naked man chasing a car

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miloss. 7 : Guys can you subscribe i will post more content thank you❤️

TheCuriousEngineer : Stranger Things Part 3

Cosmo Kong AKA Cosmological expansion Dong : It kinda remind me of a titan.

Somali pirate who's actually somali : 1:50 when your siblings enter your room without knocking

Mifuyu : This straight outta nightmares. These dudes were so chill like wtf

Tritonewt : Usain Bolt has really let himself go

Robin : If you didn't catch up with the story on Twitter, this guy crashed his car naked and started running in the street, soon after this he was arrested. It's just a guy, people.

Lucbomber : Etika Loves Agronomy

Diarmuid Sheehan : 1:54 Is this the Outlast 3 trailer?

Cy Productions : Wtf is that thing. The glowing eyes look creepy as hell

koolaidkidohhyeah : Look how fast he runs it's uncanny and those eyes are disturbing like a skinwalker

BowlingBraviary : Send him to the Olympics. Just not naked

Holy Wings : Me: its just a naked man My brain: just a man? Then how come he can run so fast, and don't forget about his eyes. Its nightmare made real kiddo. Me: *hides under the blanket.*

Citehtap : I actually have a solid theory that this is the legendary pepsi man coming back from the grave to take revenge on those who killed him long ago

Danny B : 1:53 fun fact, humans dont have eye-shine! Thats not a person!

Haktan baltaoğlu : İs this an scp wtf

Kostas anagno : This is how the average American will look like in 2050, and it's BEAUTIFUL

grapedrank : Yo i found this video funny more so than scary lmfao JOYCON BOYZ REPRESENT.

B U S T E R S : Probably snorted cocaine, but like damn how he run so fast

Absolute-Trash : Dude humans don’t have eyeshines. He was something else

Rain : Bruh that's some Jurassic Park shit right there


othman tayach : I have too many questions O_O ....first of why is that man chasing them second question how can a human run in a such high extra hyper speed the last question is it just the camera or his eyes are really glowing like a demon? ????????? am so confused he didn't even show emotions except straight up aggressiveness it like he is not a human

Stan Z. : that naked dude looks like Etika lmao!


Chewy : dios mio... la creatura, chupacabra.

Caleb Coates : Le -1% creatura

Calcium : Dios mío...

Social-Nationalist Meme Network : El Abominacion

Doctor Claw : The American Mutt is evolving - El Diablo De America

Aman Deep : This is creepy for real


Arthur Chairaman : La luz extinguido

Tóth Kamilla : haha it's literally biologically impossible for that thing to be human. Humans do not have the right structure in their eyes to make them reflective. It was nice knowing you all.

Marcella Rastaban : Bro that's genuinely scarier than most of the horror movies from the past decade.

got tazed in the balls : who else came here from pewdiepie?

Max Power : T-1000 in tha hood.

Outset Eddy : I thought he was wearing glasses, why were his eyes shining?

eevee2joltyon : Hi! Humans don't have reflective eyes like that. That's not a person.

TIME FOR TUBBY BYE BYE : hi humans dont have a tapetum lucidum, which causes light to reflect off the retinas of eyes like cats. idk what that guy is but he cant be human

은별한 : literally La Luz Extinguido

spookyscaryskeleton : The I Am Legend remake is looking good

TalenGio : This is so creepy, how is his eyes reflecting like that?

doomsday5555 : reminds me of a Volatile from Dying light

Super10ZX : That actually looks like the Globglogalab if he lost weight. Also, is this real?

Heda Falcon : Fun Fact: Human eyes don't reflect light. Whatever was chasing you wasn't human

IHATEYOUTUBE : When u across the kitchen but the microwave is at 1 second at 3 am

Giant Dad : El Goblino...

a random teen : Here from pewdiepie

Rekin : Are you John Connor?