AIDS BURGER (my favorite scene) Lafayette - R.I.P. Nelsan Ellis

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My favorite character in *True Blood* Lafayette Reynolds (played by Nelsan Ellis) in honor of him.. lets see him bitch slap some redneck trash around!.. this never gets old!. R.I.P. Nelsan.. thank you for providing us with one of the most sassy/badass characters to hit any TV show... EVER!. Born in Harvey, Illinois, in 1978, actor Nelsan Ellis trained at the Juilliard School in New York City. He spent several years as a stage actor before achieving breakout success on television in 2008, when he landed the memorable role of Lafayette Reynolds on the hit HBO vampire series True Blood. He later appeared in a number of big-screen projects, including The Butler, Get on Up, The Stanford Prison Experiment, and in 2016 he returned to TV in FOX's Sherlock Holmes series Elementary. Ellis died of complications of heart failure on July 8, 2017, at the age of 39.

Comments from Youtube

LeeLee Cee : Anyone who starts with "I'm an American" makes my eyes roll so hard

Bayougirl78 : "Tip yo waitress"... LOVED him in this scene!! RIP :(

Albert Pena : man as soon as he took out the earrings i was like oh shit 😂😂 RIP Nelsan Ellis (Laffayette)

novascot60 : No more AIDS burgers. But Heaven just got more glamorous!

Brandy Sanders : Rest in Paradise Nelsan Ellis (November 30, 1977 - July 8, 2017). Thanks for stopping by and blessing us with your extraordinary talent and sweet spirit. You will be missed.

wangson : if only shit like this genuinely happened. life would be better.

ladyofwisdom2 : I love this scene. "Tip yo waitress",lol. Rip😚😇😢

cookie louis : Nothing else came to mind when I heard of his death. 😂 that scene is magical. RIP Lafeyette

black beauty : Damn, now I wished I would've watched True Blood!

Vera Hannaford : I love this scene. RIP, Nelsan.

Erwin Heiser : Damn, that's too young to go. Loved his character on True Blood, Lafayette had some of the best oneliners in the show.

Die Romantic : That high five at the end. <3 <3

Ashley Boateng : I just found out that Nelsan Ellis has passed away from complications of heart failure. So sad and such a shock!!! I will always love him in the True Blood series. It will never get old for me. Rest in Peace, Nelsan. You will be missed.

Sade Tucker : I'm so grateful that Nelsan gave us Lafayette. This is one of his best tv moments. We will miss you Nelsan! Rest in peace!

Key Marie : Jason’s dance at the end always cracks me up!! RIP Nelsan Ellis ❤️

latonya ingram : He went from gay, to Mandingo, to gay in less than 5 minutes

Katrina Van Dyke : I love this scene love this man I wanted to laugh and cry at the same time....he will be missed

Jes Bercat : He was such an amazing actor. He left us too soon. I could have seen him winning an Oscar

Amir Jaffer : R.I.P. He was one of my favorite characters in True Blood.

Joshua Rivers : RIP my friend oh and as a Bi who goes through this type of shit every day this scene made my day. The LGBT community loves you!

greysfreak1992 : this is when I realized he was my favorite

Brandon Smith : I knew it was over when he leaned his head over at 0:25 😂😂😂😂

greg herried : I didn't even know him but I felt like I did. I never watched True Blood and now I wish I had. I remember Nelsan from his movies, especially his outstanding role in the James Brown biopic , Get on Up. I remember watching that and thinking we have a new scene-stealer in movies. I really wanted him to get an Oscar nomination for that performance. Rest in peace, Nelsan! Your spirit is still with us!

Jason Unsell : Very depressed by the sad news. He was one of my favorites. Will miss him dearly he had a great sense of humor and was a remarkable actor. Way too young. RIP

Sara Rangel : Tip your waitress

cameraz99 : R.I.P. Nelsan. Nobody could steal a scene like you.

Leann Kennett : He was taken way too soon 😢nobody else could have brought Lafayette to life the way he did and this was my favorite scene throughout the entire series!

WannabeBliss : I'm in shock...he was a very talented actor, he passed away too soon. Rest in Peace :(

Oliver Nevels : This is So Sad !!!! Rest In Peace "Nelsan Ellis" !!!!!


Cristina Colon : This will forever be my favorite scene. RIP Nelsan Ellis you will be missed😢😭 God bless 🙏🏻🙏🏻

JiM Whitten : I'm genuinely not a vampire programme or film person especially this one. However, this scene made me chuckle haha

dan k : Can we just take a moment to realize just how high Jason was on V during this..

Troy Edobor : God I miss this man. Wonderful actor!

Jeremias Hernandez : "Tip yo waitress" is the best way to end this fight

lathumpipe : A series full of great scenes but this one outshines all of them. Nelsan will be missed.

FreedomWriter3 : He was hands down one of the best characters on TB. I can't believe he's gone. I am so shocked! I mean I know we all gotta go sometime, but I was not expecting this. R.I.P Nelsan. We love and miss you!

Jesús Raydel Sánchez Rodríguez : I totally adored this character and Mr. Ellis' untimely passing made very sad. RIP, dear Nelsan, and thank you so much for sharing your art with all of us.

The Dark Angel : Nelsan Ellis was so so good and believable in this part as Lafayette that it was hard to believe he was not like this in real life. He seemed so at ease and natural in this part He was channeling his mother's personality and her mannerisms for this part but being associated with this character in his career upset him at times when he'd audition for other parts and agents or directors could only see him as his True Blood character. He is survived by a son and several siblings. You just know trouble is coming when Lafayette takes off them earrings. :) Ohhhh Hell no. Gurl, don't make me take these off. Ohhh chile there's gonna be trouble. His character and his acting was the reason I started watching the show and stuck with it for all those seasons. R I P Mr. Nelsan Ellis R I P to our fave TB character Lafayette

sewardt : Remember Nelsan Ellis. Very very sad. Lafayette was my favorite character from the TV show True Blood.

BosApollo : Always, always one of the best reasons to tune into "True Blood", and sometimes the only reason. Rest in peace Nelson.

jell jell : one of gazillion reasons i watch trublood is because of you lafayette.. RIP you will be missed!

Me Ed : The scene from True Blood. You will be missed.

Ms.leliann Green : he had a good spirit and a good heart he died love doing what he loved doing the most that's acting

Alfonso : "Tip yo Waitress" Lol. Lafayette is my hero. LoL. R.I. P. Go to soon man.

El Smurfo : I got suspended from Facebook because I posted this.

Johanna Hjortstad : Anybody notice the Terminator soundtrack running in the background??

Rebecca M : I'm devastated by his passing and discovering from his Father that he suffered with alcohol and drug addiction makes me even more saddened. How brave of him to try and withdraw from alcohol alone .... If only this was known he would have been medicated off alcohol and would still be with us. Deeply sad an amazing actor fantastic talent ..... will never be forgotten..... let this help others with addictions to seek professional help RIP 🙏🏼🌹❤️

Jermaine Hernández : Him & Terra Were my #1 Fav in this Tv show Of #TrueBlood ... it's just sad that he's gone so damn soon & he was soooo Younggg... I'm sad by his Death RIP *Nelsan ''Lafayette'' Ellis*