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Comments from Youtube

shmless : My teacher said that this movie was wonderful. He has taught 20 years in the “Film, Audio, Editing, and Broadcasting” area. He knows damn well camera work, lighting, directing, scripting, etc. It was at that moment that I doubted him for the first time.

EruditeFuzz : I had never seen a movie make my girlfriend cry tears of rage before this movie came out... The Wrinkle in Time books were some of her favorite books growing up and she was really excited about this movie. That was, until she saw the trailer. It made her so angry she cried, that they took and turned a "thought provoking, sci-fi adventure filled with heart" into a "generic Hollywood young adult action cash grab." Her words, not mine.

Herman Manly : This has that Sharkboy and Lavagirl, Spykids 3D kinda vibe to it. Just abunch of kids in a greenscreen room where not even the director knew what was gonna be greenscreened in there

Isaiah Williams : How come no one's questioned the fact that a black woman and white man produced an ASIAN boy?

AlternateHistoryHub : Giant Oprah face will haunt my dreams and give me screams

Freedoms_glory : *heavy angry breathing in Brie Larson

Monsterkiller IV : You forgot about how many times they say *CHARLES WALLACE*

John Razimus Paranormal MGI Ghost Investigation : It was easily in the top 5 worst movies I've ever witnessed in my life, I feel like I threw money in the trash after walking out, and I liked the book too, proves money and power has nothing to do with hiring a good script writer, good actors and a good director, because the script, actors and director are the worst in the business, but you have to put the blame on the script and the writing more so than the actors as they showed up and did what they were told, to make a pile of garbage, worst movie of 2018 by far, probably worst movie ever made in the past 5 to 10 years. The Room is legitimately a masterpiece next to this, as there are no redeemable qualities of it, not even ironically is it funny, it's simply not worth wasting your time watching

Neo Machine : I saw the trailer, and it looked kinda cool. However, what turned me off from the movie was that, 1) I never read the book. 2) There seemed to be a lot of clashing stuff. At first, you got this awesome science shit about bending the fabric of the universe. But then you got this generic darkness and light fight and bland trailer-speak. But then, the weird guy with the red eyes does the distortion thing that looks potentially cool. But then, you go to the Alice in Wonderland planets with the bad CGI. (Wait, wasn't this about looking for someone's daddy with cool science?) I didn't know what to think of it and (luckily, it seems) didn't see the movie.

slimkt : You could’ve told me this was a sequel to Sharkboy and Lavagirl and I’d be like, “Yeah, that makes sense.”

Diogen Diogen : Also they missed 90% of the things in the book entirely, or dubbed it down so much to where it there is no point for it to be in the movie, like 35+ years later and we get this retarded version of a actually good book to movie destroying the plot.

Meme Trash : I absolutely HATED "A Wrinkle In Time" movie. I felt it had almost nothing in common with the book for example Mrs.Whatsit in the book she was a wise bubbly lovable character in the movie..... See was annoying, non encouraging, and overall I felt they made a new character. Same thing for EVERY character in the movie! They left out a lot of things from the book and they also add unnecessary scenes that don't impact the story

Fluffy : The boys acting made me so uncomfortable that I just left

Sammy : my teacher made me watch this movie instead of coco i'm gonna go fortnite dance off a cliff

Media Glitch : I just walked out of this movie and it was so nice to see your review and see someone finally mention how badly the framing of this film was and how half the movie is shot up every ones nose. and simple filmrules like not crossing the line are broken just for the hell of it. Great review SUBED!!!

Drummershy : i was at work and some 16-year-old girl said. oh, this movie was good because it had a feminine message. im like. just because it had a feminine message does not immediately mean its gonna be a good movie. I was like. have you read the book and she said no. I said. welp your opinion is useless!

Alex Does Things : The only thing I ironically enjoyed was giant Opera Winfrey, which was so bad it was hilarious.

Maui Caui : The book was better.

Linquistic : let's be honest it looked terrible from the start

Dylan Stewart : You know when you just look at a movie poster and say "that's going to be shit" you are probably correct. I learned that the hard way. It seems whenever I do so the movie is shit. Never judge a book by its cover, but usually you can do so to a movie.

