Worst Job Ever
Worst Job Ever

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Mutale Malama : I am yet to see an Australian that isn't funny

Brb2jNdett : A real mate would of helped out with a couple handy's at the old home, dog act

Nick Boyce : Hahahaha this is one of your best skits

Raved Entertainment : turns out he's a chill cuntXD

TasShuffler : Pure gold... Every single one is just pure gold

The Thicc : That Sachin joke was awesome

ozzymon1 : " old folks home is just down the road, I can catch a bus there " haahahah

Jake Rich : strayan's aye

Marcus Wellz : rinsin the old tea towel LMFAO

Firstname Lastname : Cameraman has ADHD or something, every shot is a crash zoom.

skeeveskeeve : it makes sense if the old folks home is closer

mindsetoverhaul : no skin off my teeth

Neel Parmar : I stole a kit-kat from the servo

GIGGLR : "Forearms like Sachin Tendulkar."

Tanner Konrad : I've watched this video probably 82 times by now and it remains funny as hell. The guys reaction after Alex said "it gets the heart rate going, it's good for you" is hilarious. Lmao

jessejames : Well read em a fukn book Hahaha

commenter30 : Holy shit this was so good!

RNEHY DFRO : Bloodhound Gang!

NISHANTH RAJASHEKAR : mate this one was bloody sick, loved it

IElRedI : arms like sachin hahaha

Ken Dogg : Great to see you going back to the basics Alex. Nice One !!!

DeformedBear : It's good for ya

SuburbanSam : Nice one fellas hahahah

Edwin Woon : When im rinsing the old tea towel it certainly feels like manual labour

Al Hussain : Dumb and Dumber

Prasad Loke : I have watched this 20 times now, keep it up and hilarious.

yedmia : yeah..........nah

xBrandon 22 : I cant stop laughing this is the best

Hugo Kenny : I'm going to your show in Adelaide

chili24137 : What a bizarre scenario.

austinisthaman : He's like an Australian Jim Carey

TheRealRustyManiac : Oi Steve, What are ya Doin?


sam smith : classic

Gee : "Call me an ambulance" You're an ambulance

Nintenjoey : mmmmmmmm ketchup

dj PeK : making the world a banter place, classic

Tamaki Souh : Jack and Alex make the best duo ever. Love you guys xx

gundam fan : It's been.a while since I enjoyed your shit.. No I didn't mean it like that

Callum Sinclair : man your videos are declining

Kartikeya Srivastava : like Sachin Tendulkar after a one-day!

RedDog Shauny : Yeah Bloody Oath Mate

kimjonoink 42 : This vid should be renamed the best job ever

Roko Babaic : "This is a good middle ground I think"

Muntazir Mehdi : Sachin Doesn't have that good biceps. Alastair Cook though, WOW that guy got guns

Adam Atom : Ahh good ol' rinses the Tea towel.

John Kuczmarski : laughing my royal Rastafarian aussie-british-american nay-nays off mate bro! Wingardian leviosa! YES LOL! You rock so hard Alex Williamson, mate! You rock so hard. I love ya mate! Mateship FTW! How ya going! My tucker this morning will be three eggies and a banana after my run and coffee!

Rage Raiden : Feminist love this video. Until they understand sarcasm, that is.

Cameron Slater : happy new years Alex