The Silence of the Lambs as a Romantic Comedy - Trailer Mix

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The 1991 classic is such a thrilling crime drama but wouldn't it be as creepy and (quite frankly) hilarious if Hannibal Lecter fell in love with Detective Starling? No? Well, we think so! CREDITS Edited by Jon Tomlinson Narration: Andy Geller Executive Producer: Dustin McLean Subscribe to CineFix for and movie-related content. Follow us Twitter: Oh, and we're on the Facebook: More Recent CineFix Videos: 7 Things You (Probably) Didn't Know About The Godfather Top 5 Plot Points of All Time Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers - What's the Difference? Spider-Man as a Stalker - Trailer Mix

Comments from Youtube

subkontrabasklarinet : Love that generic trailer music.

virusbomb413 : Doesn't matter how you cut it, Hannibal still gives off a super creepy vibe.

That Annoying Redhead : Hannibal is a real lady killer ♥♥♥♥

Robert Kendo : Is Buffalo Bill the gay best friend who gives advice!

Jax Entertainment : Wasn't it already a rom-com?

EatonCorvinus : Clarice Starling wants nothing more than to make it at the FBI, but so far, turning heads is easier than givi...ohh wait!

Karl Fernandez-Cao : I am laughing my arse off this was amazing. Terrible font, but amazing song choice.

Fabulous Baticorn : "But so far, turning heads is easier than-" giving head "Getting ahead" Oh

EVENTHOR : "Hey that looks like a good lighthearted movie." :) *goes and watches silence of the lambs*

Lauchlin Yurchuk : Anthony Hopkins on screen: creepy old man Anthony Hopkins off screen: friendly old man

Benish Ben : Please do Shawshank Redemption as gay romance comedy

Jack Jack : But who will rub the lotion on it's skin?

NES Sorceress : The most romantic movie of the year.. the silence of the lambs.. lol

Bella Novela : still creepy as hell

Big B : "She was looking for a way in" cracked me up

A True Goonfest : The puns I can't

Amsheel : Still a better than love story than....whatever's the new twilight.

Bradley Harrison : Do Whiplash as a romantic gay comedy between Miles Teller and J.K. Simmons

sikantis61 : That announcer voice totally makes it.

Bucc Music : should have put the cum slinging scene in there somewhere

princesskagome100 : Do Star Wars prequels trailer as a gay romance drama between Anakin and Obiwan, there's enough footage for that 😂

celestialangel61 : It's funnier when you realize the original movie premiered on Valentine's Day 1991

Magalí IB : Lmao this is amazing! clarice saying it's up to hannibal to decide if she's qualified... for love

Firegen1 : A Clockwork Orange as a screwball comedy. It may have cross genre with teen comedy to get as much droog action as possible.

Karthik Anson : turning heads is easier than getting ahead..... i heard that wrong.... i hate my brain....

Jope Valverde : the scene where Miggs throws jizz at Clarice. thats really romantic.

Sheldon Dinkleberg : Wasn't Silence of the Lambs always a romantic comedy?

DK Murphy : I wasn't with this until the "are you hitting on my doctor" part.

Rey : Man, Jodie Foster has an amazing smile!

Cactus Jack : It puts the lotion on it's skin sweetheart or else it gets the hose again love.

toofy ahmad : This movie is to creepy for a fake trailer

Lance Wright : Funny what a little editing and an upbeat soundtrack can do...

Hi Ruiz : wow this was pretty good nice editing

TCM Reviews : Now I want to see Game Of Thrones as a musical

Brian b : If 1980s Billy Crystal replaced Anthony Hopkins this could actually work.

Mokkari77 : It's still creepy because of the way director Jonathan Demme filmed all those close ups of the actors looking into the camera.

Ryan J : If I haven’t seen this film, I would legit think it’s some kinda chick flick

Kory Mann : Hello Clarice… !!!!!MANDELA EFFECT!!!!!

Brennan Palm : ...And then they lived happily ever after. JK! Then he ate her kidney with some fava beans and a nice chianti. SIP SIP SIP SIP!

Gutock : Nailed it, again. Laughed out loud, perfect!

RosesNeverFade : After reading Hannibal, this is

tarquinnff3 : The majority of Hopkins' appearances in the film are in this trailer.

Amberoot Audio : Fantastic editing!

Nekotrap : The first romantic movie I would watch :D

Bose-Einstein : Still a better love story than Twilight.

Jennifer Black : How about The Labyrinth as a dark and gritty mystery? Rent as a thriller/suspense film. Eat Pray Love as a horror movie. Crimson Peak as a comedy. Also, not exactly genre-changing, but what about re-doing the Thor trailers as though the movies are about Loki?

YOU SHALL NOT PASS!!!!! : Do The Happening trailer, but instead of it being a comedy, it's a horro-wait, you're telling me it's not a comedy movie? Wait what?! WHAT?! IT'S ACTUALLY SUPPOSED TO BE A HORROR MOVIE?!

Willblaster : how about Lassie as a murder mystery

GarageStudio : They should have done a love triangle between Clarice, Hannibal and the other serial killer 😉