Jet Launch From USS Theodore Roosevelt • Cockpit View

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hrburrell : My old boat. We had Tomcats and the older variation of the hornet back then. After seeing it in person a few dozen times it loses its coolness but to watch now after all these years its impressive.

Paladin Stacker : Notice at time 0:46 the pilot's hands are OFF the stick until cleared of the catapult and he's airborne? I never knew that.

Gaming Freaks : Love these guys. Thanks for your service.

Chuck Norris : That's how my sperms feel like twice a day ...

Harrison Mantooth : Looks like an awesome ride. Thank you, everyone for being there. Stan

Key West Kyn : In an F4 any pressure on the stick during the cat shot would cause the plane to nose up and then crash down...rather quickly

rohit nautiyal : I did 7.5 years in the Navy I said to myself nothing will make be go back but every time I watch these videos I start to think of OCS

Stefano Ccardellinoo : Feel like Battlefield 3

MrBen527 : Nice!  With actual audio too!

SixStringLove Guy : I am a Plank Owner of this ship (I was ships company when commissioned) and spent four years onboard her (86 to 90) I was an Aviation Ordnanceman in the Weapons Dept G-3 division (mag rat) Nice to see her again. A lot of good memories and lifelong friends. A lot of hard work too. Any other mag rats out there?

Phad Trader : My 11 yr old son has wanted to be a USN fighter pilot since he was 4 yrs old. It makes perfect sense to me! God Bless them all.

Sennagod : awesome!!

ClearedToLand7 : LOL.. love the gun shooter hands...

BlockChainDP : AFK lol

xc5647321 xc5647321 : What an awesome job!!!

Gud : Thank you for dropping bombs on those people for us. I didn't know them but I bet they were real jerks.

weebo : *Starts researching how to reset time a few years back so I can graduate college before I'm 30 and try flying these go-fast machines.*

Bobby Price : My daughters ship!

furyofbongos : Coolest shots ever.

Hamlet telmaH : The second pilot was awesome, shoot em up BANG BANG!!!

kingnikkurt : So cool

Detlef Heubach : impressive pictures ❤

CO Jeff : Why do you not have your hands on the stick before takeoff?

My Royal Army : 😂😂

Rick Deckard : That must be the most incredible rush.

junwei low : Looks fun until you go till war. Then it’s not

Andrez Felix : You must be good in Rainbow Six|Siege.

Dustin Walden : So do they just trim nose up?

Benji Griffin : sick

Roger Mckinney : Damn I just got a hard-on and I'm 54 I miss the Navy

Eaglescout : Pilot Selfie. Sweet. Wish I studied more. Thanks and BE SAFE to ALL US pilots. My cousin flew a Curtiss SB2C-1C Helldiver off the CV11 USS Intrepid. He was shot down the day after Leyte Gulf by Japanese forces, both he and his tail gunner perished.

Damien Thorn : Question: Why do the rudders move in opposite directions?

Ramon Homjak : it must be terrible when you do it the first time.

Al Gilmore : Primitive.

fetB : that sound doe

mike the Knight : job Ever..I would imagine...

jim d : That’s FREEDOM baby !! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

Triplex 29 : Fantastic video! Thanks.

Biketwat : Dear Father Christmas.......... I want one!!!!!

vexonica 02 : I do wonder from where the smoke on the catapult came from?

GZA036 : 1:08 dual pistols?

Homefront : My dad flew F-4’s off of carriers during Nam.. The became a ECM Engineer on my beloved Tomcat. I love carrier launches

Andreas Belivanakis : 34 enemies of America dislike this video.

Eric Peters : It's nice to see growlers still exist, keep up the game.

Izo Khan : Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet

Alex : Ok I’ll let you grab the oh shit handles 😜

robert retka : SPANK, go , get out of here.

Dan KH6DAN : Interesting how he doesn't floor the throttle till he's airborne.

blah979 : Thos Navy planes to so much pushiment landing and taking off from that deck.

Yugan Dali : Thank you for allowing me to see something I will never have a chance to do.