Shia LaBeouf On His Acting Career & Place Within Hollywood | Personal Space | MTV News
Shia LaBeouf On His Acting Career Place Within Hollywood Personal Space MTV News

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Shia LaBeouf sits down for an intimate conversation about the Slauson Rec. Theater Company, his acting career, and his place within Hollywood with MTV News’s Josh Horowitz. 0:20 The Slauson Recreation Center 0:59 Changing the world through creative outlets 2:46 The tenets of what Shia is trying to teach 4:53 Fundraiser / Benefit concert 6:46 Shia LaBeouf on what 'Even Stevens' gave him 8:03 Shia LaBeouf on 'Honey Boy' 8:58 Would you let your kids get into the entertainment industry? 10:04 The 'Spielberg' years 12:56 Needing friends 14:21 Shia's philosophy on acting 16:38 What's next? 19:43 Trying to create good work #MTVNews #ShiaLaBeouf #PersonalSpace #SlausonTheaterCo Subscribe to MTV News: More from MTV News: Official MTV News Website: Like MTV News: Follow MTV News: MTV News Instagram: #MTVNews is your destination for music docs, celeb interviews and more!


Joseph Vanni : Everyone talking about Shia here, lets also highlight the interviewer for asking some real questions and guiding the conversation really well!

Marké Mark : This is what engaging w/in the community looks like. Shia is just a good dude, he's grown and has a focus.

Kenneth Krucina : Think I learned about ten words during this interview

Michael Schidlovsky : “We’re blessed to be existential because we don’t have to worry about what we’re going to eat today..” some of the realest words spoken in an interview by a celebrity/actor

B : Someone get this man Shai a NETFLIX contract! We want your work

CmonSon6492 : Shia's aura has changed. His transformation is genuine and I couldn't be happier to see him back on his feet after all the BS. Blessings, blessings

Scarlett Johansson : Shia: **Waves Josh: "Popular guy in the neighborhood." Shia: "Well people run this spot, you gotta kiss the ring" PURE GANGSTA.

Rahshad Dawson : I’ve always liked Shia. I grew up in the Even Stevens/Transformers era. So, I’ve always been a fan. But after this interview, I’m a super fan. Shia’s a solid dude.

Dom W : My guy is an A list actor really in the middle of the hood, at a park, calling people by their street names. This is mind blowing

Chris Vazquez : Makes me so happy to see Shia doing well. Great interview and he was so well spoken. Keep it up my dude!

CinemASMR : So glad I clicked on this, watched the whole thing and fealt a real connection and respect for the man. 10/10 interview.

Jackie Blue : “Can’t meet a god as a gotta find the god in you” —I like that.

Death2cornbread : He lowkey remind me of a young Robot Downey jr, with all the high and lows.

ShadoeFax : This guy is a phenomenal actor, I can't express how happy I am to see him in a good place now. He seems geniuly happy.

Mike Cicciari : "we're blessed in that we get to be existential, because none of us are thinking about how we're gonna eat today" Thats the realest shit I've heard in an interview.

James Kennedy : No disturbia mention? Always loved that one.

Ghost Jet : Shia is a freaking real dude! I have a whole new respect for him, much respect Shia! Legendary status for sure!

SPIDER LILIEZ : He's had some issues, who doesn't? He's matured, and wiser now. Good luck Shia, all the best to you!

Benjamin Pulido : The realest MF that ever lived. I feel a strong connection to him as a personality type.

