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Dry Drea : Oh my gosh. I feel so bad for these people affected!

Blurred Culture : Just drove down the 405, man the fire is huge. So much smoke you cant see. LA is on FIRE! I filmed the whole thing and posted it. I was right by the Bel Air exit...

Gary Brink : Don’t listen to some of these evil comments. I’m sorry about all of this. I’m hoping this ends soon and we can focus on rebuilding our amazing town. #VenturaStrong

Lynda : directed energy weapons aka D.E.W. look into it, the napa fires were started the same way and youll notice how precise these fires were yet the plant life is all intact , smart fires...the govt wants to burn everyone out of their homes and properties for agenda 21/ 2030 sustainable development. so they burn people out of the hills and suburban areas then they force them to pay for the fema cleanup which comes out of the fire insurance money, the new permitting processes and green permitting is super expensive and makes it really hard to rebuild including the fact you have lost everything you own plus cars and paying for rentals while you rebuild. meanwhile if its not worth rebuilding people sell their properties for next to nothing to buy a smaller more stack and pack style of living and the counties try to stop people from rebuilding like santa cruz county did to their burn victims...then they say its too dangerous being a fire zone to rebuild etc...the point is these fires are on purpose hence the news repeating over and over that the wind is responsible claiming embers fly miles in the air when they dont, and making the public think its an act of nature not arson , after they evacuate everyone thats when homes get attacked as well by these laser weapons and there are always a pattern such as the power going out and cell service strong winds and a fire warning on the news the day before they strike ...these fires burn hotter then normal wildfires and house fires melting the glass of cars and turning metal into molten liquid yet trees and grass untouched. this is disaster capitalism. a way to create new sustainable development and agenda 21...please tell your neighbors and everyone you know do the research on it to see for yourself . the more the public becomes aware the better we californians have at stopping this from continuing and when you hear of a fire warning in your area sleep in shifts as the attacks seem to start at night and have a bag packed just in case....we live in northern california and have had fires almost wipe our home out we know what its like and this is what we have learned

Matthew Vega : Yay I'm the first person to view this

Jozea Lopez : So those who keep leaving hate mail, can back off! Who give a crap on how much money any of these people have! They have lost and they don’t need you to be rude! So with that being said go keep leaving somewhere by a computer typing useless comments, but try to think before you hit send.

vanesqua : Thank you, brave souls, for sharing this poignant moment in your family. Tears are streaming down my face, I am so sorry for your loss. This was obviously a beloved home of loved people, and treasured things. The emotions expressed by these young people are real and raw... I rented a place up Ondulando nextdoor. The most beautiful, quiet neighborhood of Ventura up there.

Claudia Kirschner : It broke my heart 😢 now I can almost feel how they must feel, but I think it must be much worser for them. Everything is gone 😢 I wish this family all the best for their future! I can't imagine there are hundreds of these individual destinies.

I. M. : Did you lose Caleb the cat?? 😢

DisneyAndSpiritLover : So sorry this is happening...

Sunday Brezze : This little literally broke my heart. I sat here and cried. I heard this man on Sean Hannity Friday night tell him it doesn't matter how he fire started. But let me tell you it does matter how these fires started. Everybody has a right to know how they started. Please research how these fires started. And please look at the videos from Northern California. They're devastating. I feel for you girls so bad. It breaks my heart. It's really does. These fires have the same characteristics as the ones in Northern California from the fall. Praying for you .

Nani Peters : So sorry you lost your home. I could not imagine how devasting and heartbreaking it felt to see that. Be strong and I thank God that you and your family are safe. May the peace of God be upon you and your family and may He bring you all through these trying times. . Aloha

Pensando en ty Tu puedes : Estamos en manía de Dios

Jozea Lopez : I love you han, praying for you Danny Zuko

Cristal Gomez : Stay strong boo, remember im your friend. I will be there no matter what

Steve Betker : So sad,sad,sad. These people have lost everything.So many of them love the Lord. Thousands of Bibles were burned. They weren't rich,some had no insurance. Sad,sad,sad. This is a terrible disaster.

Dood Moe : I'm so sorry for your loss. Much love and blessings to your family. Our prayers are with you. Thank you for your post.

TOOdrunkTOOwhat : This could have been the intro to a blockbuster horror film, it just needed some CGI plane crashes and zombies walking around.

Original_NoLifeGamer : "aftermath" I don't think that word means what you think it means.

Matt Nance : Boo, I am the second person to view this.

Shawn B : quit crying you insured unless your just sightseeing, in thet case get the hell out of there a d