Homeless man talks openly about being addicted to heroin. We have an opioid crisis in America.

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bartsch90 : Not sure if Hipster or homeless

Jimmy J. Rustle : smart guy, hasn't lost his mind yet. I hope he gets clean.

jetter820 : Notice, he didn't wish for his girlfriend back.

gentooboy : He looks like he is about to hack into the mainframe.

No Content : When he said he wants his dog and cat back that hit me in the feels because I can relate 😕

Queleimporta Pene : "...I still eat better and live better than 95% of the worlds population...". That is a smart man right there.

SmilieTheSneakerHead x : This man actually turned his life around a few months ago. Works at a coffee shop down fairfax

Ratcaller : This guy is amazingly zen about the whole situation. Hes doing a bad thing but he realizes the whole concept of it. Impressive.

Karl Benson : Man this brings back a lot of bad memories for me, I was homeless rough sleeping from aged 16 to 38 yrs old, Heroin was the only thing that got me through my days as the world walked past and judged me, I had absolutely nothing to live for no one to look out for me I was fresh out of a children's home on to the streets. I made many friends from all walks of life, some was real close to me, sadly I lost them all to heroin and all have past away. It frightened me straight, Someone once said to me, How many ex addicted do you see at retirement age and I was like what 40 yrs old? he said no like 75 to 80 yrs old? None was the answer. The day he asked me that question I took big steps to find my first flat I wanted to retire now I wanted to live, I got into a secure shared sheltered housing run by a day centre and totally surrounded myself with good support. Eventually I got clean from everything and found myself a Partner who I've now been with for 3 & half yrs, She was the missing piece to my life, All her family excepted me at face value even though there was sceptics which is understandable as I told them all I'm a ex addict in recovery 5 yrs clean, but I proved them all wrong, I'm still clean and life has a very bright side now I'm getting married. I still have to deal with losing my old pals from the streets the ones who didn't get the same opportunities as me, I just lost my best friend of 30 years I met on the streets when I was 16 last Christmas, he showed me how to survive and be street smart he was called Nigel, I never forgot where I came from, and never forgot my old street pals they was my family. I'm sad to say all are now dead, its sole destroys me. Sobriety only works when you want it enough and have motivation to take steps. No one can do it for you, you just need to transfer all that energy we put into taking drugs into stopping them followed up with a solid maintenance plan. I really hope this guy starts hating heroin as I do today. Can honestly say my life is so much better than it was when I was 38, back then I was thinking about suicide as the only way off heroin. Now I have EVERYTHING TO LIVE FOR.

AlmightyShak : 2011 video looks like it was shot in 2018

Sgt Juno : 0:50 that background music tho just perfect timing lol

brenden whiteley : he asks for his dog and cat back instead of unlimited money or a mansion - this is a smart mans answer. He knows he can attain the money or whatever else he wants on his own, but the power of a limitless wish extends beyond material ownership. he cant buy just his old cat or dog back, especially if they are dead. he asks to forget opiate addiction, instead of just going back to before he was addicted, because he wants to earn his way back into society and wants to remember his past, or be able to grow from it. this is a strong mans answer.

Moe D : Got that 80s-90s serial killer look

Dan Zalisnock : People who go through the realist shit have the most humble wishes, no hesitation

BetterThanIt : I’ve watched 5 of these and they never wish for millions of dollars

Michael Esarey : This is a guy with a ton of potential who could've had a very different life with a slightly different set of circumstances

MedicinalTrollz : thats why you just smoke weed lmao

Rueda Angie : He is actually so handsome.

Ace Equality : What a good guy

Aliev Makmud : Wished for the dog and cat back but not the girlfriend.