Javier Gomez : Shia is so well spoken, almost like poetry

sealteam 6 : Blown away by his turn around sounds like he's at peace with his inner self and found his true identity.. this man is as real as it gets great interview

CrownedxKay The MUA : 6:38 - "We're blessed in that we're able to be existential since neither of us aren't thinking about how we're going to eat today"

Terry The Kid : Shia has always been that kind of dude that everybody needs as a friend...he just seems like he'd come over and hang out even if you were just washing clothes for the evening...and it would be just a funny ass night

PrettyTiaF : Shia is literally still that kid from Even Stevens just wanting everyone to be friends. Hes very emotional perceptive and introspective. Brutally honest. Hes super rare but of course hes imperfect as we all are. I like to watch and support most of the movies hes doing bc theyvare so emotionally intelligent. Man Down was a blessing, I dont even care if it made $1 in the UK. The movie was necessary. American Honey showed us the lives of lost youth and that too was so necessary. I cant wait for Peanut Butter Falcon and Honey Boy. I am sooo excited😍💜 I also loved the short film he did ab the couple on drugs and how it tore them apart as well as his work with Sia. Love u Shia!!! Wish I could meet u someday

Lee Dee : I’m from echo park before it was cute. OG. 😎😅

Lisa Meredith : Am I the only one who thinks Shia should be the next Leo DiCaprio, Denzel Washington, ya know? I think he is such an underrated actor. He's such an amazing person, and actually cares about real world issues. Hes an Activist, and he's opinionated and stands up for what he believes, he's the type of person people should look up to. He has so much going for him. He's genuine, very hard to come by now a days.

Chris Roper : It's comforting to know that people who seem to have everything can still struggle to find their place, I'm glad Shia has found his. This interview was very well done.

Dartagnan Magic : Met Shia coming out of Interstellar in New Orleans a few years back. Had a great conversation. Had some deep things to say.

Heather Hamilton : Quentin Tarantino needs to cast Shia in one of his movies

Oscar Carcamo : I literally live two min away.. damn. Im there! Thank you for giving to the community Mr. LaBeouf

Brianna Nelson : Smart. Attractive. Fame doesn’t mean a thing to him. respect.

StopThatSquirrel : Wow he articulated some things I've been thinking about for a while. This was a really cool interview.

Opi FiD : 1:52 Shia: White people don't come down here. 1:57 Interviewer: O.O

Brianna Nelson : He looks amazing I love him. He’s so beautiful

AJ Nooren : Shia you truly inspire me, thanks for this interview MTV

Macc aroni : I never kept up with shia and do remember hearing about him getting arrested a couple times i think.. But this interview DEFINITELY changed my mind about him. He's such a good guy and very self aware! Humble dude fr!

D E : Here we go: we got a one: personal space two: personal space Three: stay out of my personal space!! Four: Keep away from my personal space!! Five: Get outta dat personal space!!

Margo Doughty : Keep up the good work Shia LaBeouf! I'm looking forward to seeing "The Peanut Butter Falcon".

Let'sAllLove Lain : I miss playing capture the flag with this guy.

theSven.Johnson : great interviewer, did an awesome job!!! you could see shia felt comfy talking to him

Bardia Ganji : is it too much to ask this guy to take over all interviews on TV? Dude's amazing at it. Also you could tell shia has been through a lot. Good for him to be able to find peace and happiness in giving back.

Stephen C : Great interview, but turn the f'n bleeps down to even audio levels in the edit!

weareone 1255 : "Insecurity washes like a wave, unless you have a real confidence in your own craft you cant meet god as a human they'll just eat you, you gotta find the god in you" wow!! This was amazing to watch and gave me a lot to think about thank you Shia much love💚

Nedi Bailon : Some of the realist lines/quotes.. ig bio worthy

Coleen Gogerty : Shia has always had amazing talents in a variety of areas. He’s went to some dark places personally, but he always seems to come out with a bigger purpose. He is more real than the majority of all celebrities. Everything he talks about is 1000% true. And since the interviewer has known him for years, Shia is more open. Great insight and great to see Shia sober and happy.

Sean Lilley : Shia is getting better day by day and I'm so happy to see this

Merry Adler : The Peanut Butter Falcon (2019) film Available ~ The acting is amazing, the cinematography is stellar, editing and dialogue is quippy, and you fall in love with the characters.

Clint Hyson : Best interview I’ve seen in awhile! Great questions, great answers, great all around vibe

Cree Todacheenie : I swear his last name was spelled differently. Lol I'm tripping 🤦🏽‍♀️🤣 I must of not paid enough attention to the spelling of his last name.