Christian Deavin : yeah, my dad worked on the CGI in this film and he said it was such a shit show it nearly made him quit.

totally not Jeff : "Heights don't real"

MyLittleCircus : Jeez I hated this movie! My family went to see it on my little brother's birthday because we loved the original book series. And not even 15 minutes in I started disliking it. My mom and I kept pointing out the faulty sciences, how terrible the acting was, and how they cut out whole segments from the original book. They changed most of it. The scene that they were in the cave was supposed to be completely different, the character in that cave was supposed to be neither female or male (who was also supposed to be rather cheerful). And they even cut out characters from the book as well. Meg and Charles was supposed to have two twin brothers and there was supposed to be this fluffy creature named Aunt Beast who lived in a snowy planet. Long story short, if you read the book you can see that they made something that could've been good into a fucking abomination.

Nope.jpeg : Budget: 100+ million Money made ~ 75 million O O F

Sci Fin : has anyone else seen the original its so much worse

Apirateslifefors B : A Wrinkle in Time is my favorite book and I feel like they didn't take enough time to find the right cast. The first movie (from 2003) has some of the funniest special effects and acting I've ever seen (meaning that it's also bad), but it still gets a better grade then this new piece of shit movie. The only thing I kind of liked was the locations they filmed in. I forgot where they shot those scenes but it was beautiful! that's literally the only good thing I have to say about it.

Jordan B : god I know the movie was terrible but as a lover of the book the part that made me the most angry about it was how unfaithful it was to said book. it's. so upsetting. the mrs are centuars with wings for arms. they're not giant and normal and a large plant flying thing. they made aunt beast a *two second flashback*. they made the happy medium a dude for the sake of having some romance. it was. so bad. also I never want to see oprah in another movie again thank you.

Mike Phalin : Directed by a woman who was more concerned with her person ideology than adapting great material to film.

OldSchool : This was easily the worst movie i ever seen. The script is horrible and so plain theres not one thing instresting in all of the characters. The acting wasnt great, although it might be the script that made it look bad. I cant finish the movie its to horrible to watch

J F : I for one, am GLAD it failed!!

Heyo Mayo : Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo......love? nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

Metal Jacket : Yeah, well, if you're a white man, Brie Larsen doesn't care what you think. And she's not racist or sexist, so there!!!

BattleUp Saber : Well, at least this ought to put an end to the "Disney pays critics" conspiracy theories.

bored user : The poster is like, "Yes, all the best characters. Charles, Meg, Calvin, Mrs. Which, Mrs. Whatsit, Mrs. Who, and palm tree."

Matt Watson : Oprah prob gave them two takes on every scene then flew off in a chopper to get a 10,000$ lunch somewhere far away

Beast of Bray : "IT WASN'T MADE FOR YOUUUUU!!!" -Brie Larson.

dandy dasyt : Well on the flip side,at least the poster is honest in how little effort the actors put into their characters. Honestly i thought it was one of those Direct-to-video live-action sequels ya grandma bought at the local Walmart .

CROFL : This is one of those movies everyone forgets about a week after they see it.

SpyengoEen : This movie makes 3 Ninjas look like Schindler's List.

Engraved : less than 30 seconds in i could tell that this film was directed by an SJW woman. And I was right.

SolarEarwig : My school had a field trip. The field trip was to a movie theater. Guess what we watched... A wrinkle in time. The movie was so bad, everyone groaned at the end.

Jack Stuchbery : I haven't heard one good review for this movie. Even the local reviewer on the radio, who is usually quite forgiving, gave the harshest review I'd ever heard him give.

DuskCynderMaya : The tree is definitely the best character; 10/10 acting from tree.

how do you spell giraffe : Of course the blackwashed character was the one looking for her dad smh

ThatLittleKitten : Funny that the scene where they turned 2d wasn't even in the movie considering these actors were so one dimensional in three dimensions

Andrew Hershberger : Brie Larson hated this review.

Openingband : This is like straight to DVD from the 2000s material.

Jokeb Is cool : Wait, what the hell? I reread the book pretty recently and only half of this sounds familiar. WHY? I know that the mediums don’t translate flawlessly, but that’s still weird.

John6yt : 1:43 “you’d think a director would be on top of this shit!”...most likely because Duverney was reluctant to actually give direction to all mighty Oprah