Homeless man talks openly about being addicted to heroin. We have an opioid crisis in America.

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AlmightyShak : 2011 video looks like it was shot in 2018

bartsch90 : Not sure if Hipster or homeless

DisarMy : I wonder what happened to him, this was made 7 years ago

Timelapse Experimentals : Thats the saddest, when a genuinely good person gets stuck on that crap Hopefully he got his shit together since

WonderCrave : He tells it how it is.

Kaka KarrotCake : Smart dude. The problem is when you wait until you go insane before you get sober is that you might not know you're insane and insanity is hard to reverse.

Karl Benson : Man this brings back a lot of bad memories for me, I was homeless rough sleeping from aged 16 to 38 yrs old, Heroin was the only thing that got me through my days as the world walked past and judged me, I had absolutely nothing to live for no one to look out for me I was fresh out of a children's home on to the streets. I made many friends from all walks of life, some was real close to me, sadly I lost them all to heroin and all have past away. It frightened me straight, Someone once said to me, How many ex addicted do you see at retirement age and I was like what 40 yrs old? he said no like 75 to 80 yrs old? None was the answer. The day he asked me that question I took big steps to find my first flat I wanted to retire now I wanted to live, I got into a secure shared sheltered housing run by a day centre and totally surrounded myself with good support. Eventually I got clean from everything and found myself a Partner who I've now been with for 3 & half yrs, She was the missing piece to my life, All her family excepted me at face value even though there was sceptics which is understandable as I told them all I'm a ex addict in recovery 5 yrs clean, but I proved them all wrong, I'm still clean and life has a very bright side now I'm getting married. I still have to deal with losing my old pals from the streets the ones who didn't get the same opportunities as me, I just lost my best friend of 30 years I met on the streets when I was 16 last Christmas, he showed me how to survive and be street smart he was called Nigel, I never forgot where I came from, and never forgot my old street pals they was my family. I'm sad to say all are now dead, its sole destroys me. Sobriety only works when you want it enough and have motivation to take steps. No one can do it for you, you just need to transfer all that energy we put into taking drugs into stopping them followed up with a solid maintenance plan. I really hope this guy starts hating heroin as I do today. Can honestly say my life is so much better than it was when I was 38, back then I was thinking about suicide as the only way off heroin. Now I have EVERYTHING TO LIVE FOR.

Mr TLR : I like him, I hope he is successful again. Intelligent, honest and takes responsibility for his problems. I respect him.

pascute118 : In the words of Pink Floyd, he’s become comfortably numb

Klaüs Smooth : I honestly feel bad for the guy, but i could not fucking control my laughter when "Lowrider" started sneaking in the background... Ohhh i don't know why

Nisse : A honest description does so much. Louis CK once said, in reference to how hard it is to talk to your kids about drugs, "Honey, you can't do drugs. I know how stressed you are, and drugs are a perfect solution to that. But drugs are so good, that they will ruin your life". That description really made me re-think the use of drugs. They *are* really good, and *that's exactly why* you can't take them.

Jim Reed : How the F can someone with no job afford to by heroin? I couldn't afford to buy it, even if I wanted to, and I don't.

Jim Reed : Thus the US army in Afghanistan guarding poppy fields.

Tom : This was posted in 2011. This guy is 100% dead by now. Heroine is nothing to play with.

Oceania Times : With all his skill, Hackerman ended up on the street.

Max Shuvalov : damn styxhexenhammer aged very quickly

jetter820 : Notice, he didn't wish for his girlfriend back.

Purifiedcrwn : When i saw the thumbnail before even reading the title i said this man is either a drug addict or a very very rich hipster

Within a simulation : Clearly what we have here is Youtube putting this up on featured/recommended to make the Lovato story more believable. It's nothing but a publication stunt, and their big celebrity circle of friends help each other.

Uilium Powell : ibogane

Sgt Juno : 0:50 that background music tho just perfect timing lol

Dan Zalisnock : People who go through the realist shit have the most humble wishes, no hesitation

Svetlin Yankulov : Pretty sure this is one of those scripted "homeless people" videos.

MR SLAV : Those glasses, be careful, he might be serial killer.

