GTA V vs GTA IV - Car Gameplay Comparison

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Dj NorthLight : GTAV = Graphics GTAIV = Physics

Thang TN : 2008: gta 4 car handling is so weird really hard to control the car 2013: gta 4 had realistic car handling than gta 5

Rule : GTA 4 : Gameplay GTA 5 : Child marketing

Infinite Games : This Makes Me Wanna Buy Gta IV BTW, Gta IV:Physics Gta V:Graphics Gta VI:Graphics & Physics

Mordecai Reyiz : 0:55 GTA IV Perfect 👌

Hellenic Nationalism : GTA IV !!!

Ninja Hipster : GTA 4 is better then GTA 5

Gaming guy 10 : Plz do gta 4 funny momments

marcel l : Damn,i love the Physics from GTA IV so much,i was really pissed off because gta V has such stupid Physics. Hope they do it in GTA 6 more Realistic again.

Lardah420 : Yeah gta 4 was indeed better

gtabro1337 : GTA IV was so much more realistic

Omar Jackson - The Moonwalker : Everone think drifferent I think gta 4 and 5 is almost same but gta 4 is more realistic, gta 5 has bigger map and more ways to transport.

Youtubers hackers : Gta 5 graphics best

Ángel : rockstar saw this, they will think about this comparisons while developing gta 6

bijal shah : I like both the games

Dog Player : gta V looks realistic, gta IV is realistic

Subham De : A person does fly away in GTA V

Jordan Daniel Heuvel : Intro song???

hussain choudhary official : Gta 5 is best i have a xbox cd with mod

KitSune : Gta IV have more realistic car than gta v

CrookCyborg : Man his subs are increasing real quick..because of his quality content

Abdullah Ahmed : Would best game is GTA v

PØCKY JHËY : Bom... Talvez no GTA VI eles juntam os três gta's San Andreas melhor história, GTA IV melhor jogabilidade, GTA V melhor gráfico! Well... Maybe in the GTA saw them join the three GTA San Andreas' s best story, best gameplay GTA IV, GTA V best chart.

That's me!! : Yep, Gta 4 has got one of the most accurate real life movements to the AIs. Gta 5 is just plain stupid n lacks realistic approaches and physics.

Dominique Wancy : 5:09 but in story mode you do fly out the window

Dimitris Here : Who thinks that he is the best youtuber in GTA V???

Fragger : Intro song

Klesti - : GTA V-Grafics GTA IV-More realistic and fisics

PAPAYON_GAMER_YTツ : y la version dee spañol para cuando ?

TECH OF GAME : gta 4 is good but not than gta5

Zesty Mango : Short, sweet, to the point. Love it

Romeo Victor : Announcement: *GTA IV will be released on Mobile devices this December 8, 2018*

Play c0ringa : GTA IV is best

JeffRealDeal : This is biased asf When you was showing the headlights on the cars U gave GTA5 credit for being “More Realistic” But when you were able to flip your car in GTA5 when it’s upside down u said it was “More Forgivable” and gave GTA4 no credit for being realistic.

Rojan Lama : gta 5 is so good

Christian Reyes : GTA IV the god of all rockstar games

Roman Singh : Gta 5 is better then 4

Carlos Eduardo : GTA IV mais realista

Nicksen - Nator : Physics and real gameplay: Gta4 Grafics and sounds: Gta5

im from the future : GTA 5 is a fantasy world

Carl : GTA 4 best physics. Gta 5 weak & better graphics.

افلام قراند٥ : في مواصفات في قراند٥ احسن من قراند٤ وفي مواصفات في قراند٤ احسن من قراند٥

Delston Mangayun : GTA V

ninja junior : Gta 5 better graphics

Lucas L.S.A gamer : Gta v!

Joseph :3 El Perro Con Traje : gta 4 is beter win

H4LF DE4D : Grand Theft Auto V's graphics, combine with Grand Theft Auto IV's physics, would make for a masterpiece of a GTA game.

حسوني سوبربي/SUPER B B : طبعن الV

sunil kalwar : Gta5 is better than gta4 graphics

SmokE : Next gta gta IV physics + gta V graphics = gta VI great idea :o