That's Gay: TV's Gay Friend Obsession

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redmoonprince : i love you.

Aaron Borgstrom : wow, its horrible that they actually talked to gays like that lol theyre human beings, come on

Marcello Bello : LOL.

IL B : If I'd get a cent for every time a girl said "You know, I wish I had a gay best friend.", I'd be rich.

Schoening91 : Dude, James Randy, Derren Brown, Siegfried & Roy and Dumbledore: Gays ARE wizards!

Nathaniel Korb : I think it's more the content of our shopping bags.

MrSirBrendan : Prejudice- any preconceived opinion or feeling, either favorable or unfavorable. unreasonable feelings, opinions, or attitudes, especially of a hostile nature, regarding a racial, religious, or national group It's really cool that blacks ought to be judged by the content of their character, but we should still be judged by the contents of our buttholes.

Andrew Deters : i'm fucking fed up with this shit. the bottoms on modern family are not a real gay couple. two bottoms don't equal a top

rayechayelle1 : Bro... I NEEEED SOME COCK! lol

Phoebe : xDDD My guy friends ask me if I'm dominant or submissive all the time.... Lesbian sex doesn't work like that -sweatdrop-

jewbowl225 : im my best friend's best friend. not her "gay best friend". Sorry GBFs but im a little too masculine for that shit lol.

Zac Reed : I find it hard to not like every single one of these videos. These people are geniuses!

ladymee : This 'gay friend' trope was created by tv executives. Real women don't behave like that

Annabelle Lane : I have a best friend who happens to be gay, not a "Gay Best Friend"

Frank van Dijk : @tuliorba Can I agree with this? THank you.

Tulio Bessa : I'm gay and I'm not a fashion DIVA...That's a stereotype that even the gay society keeps on afirmating..What makes us gay is that we like men and that's pretty much it

Cacostab : @bigweeniegenie14 Me too... Now I'm learning more to respect the gay guys that act like women, but before I was pretty homophobic... I'm proud to say that I am a man who likes men and guys-related stuff...

brianmichael : i'm gay. and i'm not into pedicures, manicures, waxing etc. i'd rather play football and COD w/ my buddies :)

RainbowGoodfellow : I am the gbf for all my girl friends! In fact, they even earned themselves a title- David's Hag Harem!

ig21100 : Yeah... Girls can sometimes piss me off like that. Thats why im gay XD

Zenobia : If I had some screechy creature yelling "WHO'S A BOTTOM AND WHO'S A TOP!?" at me, I swear I'd get violent

Dominic Florio : Most of these programs thrive on stereotypes. They love the wise-cracken black neighbor, or the dumb bimbo or the dumb jock. Throughout the history of entertainment, gays have been stereotyped into certain roles. We are usually the side characters who :support" the "main" characters. Stereotypes can be fun, but it would be progressive if a main character, happened to be gay. Even in Will & Grace, gays were the support for the "real" love lives of the women.

daniyellowjello : When did gay become a noun...

Emmalovesp : @Asperuaca obviously you were not smart enough to get the point of what I wrote.

Emmalovesp : All "gay" people on TV are always bi, so freaking annoying -.- specially the men! arrrgh!

Emmalovesp : @Asperuaca I hate bisexuals, they have a made up sexuality. Makes just as much sense.

ari1234a : What it is with fashion and gays ? Why You gays have that sense of what is "hip" ?

Ben Daniels : Oh my god, I love this so so so much :D :D

fabfashionista13 : @ScreamingInSilence11 hey u have tons of straight guys always waiting for u to make out at


9GuineaPig9 : @ScreamingInSilence11 You could be a "lipstick". That's a term that defies the typical "butch" stereotype. "Lipstick" is a term that lesbians who don't fit the butch stereotype can use. Of course, just because you're gay doesn't mean that you even have to put forth extra effort to dress how you want. Do what you want. You're yourself, you don't need anybody's permission.

idowickedtkd : So true, but if you happen to be friends with a guy.... and then he comes out.... does that make you one of the stupid bitches on tv? N0! You just have another person to goggle about guys with!

Saffi M : @ScreamingInSilence11 well, thru trial and error I have learned to just assume that all the gay men I know are bottoms, unless they tell me otherwise lol.

Emily Ascepiter : I can't stand girls who collect gay friends and treat them like an accessory. My best friend became one such collectable in university, every skank had to have him. His only function was to be their gay friend. Recently he shaved his head and they all fell away like barnacles, big surprise. Women like that hideous creature at 1:53 have no respect for a gay man's humanity or identity. Being friends with someone exclusively because of their sexuality is just as ignorant as being homophobic.

eternal8song : lol most of my friends are straight or Bi, so we like to give one one super gay friend, Kenton, a lot of grief. he gives it right back times 20.

Saffi M : @djvinnypearl idk...with most of my gay friends, we end up spending a lot of time talking about THEIR issues

Saffi M : @Chocolatmenthe lol maybe so

Chocolatmenthe : @ThisIsMyDeen : You're messing hook-up with date.

hop208 : There's a difference between a true fag hag and popular pretty girls who saw friendship with gays as a hot new trend. Unfortunately they can't seem to view gays as friends instead of accessories. Not that gays don't jump at the opportunity to move on up the social ladder. The question is, will pretty Miss Know Nothing run over to your house at 3AM to console you because your douche bag of a boy friend dumped you or is she just want to go out shopping for purses and clink martini glasses?

Saffi M : As a fag hag, the reason we ask is because we're concerned about you! And we're always trying to find you a hot boyfriend...but if we dont know if you're a top or bottom, then we go to a lot of trouble to set you up on a blind date, and you come back the next day and are like "It didn't work, we're both bottoms....." If i had KNOWN that you were both bottoms, I wouldn't have sent you on a date!

Kay Elle : @ronoc9 That's actually really funny. Maybe you could agree to take her shopping, and then spend two hours in a store selling video games or doing something terribly non-gay ;)

Kay Elle : @djvinnypearl Never underestimate what straight people do in bed

Kay Elle : @ronoc9 That doesn't make sense...cause you could still shag her lol

Comrade Sukablya : 911 whats ur emergency xD

matthieus2 : Lol. So true! Thanks for uploading these. TV really does have a lot to answer with how how people get categorised, etc.

AnimeFanOmega : Lol you just punched TV right in it's mouth.