GTA V vs GTA IV - Car Gameplay Comparison

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慶河世祝泰式 : this guy always makes original vids🙌

the YK : Nice drifting

Ayush Sinha : Sultan means king

fM8BULLETglitch ! : Sound in gta 4 is better

Rhkarekar KAREKAR : GTA 4 Graphics Have More Realistic That GTA 5 But GTA 5 Have More Advantage Of Effects

Maša Hacker girl : Jel ima neko da prica srpski

ERIC Da2 : Gta 4 Is more realistic than gta 5

Huguimer : The only thing GTA 5 as best than my baby gta4 is graphics...nothing more. Gta4 is better to me :)


Mister Max : GTAV-GTA5

Sansibar'bell : People do fly out of the window, but only in singleplayer


GoLd ALİ : GTA IV is better but there is not Tunner :(

Orestis 10 : Gta 4 is better

MAD Lab : I cant play GTA 5 on my laptop.. So yes...Gta 4 is the best✌️

BlueBlaze YT : If you use headphones on this with full volume it is like the intro is earrape

SD Smtbro : Gta V

geetansh JOSHI : Whatever gta san andreas is better than these two

Mejri Yasmine : GTA 5 😍😍😍

Dap guys edition : Plz do gta 4 funny momments

Zesty Mango : Short, sweet, to the point. Love it

Zajec Hax : GTA4 has the best psychics, GTA5 has shit psychics. GTA5 has nice graphics, GTA4 has more blocky graphics. My favourite: GTA4 - I prefer more realistic gameplay than shitty fun gameplay in GTA5. GTA4 win!!!

Youtubers hackers : Gta 5 graphics best


Mordecai Reyiz : 0:55 GTA IV Perfect 👌

Dj NorthLight : GTAV = Graphics GTAIV = Physics

High End : Gta 5 + gta 4 = gta 6

Kairav : Gta 4 is smooth

Mr musakhan : Gta 5

Domencio Clemente Durlov : Lmao...Those who thinks GTA IV's driving physics is better than GTA V then please go and drive a real car. Only then you'll understand which one is better. Real cars don't lean that much as GTA IV while turning. It only leans a lot while taking a U turn at a great speed. And breaking out of window/wind shield is a rare accident in real life because when someone hits a wall or something while driving, the driver generally gets hit by the driving wheel or the airbag first inside the car. But I admit one thing that the damage done on cars in both games are unrealistic. The damage in GTA IV looks like you've hit a pole or something and in GTA V it looks like almost nothing happened but some dents and scratches.

MariusGamer TO : GTA V - Graphics GTA IV - Physics GTA V + GTA IV = GTA VI

a random guy : Gta 4 is a beast of a game

MisterChuckles : Grand Theft Auto V is better.

SamaEl [SamuEl] : GTA V is better than GTA IV

anna tech : Gta 5 is best

Wrong Side of YouTube : GTA V with GTA IV car physics and GTA SA modificability

Ninja Hipster : GTA 4 is better then GTA 5

Jaheem Sellars : Folks we have made history you may hate what im saying but the truth is the truth and i had to spill it gta5 is not ass because u think it is gta5 is supposed to make u you feel like your really alive as someone else your not and gta4 is bad because really GREY GREY GREY GREY GREY GRAPHICS ARE IN THE GAME

Ayyıldız Tim : Gta 5 grafik açısından on numara herşeye her oyuna bedel bir oyun ama sistem gereksinimleri biraz daha düşük olsa oyuncu kitlesi daha fazla artar diye düşünüyorum mesela ben oyniyamiyorum +1görsünler yoorumu oynayalım Gta efsanesini

Donny : At high speed they do fly out

Rez1 Hossain : i miss gta iv physics ;-;

ZockerBros : Gta5 is better

Jeenit Dodia : GTA 5

aboode ARAQE : Hai mo gta IV Hi gta4 Haha

Hrishabh Ahiwale : But GTA 4 is real more than GTA 5

Leonardo Constantino : GTA IV has unbeatable physics since 2008

ion vyrlans : gta 5

Sagar Deopa : Gta san fav cause it my many childhood memory like if u agree

THE PICKLETON17 : Gta 5 has some time of Super sway bars

IVAN 274 : 0:01 song plis