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Rebecca Ogden : I just realized that's hedy what

Applebreeze : he looks familiar wait its roomie

sir eggrol : america: the musical.

Zino Meme Meme : Go to 2:05 with captions on,secret message.

Idi Animations : What if your problem is that you shoot all your problems away?

Daniel J. Layton : The clown. The clown got me. The damn clown.

Rachel Wayne : Imagine if this was uploaded in 2018

KYRA WYLESKY : I'm gonna go out on a limb and say that Tord would love this song

Minion Ninja : Guns don't kill people. Problems do.

James Rushton : this is why british people cant have guns

T1J : i feel like this is making fun of americans

Adrian Torres : This sounds so... *Americanish*

DANGdavid : Roomie

ohyouwannafight : America in a nutshell

beebe boom : America.In.Three.Minutes

ItsJustHedy : Oh my God guys tomskas not dead

ChaosyPlays : *takes out a quantum heavy proton pulse cannon* KABOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM! I have got rid of my problem. My life. *dies*

music iz me 33 : I can't because I would kill an entire school

Joshua McQuade : This song has controlled my life for the past week


Awesomeizzy X : Where those phils bed sheets? (0:45)

teken meisje : whut a kid whit a GUN

Snoutie : This is America.

Raging Diablo : Yay roomie!!:

UN64 : America in a nutshell

EnchantedMob : This is what I call entertainment!

I am not a derpy cat :[ : Roomie!

Sample Text : Guess im gonna shoot my homework

Vin[GD] : My life problems are solved by snapping my fingers and whiping out half of the universe

The nub Channel : Kill the Canadians? I am canadian

Justice Nicholson : How did he get away with all this, he’s probably on the fbi watchlist

nancy trinh : Wait I'm Canadian.... IM TO YOUNG TO DIE

Dylan12878gaming : This is the main reason for school shootings

Ben Noble : In my heart I feel nothing but pain

Sand634 : Its sad because this song just keeps reminding me of America XD

that swift fangirl : 0:31 PHIL'S BEDSHEETS

teken meisje : whut where is the dirty bord come from and where dit he go ?????!!!!!!!

teken meisje : dawmn clown why so scary horror clown he roomie i know you there

teken meisje : whut why kill the canadians kill you do you mean

Kctcreeper : Bring it Tom. We’ve got trained geese, Beavers and moose. No I’m not joking. People tame geese and ride moose here.

Penguin Paridise : But can I burn all my problems away?

music iz me 33 : "email spam,if ya gun gets jammed."

Pineapple Pros : IM CANADIAN

Kallan Hook : I can't do that I live in Canada

Awesome Neo 7 : this is toms song

Elza Lece : 'Murica

Kiera Henderson : Ummm the clowns gun looked real

Jiffy pro : welcome to america

Jevon plays games : Who is still watching this in 2018

Roy Foerster : Silly Tom, Canada isn't real.