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slimkt : You could’ve told me this was a sequel to Sharkboy and Lavagirl and I’d be like, “Yeah, that makes sense.”

Jack Stuchbery : I haven't heard one good review for this movie. Even the local reviewer on the radio, who is usually quite forgiving, gave the harshest review I'd ever heard him give.

Keith Redacted : I fucking agree with the weird ass cinematography. The camera being all up in their face made me so uncomfortable I almost leaved the cinema... and I did half way through lol.

Human Being : I loved the book, but this movie was God awful.

LikeSTokio : Idk why but the "I can't breathe because I'm flat" part made me laugh so hard

AlternateHistoryHub : Giant Oprah face will haunt my dreams and give me screams

av4d : This film might have terrible writing, cinematography, vfx and acting but at least they nailed the painful and torturous insecurity of having curly hair (an actually serious thing that Ava DuVernay is championing, hair)

John Razimus : It was easily in the top 5 worst movies I've ever witnessed in my life, I feel like I threw money in the trash after walking out, and I liked the book too, proves money and power has nothing to do with hiring a good script writer, good actors and a good director, because the script, actors and director are the worst in the business, but you have to put the blame on the script and the writing more so than the actors as they showed up and did what they were told, to make a pile of garbage, worst movie of 2018 by far, probably worst movie ever made in the past 5 to 10 years. The Room is legitimately a masterpiece next to this, as there are no redeemable qualities of it, not even ironically is it funny, it's simply not worth wasting your time watching

Sci Fin : has anyone else seen the original its so much worse

Madeline Stevenson : I didn't want to see this movie because there's Oprah as a lettuce, Mrs. Who isn't an old lady who quotes great philosophers, and they try too hard to go for racial diversity in this movie. Also. The colors are blinding AF I am not surprised they butchered a classic and one of my most favorite stories out there, because that seems to be the trend these days

Retro Game Players : 1/10 Hahaha Daddy Derek would be pleased!

Royce Bracket : When I saw the trailer for this, my first thought was 'This looks like a Disney Channel Original Movie that accidentally had a few zeroes added to its budget by some temp' Glad to see I wasn't far off the mark.

Mark Johnson : Having a diverse cast doesn't make a movie suddenly good. In fact from what I've seen its a little more insulting beause its almost like the film makers are using minorities as a way to try and make people like their movie which is the opposite of representation. The characters played by minority actors in movies like this tend to not be written in a way that makes them relatable, realistic, likeable, and interesting(which would actually be what representation in films should be). Instead the director just rides on the fact that the actors are minorities of some kind so they can say that they have a diverse cast meaning obviously that the movies suddenly good. Its insulting if anything. Oh yeah and the rest of this movie sucks bualls.

A Kelp Shake : My teacher said that this movie was wonderful. He has taught 20 years in the “Film, Audio, Editing, and Broadcasting” area. He knows damn well camera work, lighting, directing, scripting, etc. It was at that moment that I doubted him for the first time.

vinnythewebsurfer : Now watch as it gets an Oscar nomination

Mason Kemph : Drake- You ran over Oprah! Josh- ... Josh- I am aware

Freezing Dart : Even the poster is bad

jond6666 : Holy shit the effects look like a made for tv movie

Alex97 : In Poland, my country, this movie was pulled out of cinemas.

denNES danMAKU : I have to zee thiz movie

Tom5tom Entertainment : "Giant hurricane wall", that's a tornata

Tissan Young : This is the first time I’ve seen him give a movie a 1/10

ItchinMyNipples : Before I saw this video, I regretfully saw the movie. I went with my friends, we're thirteen, keep that in mind, we wound up dying of laughter at scenes where it was supposed to be dramatic, we stopped watching halfway through and we looked at memes and threw popcorn and open sugar packets at each other the rest of the time.

