Day 23 of drawings and bonus picture

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Zskillit : I've been on YouTube for over a decade and you're the first person I ever turned notifications on for. You're amazing man. I get so excited when I see the pop up for a new video.

Countdown w/ Fresh : I think that Ryan is probably the best name I've ever heard for an Octopus.

BrySi - Video Game Songs : My name is Bryan but today I wish it was Ryan. Really excited to see what you come up with next! Keep up the good work my dude!

Spankin DaBagel : Ryan is right, the Giants do suck. They took a World Series off my hometown team the Royals. Looks like those tentacles were hard to draw. I'll root for the Bengals even though I like the Ravens, but you have to root for the Chiefs tomorrow in return.

najahbrah : HEY!! I'm gonna follow your advice and be myself!

Bill Collins : Hi Steven! Great octopus 🐙! I love it 💕 I still laughing about the fruit(less) cake 🍰 😆. Have a good day, buddy and GO BENGALS! Beat the Ravens!!! 🐅🐅🐅 love ya!!! 💕♥️👍😎

Ben Furner : These keep getting better weev! keep it up buddy ❤️ love seeing all your drawings. Go the Bengals!

Overall : We love you weev! Youre so talented and your compassion is out of this world, thank you.

Slayed Sausage : My man Weev- hope you're having a good day, buddy.

Studio Rebirth : Hey weevster great drawings today. My favorite team is the Seattle Seahawks. Ryan the octopus is a great drummer I bet, with all of those arms! Keep up the great work.

A Stranger : Have you ever thought of making t-shirts or merch? I would definitely buy it! Love you Weev!

Jon L : Octopus drawing is amazing! Can tell you spent a lot of time on that one, very well done. I'll be rooting for the Bengals to get a win today just for you.

Spaceward Bird2 : To answer your question - We live in Wisconsin and love the Green Bay Packers! But not as much as we love your daily uploads! Thank you!

TheAwesomeness1123 : Wow Ryan’s a genius, the Giants do suck! Also Jim Gaffigan is hilarious! Keep up the drawings man

AND WE DANCE. VLOGS : Hi-Dee-Ho!! OMG.. that Octopus is awesome!!! GO BENGALS!!!

Johann Hoika : Playing in a band with ryan would be SO much fun!

R HG : Wow! Octopus is amazing! Love the detail! Looks like my kind of fruit cake!

Michael Berry : Love that octopus! As long as the bengals aren’t playing the chargers I’ll root for them

Austen Diaz : Dude your octopus looks great! I wish I could draw as good as you!

Well that was Awkward : Love the octopus!! Your drawing are always getting better so keep at it!

TITANSPIRIT : Lol that fruit cake bits a classic!

Josh Laskey : Go Bengals! Peace Out ✌️

Patrick Gillan : Love you Steven! Keep it up buddy.

Lisa A. Bologna : Oh Weev today Ryan and Uncle Justin are headed to the Giants game. 😂

Noah Bachstein : I love Ryan the octopus! He has so much character!

Ryan B : "tries to like the giants but they suck", hahaha!

the 226 : Ryan looks like a really good drummer. :) Keep up the awesome drawings and stay strong!

Dylan Atwater : Awesome job on the drawings! And go bengals! I have my notify alert set so i can watch your videos as soon as you post em! :)

Farhan Kamil : Hey,hope you have a great day my man

AJMCNG : Love the Octopus dude, I’m surprised everyday by how awesome each and every drawing is and how different they all are. You’re really amazing my man, much love from Ireland Your mum is awesome too in your videos!!

Buster Shuman : Awesome man! I have literally no artistic talent so I love watching your videos!

Ryan Zeitz : Your parents seem really cool weev! Keep up the art!

Elliott Schwartz : Hahaha great video. you are correct, the giants really suck.

Zac Corbett : Great drawings Weev! Love it, go Seahawks!

sodamnjig : Lollllll.... That really made me laugh... "however, he's great in the band"

Cory Smith : Who even eats fruit cake??? Why do they even bother making that stuff.... Lol

Bazookamit Squirrel : Hahaha love the fruit cake

elginx : Lol that's great. I love the humor

I’m already Sans Undertale : I like your drawings.

Dr. Zahalka : Wow man you're up early!! Its 620am here! Beautiful octopus. I love Jim!! Funnnnnnny guy!!! "Anything but fruit?" Hahahaha! Have a good one man. I'll try too :)

najahbrah : Octopus is AMAZING!

Bazookamit Squirrel : Wow!!! That is an amazing octopus 🐙!!!!

Wasp Rider : I'm a Steelers fan, All the way!

Alex Grace Flavelle : I love the fruitcake!! I don't really watch sports, but I'll cheer for the Bengals for you!

Life's Nice : Love you man keep it up

yoshiclay9000 : that octopus is really impressive great job, can't wait to see your next drawings

chai guy : Jim Gaffigan is one of my favorite comedians also. I like the hearts you put on your drawings too. Keep up the hard work, you're a great artist and I really enjoy seeing what you're drawing from day to day.

The Turtler 31 : Sorry that the Bengals couldn't hold onto the win today, bud! I was rooting for them for you and your dad. And from now on I'll keep rooting for them to win in honor of you. I don't know if you read the comments on these videos, but if you do just know that I think you're an amazing inspiration for everyone out there. I had a life threatening nervous system disease when I was 10 that doesn't have a cure. While I was lucky enough to get better somehow, I know how it feels to be helpless to something trying to hurt you from the inside out. Just keep making those drawings and enjoy every moment you have left! Make sure you tell your parents how much you love them as often as you can. You might think they're stronger than you now and that they already know how much you love them, but when you go they'll be without their real strength, you, and so any memories you leave for them will help more than you could ever know.

X A : I hope this find its way to gaffigan and shared so his station blows up. You’re an inspiration man, love your videos and artwork. I’ve watched every one of them beginning to end, and that’s rare. Hope you have a great day!

Matt Pilz : I really love the human personalities you give to some of these objects, like the fruit cake and the hot chocolate mug from the other day! These would make great video game and cartoon characters! 😎 Awesome talent!