Spoonis : Where is this guy today? He's 42 - is he off the street? Is he clean? I MUST KNOW

RickRudesMustache : He tells the real truth though. Especially at the end when he wishes for a pill that could make him forget the feeling of opiates. For alot of people once you get that feeling, nothing else in life can ever really make you happy or compare to that again. From that moment on you're a slave to that drug and even after being clean for 20 years you'll never really be the same. All the things that once made you happy won't ever really give you that type of sensation you had once felt before. Even the drug itself begins to stop giving you that happiness and becomes more like something you need just to feel normal. You don't even really get a high at a certain point.

Stewie Griffin : he put dog and cat in separate wishes. He could say : I wish my pets back, and he had one more wish left

AshManzarek : Holy shit War - Low Rider ruined this lmao

GreGgaeRasta Fari : In response to the description. ALCOHOL is a DRUG and its Addiction can be and often is as bad as the "hard drugs"

Vegan No-Gains Lenny : “When I want to quit I can get everything back but I’m not ready to do it”. That’s a dangerous statement to make. He seems intelligent but a moron at the same time.

zay : atleast he's honest with himself

Hench Bawse : If you are homeless it's McDonalds every night for dinner

Singularity : doesn't actually sound so bad being a homeless junkie

Duck Head : 0:48 "...I switchet to heroin and everything went downhill from there..." * cheery music starts playing in the background * 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

zan tarr : "I can get everything back easily." um, no.

Danilo Briz : Styxhexenhammer666 on heroin.

Tuco Salamanca : 7 years ago hes 42 I wonder how hes doing

David : I could listen to that guy talk for hours. That was somehow refreshing to hear.

Pete Patraglia : Junkies always make excuses for not going on methadone. Fact is, they just want to keep shooting dope. If you take methadone as prescribed and do a proper taper, the withdrawals are nowhere near what he’s explaining. He’s talking about when people kick methadone cold turkey bc they went to jail or got thrown out of the clinic. This guy is your typical addict in denial. “I can get everything back easy when I’m ready to quit” Lololol yeah then he’ll relapse after 30 days clean bc he doesn’t have it all back yet. Man junkie bullshit excuses are so uniform.

WonderCrave : He tells it how it is.

Stefan A.H. : This guy is actually a very wise man. Life is really what you make it, in every way!

paul john : Blame the Mexicans... Build that wall..

John Smithee : "It’s easy to embrace hopelessness when things seem insurmountable, and yet it’s actually just a matter of time until all of the elements come together for things to be alright. I believe that most difficult situations will resolve themselves if you are persistent and if you don’t give up entirely. And that’s what I never did, I never gave up" - Robert Downey Jr.

KillerWhaleSFl : I worked, banged chicks, ate organic food, and exercised daily all while shooting dope; I really enjoyed using. There is so much more to life though, one must realize it is not a decision you are making but a blind reaction chasing a sensation. Vipassana meditation helps to understand this.

Dionis Leev : With all his skill, Hackerman ended up on the street.

Evan S : realest dude ever.

sub_ rosa : You'll never be ready to quit. I know I'm not, but I have too...legal troubles and what not. However, its probably best to take advantage of this opportunity.

Samual Jones : Join the military and shape up. Being homeless is a choice for most.

Howard Bamber : I've been on methadone maintanence for 39 years on the amps. Never start the shit

Klaüs Smooth : I honestly feel bad for the guy, but i could not fucking control my laughter when "Lowrider" started sneaking in the background... Ohhh i don't know why

William Zhao : beats being homeless and without drugs.

Kris B : After working a variety of soulless, corporate jobs with a bunch of selfish, sociopaths being a homeless, heroin addict doesn't seem so bad. Especially in the LA where there is no winter.

tshandy1 : This is a great interview. The interviewer did an excellent job finding someone who would speak candidly and lucidly about his addiction. I've never been homeless or used opiates, but I know that drug is bad news if it will make you gladly live on the street just to get high.

Authentic Self Guide : The drugs aren't the problem. The society is the problem. If it wasn't herion it would be something else. Addiction is an emotional illness. These people are wounded which makes them susceptible to addiction. Not everyone would get hooked on heroin however I am not suggesting we all try it lol