and a waste of time to play. I would much rather play any of the ps2 GTA games before starting the shitty game that is called GTA V. Rockstar has to bring back what made GTA IV the amazing game that it still is today when they make GTA VI. They took a huge step back with GTA V, the only decent thing about it are the half good graphics that aren't even next gen quality. When comparing the graphics of IV and V there is really not a monumental difference between them, I mean the games are nearly 7 years apart and GTA V doesn't look that much better tbh. Plus I always thought the gritty graphics of GTA IV suited a grand theft auto game more. I just don't see why GTA has to be saints row all of a sudden

Wilco Muurling : just to keep it short and simple, people who drive cars in real life prefer GTA 4 12 y/o kids who can only go full throttle and full steering lock prefer GTA 5.

Huguimer : The only thing GTA 5 as best than my baby gta4 is graphics...nothing more. Gta4 is better to me :)

Sansibar'bell : People do fly out of the window, but only in singleplayer

Metalzone : GTAV = SHIT

fM8BULLETglitch ! : Sound in gta 4 is better

Irfan Danial : GTA 5 car no have a suspension lol GTA 4 car have a suspension. I think GTA 4 its better than GTA 5 lol

Catarina PT : GTA IV is better

Master Khan : gtav graphics + gta iv = best game ever.

Nicat iLə oYun vaXtı : gta 4

Saoad Ahsan : gta 5 is always better

هجولة درب الهجولة : GTA5اقراند٥

andru 25 : Song 0:00?

Unity ! : most here prefer gta 4 because the 5 do not have it

Kolton RBLX : Physics or Graphics?

Volvex : *Salonowy Sultan.*


NNB_Az : gta 4 was real

GTA 5 GAMER : güzel test

ALEX : Man his subs are increasing real quick..because of his quality content

GoLd ALİ : GTA IV is better but there is not Tunner :(