Axl Rose Starts a Riot in St Louis

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Jimmy Corsa : Axl Rose: The only person to have ever said that jail was great... xD

safina ¿ : aaaand the rest of the band just keeps playong haha

primeDecomposition : Just to play devil's advocate here, excessive amounts of cocaine can make one think they have superpowers and can fly.

defiantone : What the hell was that, Axl was wearing before He jumped off the stage? lol

Chester Copperpot : "I don't spend my time breaking the law".  ......except for all of those needles full of heroin that he jams into his arm as if it's a pin cushion. 

Charlie Hogan : What is it with St. Louis and all the riots? People in that city seem to enjoy a good riot and really love to get their riot on. They also seem to like setting fire to their own city and burning down the very neighborhoods they live in. I don't understand it.

Jeff Nau : He did his best to make sure his hat stayed on as he jumped off stage

MrJokerflat : 0:25 Izzy face '-' hehe

Dick Hammerbush : I'll take it God damn it. Lol.

koimost11 : This is why we can't have nice things. Because this one asshole would-be-pirate causing Axl to lose his temper and calling it quits leading to riots and blacklisted from hosting again. One of those times it wasn't completely Axl's fault.

Mrs. Yellow_Ledbetter : It's ignorant because what about the rest of the audience that each paid hard earned money to go to that concert? I think Axl just wanted to use any fucking excuse to go home after doing enough of the concert to not refund the tickets, maybe? How inconsiderate. Just because of one person, he let the whole show ruin, and THEN SOME with people getting killed and injured because of the riot that insued, but that was exactly intended by him to happen. Still, it's all fucked up.

kosta gotsinas : Maybe they should have hired the Hells ,for security.

Squid Cat : My mom was right in front of axle when that happened.

Patrick Star : hey what happened to liam neeson?

Durval Neto : I always say that diving inspired some Phelps olympic skills ...

xtecgo : i think axl is killing him self security guy is the hero

Kamuran Deliormanli : 1:56 did anyone noticed the Mona Lisa t-shirt? :)

aavfitness : Went to their concert 3 days ago 2016 in ATLANTA GA. They were amazing, holy heck! Axl's voice was like coming from a 20 year old. Perfection!!

Steve Johnson : Waaaah!!!! Translation:: security didn't jump in fast enough to stop the guy he was jumping from getting good punches in, starting to kick axls ass.

Kleto : song name at 3:10 - 3:22 ?

Curtis Moffett :  I'm sure he was treated like a superstar and at this time he was.I saw him on Jimmy K. late show and he seemed okay and did a good interview .Although he now has the 75-77 Elvis look going on. The guy needs to clean up or slow down he's in his 50's and looks like he's still using.

veorge : Im that guy with the bald head and the catfish hunter mustache. He clocked me so hard, he knocked my rug off. We found it full of beer and pretzel crumbs but i sued him for a new really good one. the court forced him to take an autographed pic with me holding the old rug. I know that bugs him to this day....

Bryan Allen : Err...   a  Axl  Hate to be the one to tell ya this, but pinks not your color.  lol


Jaketsu : Axl didn't start it

Something Fierce : Axl rose beats someone up in the audience, yet the cops are just talking to him about rock and roll

MichaelHansenFUN : there is an audio of this from the soundboard with a recording of the riot which lasts only a few minutes long on the cd-NOBODY POSTED IT UP

I'm kind of a big deal : What about the host poopy poopsta

Reef2480 : He didn't jump he glided

Robert Acosta : Amazing! thank God this does not happen now and this urban legend from here on out.Sorry I am a little sick in the head when it comes to this but I am older I can appreciate this now moving forward!

Akronys : 0:32 Let's fly :D

Lynn Abaday : cool axl rose

Lynn Abaday : what the hell u talking about axl !!

Lynn Abaday : you dont know about him

Regan Piche : This happened in Montreal also

Daniel Asseff : Paparazzi & no security! I know a thing or two about that!

Armory Kittington : If it wasn't for the lack of security in Ferguson, Michael Brown would still be alive. 

xtecgo : but he is locked up in the fu**ing jail

Qrc od macke : Indeed that guy that he jumped at was destroying the whole show.

ibnu prabu : what's happening? why did he jump of the stage?

halJulie page la;ll Kingslllalahal!llhldallalal : You can’t never come to St Louis again fool

M Smith : To bad someone don't knock some sense into Asshole Rose. He is a fucking moron

Suade shoes : I'd love to see the video of the guy with the knife Axl mentions. It was a camera lol. Dumbass.

Lisa Foos : Pink suit?  Okay.

seba vallejos : terrible marica

Edward Hope : With the way he is going recently, a heart attack or diabetes complications could be coming soon

Edward Hope : MTV even had NEWS back then... I was 1 in 1992 and by the time I was old enough to watch it, it was already changing from music videos to reality TV just like every other TV station


Rom Around Town : "He just dropped the mic, we're outta here." - slash

mettalx1 : Cant believe Slash put up with this asshole at all hahaha!