The Silence of the Lambs as a Romantic Comedy - Trailer Mix

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subkontrabasklarinet : Love that generic trailer music.

EVENTHOR : "Hey that looks like a good lighthearted movie." :) *goes and watches silence of the lambs*

Karl Fernandez-Cao : I am laughing my arse off this was amazing. Terrible font, but amazing song choice.

Fabulous Baticorn : "But so far, turning heads is easier than-" giving head "Getting ahead" Oh

Jax Entertainment : Wasn't it already a rom-com?

Me Cooper : It's my dream to show one of these to someone who hasn't seen the movie... Then watch the movie with them just to see how they react.

Epiglottis_ _Middle Finger : Is Buffalo Bill the gay best friend who gives advice!

virusbomb413 : Doesn't matter how you cut it, Hannibal still gives off a super creepy vibe.

That Annoying Redhead : Hannibal is a real lady killer ♥♥♥♥

EatonCorvinus : Clarice Starling wants nothing more than to make it at the FBI, but so far, turning heads is easier than givi...ohh wait!

NES Sorceress : The most romantic movie of the year.. the silence of the lambs.. lol

Jack Jack : But who will rub the lotion on it's skin?

Lauchlin Yurchuk : Anthony Hopkins on screen: creepy old man Anthony Hopkins off screen: friendly old man

Big B : "She was looking for a way in" cracked me up

Bella Novela : still creepy as hell

Benish Ben : Please do Shawshank Redemption as gay romance comedy

sikantis61 : That announcer voice totally makes it.

Just another random person on the Internet : Still a better than love story than....whatever's the new twilight.

princesskagome100 : Do Star Wars prequels trailer as a gay romance drama between Anakin and Obiwan, there's enough footage for that 😂

Karthik Anson : turning heads is easier than getting ahead..... i heard that wrong.... i hate my brain....

Bucc Music : should have put the cum slinging scene in there somewhere

Firegen1 : A Clockwork Orange as a screwball comedy. It may have cross genre with teen comedy to get as much droog action as possible.

Kory Mann : Hello Clarice… !!!!!MANDELA EFFECT!!!!!

Magalí IB : Lmao this is amazing! clarice saying it's up to hannibal to decide if she's qualified... for love

Sheldon Dinkleberg : Wasn't Silence of the Lambs always a romantic comedy?

Jope Valverde : the scene where Miggs throws jizz at Clarice. thats really romantic.

A True Goonfest : The puns I can't

celestialangel61 : It's funnier when you realize the original movie premiered on Valentine's Day 1991

Bradley Harrison : Do Whiplash as a romantic gay comedy between Miles Teller and J.K. Simmons

DK Murphy : I wasn't with this until the "are you hitting on my doctor" part.

Rey : Man, Jodie Foster has an amazing smile!

Cactus Jack : It puts the lotion on it's skin sweetheart or else it gets the hose again love.

Bose-Einstein : Still a better love story than Twilight.

Lance Wright : Funny what a little editing and an upbeat soundtrack can do...

Mokkari77 : It's still creepy because of the way director Jonathan Demme filmed all those close ups of the actors looking into the camera.

Ryan J : If I haven’t seen this film, I would legit think it’s some kinda chick flick

Brian b : If 1980s Billy Crystal replaced Anthony Hopkins this could actually work.

TCM Reviews : Now I want to see Game Of Thrones as a musical

Hi Ruiz : wow this was pretty good nice editing

Jennifer Black : How about The Labyrinth as a dark and gritty mystery? Rent as a thriller/suspense film. Eat Pray Love as a horror movie. Crimson Peak as a comedy. Also, not exactly genre-changing, but what about re-doing the Thor trailers as though the movies are about Loki?

toofy ahmad : This movie is to creepy for a fake trailer

YOU SHALL NOT PASS!!!!! : Do The Happening trailer, but instead of it being a comedy, it's a horro-wait, you're telling me it's not a comedy movie? Wait what?! WHAT?! IT'S ACTUALLY SUPPOSED TO BE A HORROR MOVIE?!

Nekotrap : The first romantic movie I would watch :D

RosesNeverFade : After reading Hannibal, this is

Gutock : Nailed it, again. Laughed out loud, perfect!

Brennan Palm : ...And then they lived happily ever after. JK! Then he ate her kidney with some fava beans and a nice chianti. SIP SIP SIP SIP!

Amberoot Audio : Fantastic editing!

Brother Rob : you cant spell manslaughter without laughter.

Lilla Sked : it rubs the lotion in it's ass or else it gets the hose in dry

Willblaster : how about Lassie as a murder mystery