Ricky Berwick Attacks Leon Lush + Keemstar & Bunty King

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Ricky Berwick finally goes after Leon Lush, Keemstar and Bunty King with his ultimate weopon.... ... his tongue! FOLLOW ON TWITTER 🐦 http://twitter.com/Shockmouths LIKE ON FACEBOOK https://www.facebook.com/Shockmouths/ #shockmouths #rickyberwick #leonlush


DerpyMations [GD] : You get better Every video

Delusia : god tier

CapiBlu : I guess you could say... He tongued them to death

This Channel Is Moving Read About. : bruh sicks your sick!!!! lol

The PotFather : one day I will be in one of these animations

Jackscrap : Ladies love Ricky 😋

Ripstar : #bringbackshockmouthscartoons #bringbackshockmouthspodcast #fixtherug #shockmouthsisgoingthroughchanges

Allan C. : I'm not biting my tongue anymore