Fortnite Is Ruining Society

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Shirls : "My son is addicted, he plays several hours a day." Those are rookie numbers.

kamille morales : dad: takes away ipad bystander: 👀👀 hispanic oprah: 🕺🏽🕺🏽🕺🏽

Francisco Montoya : They literally made an episode about how “Fortnite is distributing family meal time” while they distributing a real family having a meal together

xICant Fly : 1:54 Did she take the W tho?

veikkolavi : Africa: starving kids are dying 'murica: my kid plays fortnite

Heavenly Controller : “With games like Call of Duty” *_shows Battlefield_*

Oliver Motorized : In all honesty though, If you're a waiter/waitress and a customer is on their phone like that, not answering u it is supppperrr annoyingggg.

Bishop : Wait a second, is it automatically presumed that a diet coke comes with lemon?

Lord MaximilianMus : *And the Lord said oh yeah yeah... And he saw that it was good.*

The SNES Man : *Gasp A GROWN man!!????! Plays... GAMES?!!???!! How dare they try and entertain themselves.

Joey Salads : Her boob did come out

Clank : oh yeah yeah

mostworst : can't expect to become a *level 100 gamer* with useless distractions like family and school


New Zealand Meat : “What” “hey don’t talk to your Dad like that”

Canebrake : “A diet coke with no lemon” I wonder who is the one really disconnected with reality.

yung heinz : Oh yeah yeah

habz plays : Ninja is cringe

Jack Johnson : I have always played video games for several hours a day. If my mother asked something of me, I'd stop and do it. At most, I'd say "Okay give me a few minutes til I can get to the next checkpoint" or something. She was usually cool with that, but if she insisted it needed doing at this moment then I'd stop playing my game and do it. This "kid" (who looks about 15 and should know better) is being incredibly disrespectful. It has nothing to do with video games. He should have been taught to be respectful. If he was wasn't playing video games he'd only be throwing his time into another hobby. Obviously, I know he's an actor and this scenario is made up, but I know shit like this goes on. I would never play a video game at a restaurant. Even when people use their phones it pisses me off. Parents nowadays use technology so their children can be entertained and quiet, so they don't need to do any real parenting. It is easy to think that the technology is responsible for their poor behaviour, but then you realise it's the absence of parental authority that is to blame.

c coll : Who tf plays Fortnite on an I pad?

Critical Nobody : “My son plays Fortnite several hours a day!” ...then stop him...take away the a parent

apolo50 : Bro that is a 2nd gen iPad that u can't even get fortnite on XD

Promise IllBeNice : Fortnite isnt the problem. Its social media and having platforms like youtube that give undeserved fame to some people, and the sheep that just follows whatevers trending.

Banjalin : oh yeah yeah

Randy Lahey : I'd love to see Ethan & Hila's take on the gilette "best a man can get" new short film

The Flyer : “A Diet Coke with no lemon”

Nikko Music : "It's me, *Hispanic Opera.* "

Drizzy Drip : Oh yeah yeah

broccoli : gaming? fortnite. youtube? h3h3. hotel? trivago.

YBN : Fortnite is literal cancer. It's a dead game now and only 12 year olds play it. It's NOT an E-Sport as the game doesn't require skill and is more about RNG.

Rifty : my mom left my dad because he fortnite

The Clamps : Uhh… r we gonnna egnore the fact she ordered a Diet Coke w no lemon

TheSuperlime : Why is that still of the fake dad with his mouth open not a meme yet?

twistypancake 75 : I dont know what all the hype is with fortnite...... fifa is wayyyyy better (in my opinion)

Spherical : A gRoWn MaN pLaYs FoRtNItE (gaasssssps) Me: The average gamer is near or around the age of 35 years old. Lel.

I am an Ironman : Ugh pls don't show that ninja clip everytime I cringe so hard

Blue Chip Computers : 9:45 anyone see golden nipples on that guy😂

Pasta : Id send my kid to rehab for being addicted to getting L's in fortnite!!

Back Wood44 : Maximillimus

Josh Kirby : Let me catch my son tryna play on a tablet while we out to lunch

Sophie and Joe : _Can't wait to see the day when flossing is the new dad dance_

Back Wood44 : Yoooo

Toaster Nerd : Oh Yeah OH yeah

nahuel luna : Society is ruining society

S K G : Fortnite more like gay

Nima : *_Ali-A wants to know your location..._*

Apple Cotto : what a terrible addiction!! can’t we go back to the good ol’ days of polio and atomic bomb drills?

FabianpawTM : Oh yeah yeah

YOJC PIE : oh yeah yeah

Booyakasha : Oh yeah yeah