Cunty McCuntface : ive been addicted ive been homeless for 5 years. ive tried heroin. i used cocaine extensively from homelessness to success and back to homeless. you choose what you do. I was "addicted" to oxy and morphine for 10 years it was hell. I overcame it by quitting after a fairly short taper (three months) from 90mg three times a day to 30 1 time per day. It literally took me an entire year just to get out of the bed out of my bedroom and I had no TV in there just lying there staring at the wall or ceiling and sleeping when I could. I finally started moving around I weighed 113# and I was physically devastated. It took my three more years to get to my feet so I could begin to take care of myself and get healthy. after 5 years I finally have work and I'm feeling alive again. Cocaine and Opiates completely erased my emotions my spirit my drive as a human being. actually I was still capable of feeling massive suffering but not really capable of feeling happiness or pleasure and although I didn't want to live I never gave up. I used a lot of weed but it's only a buffer so you don't just go completely crazy its not really that much help if at all. It's been 14 years since I used cocaine and 5 years since I've use Opiates. I'm like a young man again at 53 and I did it all myself. I live alone and I quit completely by myself. It was the greatest challenge of my life but it made me a stronger person that ever to overcome it. The message is you can overcome it if you have the will. do you have the will? that's all it is just you saying no more and sucking up the suffering for however long it takes. do you have what it takes to survive addiction and dependence and depression and physical illness? give it a try you'll be surprised at what you might accomplish. pain is just another feeling but illness will kill you. addiction gives way to disease. don't go there.

Scott Marta : FYI You DO NOT live better than 95% of the world.

Will Pack : He ended up in a movie playing Hackerman.

Aditi K : Blame big pharma, they know how addictive those drugs are and trap people into hellish existence

Evilbones76 : His dog and his cat back, respect to that man. I hope one day he will give a doggy and kitty a forever home.

AshManzarek : Holy shit War - Low Rider ruined this lmao

MedicinalTrollz : thats why you just smoke weed lmao

zay : atleast he's honest with himself

TheBeaTle : Stick to good old weed and good old LSD people

Ace Equality : What a good guy

Reuben Daniella : This was styxhexenhammer back in 2011? Seems he's turned it around, huh?

NickPDX22 : God bless ya buddy!! Smart man

Blobbejaan Blob : How do these people get money to buy heroin ? Welfare ?

GreGgaeRasta Fari : In response to the description. ALCOHOL is a DRUG and its Addiction can be and often is as bad as the "hard drugs"

Planet Vape Media : I thought that was Johnny Depp undercover. Good dude tough story

Ratcaller : This guy is amazingly zen about the whole situation. Hes doing a bad thing but he realizes the whole concept of it. Impressive.

ThePrim0 : hackerman

Dr Fronkostin : my respects to this man, which took the time and the honesty to gave us the insides. Must be hell to go trough this issues with drug and on top of that we as society look like them like not human beings, we should be shame about ourself and learn from this guy and his courage to face an issue and be able to understand it

Say10 : Kicking methadone IS NOT as bad as they all say if you do it right I did it an have been clean, working, an a productive member of Society for 8 years now.

dedpxl : wow this video is 7 years old. I wonder how this guy is now.

Dot Com : Sociopath. Look at the disgust when the ambulance goes by like how dare it... lol

rainwolf034 : Propaganda, gov said 62k opioid deaths.. but what the truth is this man should never lost his medication and he would not shoot up.. I take Methadone from pain clinic and is only drug that stopped me from blowing my brains out because of pain.. so don’t paint us with one brush.. 17k people who used there meds properly died.. fewer than guns, fewer than cars, fewer than stabbings.. so out of 62k included other drugs and Chinese fentynal, that came straight from the head of CDC “inflated numbers” why do this? Because the public opinion on marijuana has changed.. so if it becomes legal in America DEA WILL LOOSE. over 3 billion dollars a year in funding.. so they need a new buggy man to justify this to the American people.. a nd Jeff sessions has showed he is a liar already, and telling pain patients to toughen up and use aspirin tells me the man has never felt real pain!! #fksession. Playing with my life.. take those billions and build rehab centers instead of prisons. But when money goes to a place it’s harder to steal it, right Jeff.

kajcsapapa : any news on this guy? hopefully he's ok

JRogersTV : Is that Greg from Kino Body?

Christian Terrill : That could have been me, I was addicted to heroin of opioids for way to long. Got clean 4 years ago.

Andrey Nymberg : Kylo Ren ended up on the street!