Wildish Bambino: This is the TV | Lenny Henry - BBC

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SuperXavier30 : Great to see Lenny Henry and Trevor McDonald back together again!..Genius!

Drownsigner : BBC? Are you ok?

MusicFanatical1 : Whatever you think of the lyrical content, they did a top job recreating the look and choreography of the video.

NPT Music : Just saw it on the TV (which is dead) ..

Mbeepy : Lenny has done so well with his weight loss! That didn't look like him from behind

ShalakumX Simba : BBC: professionally roasting both itself and any form of fascism since WWII.

Nye Grant : If it wasn’t for YouTube I wouldn’t have known this existed. Oh the irony...

Ultralagger R.E.V : BBC literally made an amazing parody... i never knew BCC does parodies

Josh Watkins : I think this is he best thing the BBC has produced this year. Wow.

B. Hagedash : Radio stars watch with gleeful schadenfreude as internet kills the video star.

Paul Kerton : Lenny nailed it 😂

Si Hopebgood : "Now it's cooking and baking."   Ain't that the truth!   Seems to me like it's every few weeks there's a trail for the latest series of Masterchef or Celebrity Masterchef etc etc ad nauseum......

Bright Star : Wow! he looks exactly like Childish Gambino (an older version of him).

saint nic cage : How did bbc do this!!! This is ealry 2000s comic relief levels of funny....keep it up bbc

Army of One : Happy birthday Lenny. You’ve been part of my life for over 30 years. Thank you Sir. Was great to see you on the telly again brother. Love, honour, respect 🤝✌️

Mikey B : I just seen this on TV - for Lenny's 60th Birthday. I loved it.

Josh B : Well at least they are self-aware on the TV license and everything

rolybling : Welcome back, Sir Lenny.

MrSmid888 : The age of people that washed this when it was aired on U.K. bbc 1 the other night have NOT A CLUE OR IDEA what this is a parody of.🤣✌🏻🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

bellbubsbooks : This is flipping AWESOME!!!!

Ella Komiya : This is hilarious. And very true.

Los pezones de badabun : Nice childish gambino impresionator

Kevin Clements : Genius again !!! Of course the irony of the BBC showing this on Youtube/

Randolph Fields : Considering the content and references in the original this comes off as quite disingenuous.

blippa : much better than expected

Tony Marinou : I just see a RIP Lenny Henry post on Facebook ffs some people need to learn how to read

Aqua Koroma : Gosh I misread he is dead. Awkward. But then I saw a few seconds in..😂

Big_Adam_2050 : I like how the only iconic shows are bloody old but quality stuff.

maria smay : BOW DOWN TO SIR LENNY!! :D

Cleopatra Figure8 : WOW! Sir Lenny Henry is that you, looking amazing. Afro on fleek too. Great work, I really enjoyed this. Especially when you shut the choir up, powers 👏👏👏. You deserve many accolades *9ja accent 😊

Sunshine Jones : Bloody brilliant. Well done Sir Lenworth!😂😂

Elly Davis : I thought from the back, that's not Lenny, far too slim. Good work at getting himself trimmed up there!

Nik Turk : I think people have been harsh to Lenny over the years and he's often relegated to the shit bin when it comes to modern comedy but this shows just how great he can be with the right material. A fantastic surprise for the BBC and a welcome return for Lenny. Happy Birthday, Sir! Ooooooooooooooooooooooookkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyy ....

Boar Vessel, 600-500 B.C. , Etruscan Ceramic : >Glances at description Childish *Bambino*

Shereese Maynard : I don't know whether to love or hate this video. It seems an inappropriate rip, but why? Anyway, it sure made me laugh, lol

Graeme Sheridan : Well done, great execution! Nice to see Lenny back up to his old form.

Ashby Ashby : This is going over so many people's heads.. Reading the comments its clear they don't understand the message. Thank you Sir Lenny. This is the TRUTH!!

Joseph Bailey : I just watched this on tv and it's very much true tv is hardly used these days because of the internet

Pardeep Sahota : The last gasp of a dying medium

Imagine Lyrics : Hah just watched this on TV 😂👌

thegemstone95 : Third time watching, still laughing

Se7enwonders : All the young people I know missed this, they were all on their phones! Honest he he

Hamish Murray : P L E A S E do another parody vid! This is amazing!!!

Georg Gerdon : Well bbc is not bad, but I watch their shows on Netflix and this here....

Namvar : While I agree with this message that my generation spends more time antisocially on our phones then watching tv with our families, using This is America as the basis for the parody trivialises the message of the original song. On top of that as much I like Lenny Henry I feel like his material has become stale and a tad repetitive, other than the odd clever observation in “This is the Tv” I didn’t really find it funny. I guess to summarise Lenny Henry is loveable, entertaining, and funny in a way where you can’t help but like the guy, however his material has become a little stale. Lenny ought to appear on more panel shows, and update his material a bit.

Matthew Peyton : I totally didn't read that as 'Lenny Henry is dead'...... <_< >_>

Caroline Dowling : Can't get enough of this, hilarious 😂

Inisa Jefferson : These parodies are so disrespectful but this is so true.

the man with the green cortina : Especially on the BBC where nothing is watchable!

Captain Melvin Seahorse : That was awful!!! And no "we" didn't used to like little Britain and "we" definitely didn't used to like the Catherine Tate show!