Abel Villa : *Worst movie I’ve seen all year,* year is not even over 😂

Drummershy : i was at work and some 16-year-old girl said. oh, this movie was good because it had a feminine message. im like. just because it had a feminine message does not immediately mean its gonna be a good movie. I was like. have you read the book and she said no. I said. welp your opinion is useless!

TallGlassofWater : Love? No. Love? *Yes*

Bull Session : omg thank you. I hadn't yet seen another wholely negative review of this movie besides my own. I was starting to think nobody else had noticed how badly the entire movie was framed and shot.

Nope.jpeg : Budget: 100+ million Money made ~ 75 million O O F

jesus avalos : "But...but Muh diversity"

The Last Methbender : Everyone gets a car BUT Adam

Aya Alvarado : Did they really ruin my favorite book?

Toa of Gallifrey : There was an anime called Time Travel Shoujo from 2 years ago that did a similar premise (father goes missing through time in a science experiment, daughter goes after him and ends up in adventures) in a much more enjoyable way and works much better as a piece of media for kids because it's a 12-episode 22-minute-per-episode edutainment show that teaches science and history.

Milktraap : I had no idea what this was about and thought this was gonna be one of those movies where it looks absolutely terrible but turns out great. Turns out I was wrong

Oddysee : A 1/10. Spicyyy

Openingband : This is like straight to DVD from the 2000s material.

Kayley Nelson : This was such a bad movie that my friends and I were laughing the entire movie. It was such a bad movie but it's a guilty pleasure just because of how much I laughed.

Porkinski : I just wanted to say that the papers in Vancouver praised this movie to high hell and said the boy had some of the best performances of the year. Since Adam's from Vancouver I just wanted you all to know the kind of stuff he has to deal with.

Sub Roy : Saw this yesterday. This isn't suicide squad-level bad (at least editing choices within scenes make some sense) but that's all the credit I'm giving it.

Aneurysm Productions : SAVAGE!!!

TheJediSonic : The worst part of the movie, asked stated by Cr1tikal, is that they always refer to the protagonist as "Charles Wallace" instead of something normal. There was only one time where it could've been normal, but they had to add another fucking "Charles Wallace" at the end.


PurpleTiger : I agree, Calvin is freaking useless the entire movie. He does nothing, besides falling, and eating sand. Exactly what was stated.

shugoibaka : While I'm glad that actors and directors of color are being given more of a spotlight, I really wish it was with a better movie. I read the book a long time ago and I remember how complex and engaging it was even when I didn't have a clue what was really going on, and it doesn't look like the movie does it anywhere near justice. Also they took out a section involving a character called Aunt Beast that I remember loving (Aunt Beast was part of a race of blind creatures, and the main character has to try to describe sight to someone who literally has no concept of it existing), and I am sad about that. Also I'm pretty sure this book had sequels so yeah, they have more books to potentially ruin. Yaaaaay.

Abnry Acehilm : "All he did was fall once and eat sand!" Dead.

Matthew C. : I read the novel (which was pretty well written) and watched the 2003 made-for-TV film (which was surprisingly not all that bad), but when I saw the trailers for this this looked like utter shit. And people were talking about "this is gonna be like Black Panther and good for diversity and all that" well I don't care as long as it's good! This looks like garbage! Thanks for telling me to stay away from it Adum.

Aren Starr : Ms. Whatsit turns into a flying piece of lettuce. Amazing.

That Girl : Cinema sins?

Allison C : Was this Adam’s first 1/10? 😂

CrystalAvenger : The scene from the beginning really set the tone throughout. You know, the one with the two teachers bickering in ear shot of Charles Wallace. The dialogue was pretty bad and their delivery o h b o y. And the faces the teacher actors make. I also want to say that the stupid show they show in all the trailers about her standing in the middle of a four square filed holding her necklace is super awkward. Like honestly. Her expression, the way she's holding her necklace. WE GET IT! YOU ARENT LIKE OTHER GIRLS!

Moving Parts Gaming : All Hail Sky Oprah! The mightiest Oprah!