Axl Rose Starts a Riot in St Louis
Axl Rose Starts a Riot in St Louis

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St Louis 1991. During a performance of Rocket Queen Axl Rose jumps off stage in an apparent altercation and ends the concert. See video footage of the incident and the aftermath here. Also please like Windham Flat on Facebook


safina ¿ : aaaand the rest of the band just keeps playong haha

primeDecomposition : Just to play devil's advocate here, excessive amounts of cocaine can make one think they have superpowers and can fly.

Jeff Nau : He did his best to make sure his hat stayed on as he jumped off stage

defiantone : What the hell was that, Axl was wearing before He jumped off the stage? lol

Chester Copperpot : "I don't spend my time breaking the law".  ......except for all of those needles full of heroin that he jams into his arm as if it's a pin cushion. 

Charlie Hogan : What is it with St. Louis and all the riots? People in that city seem to enjoy a good riot and really love to get their riot on. They also seem to like setting fire to their own city and burning down the very neighborhoods they live in. I don't understand it.

MrJokerflat : 0:25 Izzy face '-' hehe

Dick Hammerbush : I'll take it God damn it. Lol.

Durval Neto : I always say that diving inspired some Phelps olympic skills ...

Kamuran Deliormanli : 1:56 did anyone noticed the Mona Lisa t-shirt? :)

xtecgo : i think axl is killing him self security guy is the hero

xtecgo : but he is locked up in the fu**ing jail

Patrick Star : hey what happened to liam neeson?

Daniel Asseff : Paparazzi & no security! I know a thing or two about that!

Guilherme Nogueira : 3:10 - 3:21 - 07.08.91 - Starplex Amphitheatre, Dallas, TX

Qrc od macke : Indeed that guy that he jumped at was destroying the whole show.

Regan Piche : This happened in Montreal also

Something Fierce : Axl rose beats someone up in the audience, yet the cops are just talking to him about rock and roll

Bryan Allen : Err...   a  Axl  Hate to be the one to tell ya this, but pinks not your color.  lol

kosta gotsinas : Maybe they should have hired the Hells ,for security.

Edward Hope : With the way he is going recently, a heart attack or diabetes complications could be coming soon

Edward Hope : MTV even had NEWS back then... I was 1 in 1992 and by the time I was old enough to watch it, it was already changing from music videos to reality TV just like every other TV station


Rom Around Town : "He just dropped the mic, we're outta here." - slash

mettalx1 : Cant believe Slash put up with this asshole at all hahaha!

voteZDLR : go aheaaad jump... JUMP!

M Smith : To bad someone don't knock some sense into Asshole Rose. He is a fucking moron

Slicric13 : There was no gun or knife, the guy had a camera and St. Lou says, FU2 Axehole!

VagLazer77 : Media are known for telling the truth ;)

boatman352 : Dude your full of shit. I was at this concert. There was no mattress. And you couldn't script the riot that followed.

MrRawr07 : I think that was the hat he had on his head

TheFutureKing : 1:06 is that the video camera in Axl's hand? He walked off with that guys camera.

TheBigSmuz : lol, Guns n Roses wasn't a one-hit wonder, but regardless, this was a bitch move on his of the reasons I've never been able to respect him.

twistinmemelons : don't take drugs if you can't handle them, pussy

ShellShock794 : It wasn't a knife, it was a damn camera. AXL said it was a knife, virtually every other form of media said it was a camera. You're a dumbass.

Tanatie : @sahand h axl said so. Why would he jump a guy with a knife, he's not batman...and cameras aren't allowed on concerts. Phones didn't have cams back then and gnr had an official photographer.

sahand h : Why would axl care if it was jsut a camera, a lot of people there had cameras. It was a knife,

sahand h : The guy had a knife and axl jumped at him and took it. Damn i wouldn't jump at someone and attack someone holding a knife. IDGAF what anyone says axl rose is a hardcore crazy sob

Joao Santos : no.. not at all

Armory Kittington : If it wasn't for the lack of security in Ferguson, Michael Brown would still be alive. 

cummuncher : Ooh baby...pleeze throw a fit all over me!!!

Mo Ad : What do you mean? He is a jerk, and an idiot.

Ratelzwatel : What is the name of the MTV news host at 1:23?

Toni V. : Perfect Crime

jose silva : perfect crime... looking in some 91 concert... indiana 91 its around here

The Honest Broker : He's a complete fucking idiot and total prick. That's why no one stays with him.

Derrick White : By "Knife", you mean "camera", right?

Tanatie : don't believe everything you hear, especially from people defending their actions ;)

Tanatie : and go home happy after 45 minutes of a concert that usually took 3 hours?