Mecha: The Rise & Fall of Giant Robots

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Today I go through the entire history of giant robots to see just where they've gone in the modern day. Patreon: Researcher: @Bakashift Editor: @Bakashift Assistant Editor: @RBKapoor1 If you would like a more indepth history of Mecha I highly recommend this series: End Card Design by: Sooin Chung -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Follow me on Twitter: Like me on Facebook: Follow me on Instagram:

Comments from Youtube

Dimitrisaurus : Attack on Titan is actually a mecha anime where humans pilot giant meat robots. So you could say that mecha anime are as popular as ever.

Manrisa Kirisame : Chicks dig Giant Robots.

Aldnoah : Bet all the people who said Franxx would be what the Mecha genre needed feel silly now.

ZDY : Mecha is (not) dying

Lin Yen Chin : Amuro teaches us to embrace the light within the Human Heart. Gundam will only die when the light within the Human heart has died.

DarthSparhawk : It is not dying, it is actually attacking mainstream cinema and western cartoons. Gundam was in Ready Player One, there are now two Pacific Rim movies, Transformers are ever popular and Voltron returned.

Matrix Madness : Fall? Gundam models make up 90% of plastic models sold in Japan. Gundam isn't going to be dying any time soon. The Japanese military has even been influenced by Gundam!

mewofforcena : 'Idols killed mecha anime'? BAHAHA-no. Idols killed anime. Ever been to akihabara recently? Jesus breakdancing christ, it's everywhere.

Aki Ryze : But Love Live is mecha, did you see how robotic their dance moves are?

Casanuda : Giant robots are the lightsaber of anime. Impossible, impractical, and fucking awesome at a glance.

Tyler Jones : Your choice of music in this episode is on point! I love Radiohead.

Carson Ryder : Mecha is just too hotblooded for the ironic casual fans of today, i find.

Loren Smith : The Giant Robots were wiped out by a Flood of Idols.

The Goat : Pacific Rim is still the best live action anime adaptation as far as I'm concerned.

MareTranquil : Title Card: "The 1990s" Nirvana starts playing. Damn I'm old.

KageRyuuUji : Perhaps mecha fans are just tired of watching anime about giant fighting robots, and instead have made games about giant fighting robots, or gone the distance and set about making giant fighting robots for real.


Jeffrey Canzani : Mecha has actuallly made an incredible resurgence. Gundam Origin (both the incredible manga and the Films) are an amazing, mature retelling of the greatest mecha ever made- the original MS Gundam. That, plus Gundam Unicorn, which was the pinnacle of modern day UC era timeline, show us that quality is better than quantity in this new decade of mecha. The redone Code Geass Films, Darling in the Franxx, IBO, the list of well written and masterfully made Mecha is quite impressive.

i liek glasses : So basically: - we need a new war - idols have to die - pre-built mecha figures instead of model kits

Dragoner Productions : I don't think it's dying, but rather that gundam is so dam popular even rumors of getting it's own live action movie... That any other mecha anime will just be overshadowed by it. It's like if a studio wants to make a mecha anime these days, they have to make sure it's in top quality. I mean look at the voltron remake on netflix that shit has 8 seasons already. Obviously japan is a bit fixated on lolis and idol animes at the moment, but they will eventually get tired of it and the mecha genre will have a huge comeback. I mean did you not see the upcoming 2019 anime? Shit is hype man.

Gamzee Ampora : god dammit as if we needed another reason to detest idols

adolf hitler : I just started watching gundam so i am a new gundam fan lol

MV Master : Eureka 7 FMP Code Geass Big O Gurren Laggon Gundam Knights of Sidonia Muv Luv/Scwarzesmarken loved all of them

Giovanni Santantonio : Journalist: so why did you start a world war? Me: I wanted more gundam Journalist: seems legit

Kei kato : Iron blooded orphans never failed

Jacob Romano : I postulate that Attack on Titan is essentially a biological mecha show. Aside from the metals and space combat it's got almost all the same motifs. It's the evolution of the genre

Gun 'n Run : 1% Another Studios 99% SUNRISE OH YEAH

Joshua Sung : please update this with 2019 and 2020 facts with the mecha/gundam improvements.

Bloodshade Ancalagon : Gigguk, I know how much effort you put into picking the music for each video and I have to say that you absolutely nailed it with this one. Between the Black Sabbath and Iron maiden for the early years and that absolutely flawless transition into the 90's with Nirvana, the atmosphere of each topic was perfectly represented. I've seen far too many content creators use the same music over and over because it's easy and they don't have to put as much thought into it. Keep up the good work man, love the vids.

Kal El : Mecha will live forever only because of the old golden age. the classics never die

MonkaS MonkaS : Shiiitt I just want a classic Gundam Anime with Good Story

Luis Inigo : It sounds like the Mecha anime genre has a very similar history as Rock(music genre) both had industry defining projects that is part of western(rock) and Japanese(Mecha) pop cultures. With both having it’s beginnings with wars. And also rock is in the same state as Mecha today, a shadow of its formal self being overshadowed by other genres like Hip Hop and electronic/EDM music. However like Mecha it has hope in the future to innovate and become more mainstream like it once was from the 60s to 90s.

Max Gillin : Gundam 00 and code geass. My faves

Brandon Viera : Idols killed mech anime. Gigguk-2018

MsMariri : Gigguk, although you will most likely never see this comment, I wanted to say thank you for your videos and for sharing something personal, that honestly makes me feel good for caring about anime the way I do. Anime have helped me so many times in life from school back in the day to work now. I appreciate your work and your approach to the different sides of anime. Mecha anime were at some point important for me as well, as I kind of grew out of it I almost felt stupid for liking them, but there is no need to feel that way, mecha anime are awesome still. So thank you Gigguk!

Matt Britton : I’m interested to see what the live action Gundam movie does for the genre, especially if it’s truly good like I believe it could be.

H. W : Mecha isn’t dying... they’re literally walking a life size Gundam at the Japanese olympics

Word From The North : I don’t think it’ll be a new series that revives mecha. It’ll be an old one. More specifically, the recent acquiring of streaming rights of Evangelion by Netflix will give tons of people who never saw it the chance to and thus push at least some of those people into watching more mecha.

intenttothrill : The Eva end card as the last frame. I like that. You already had a fan a few videos ago, but you got me with that.

Tiernan Series : I love the music in this video

Kelvin Arnold : This video makes me smile but when he gets to the future part I got sad and damn near cried.

chris mowery : I came here for gundam praise and i stayed for gundam praise *Edit*: just remembered that they're making a live action Gundam with Legendary Entertainment (the same people who made Pacific Rim) for the show's 40th anniversary so if that goes well with the *normies* then we could have a bit of a revival

arenkai : Go Nagai created the mecha genre as we know it. Devilman and the mecha genre inspired Evangelion. Devilman inspired Berserk. Oh, and he also kickstarted hentai as a genre So, Go Nagai is directly responsible for everything great about anime and manga. He is basically manga-Jesus.

Shy Buster : I would have liked a mention to the best Cross-Over Video Game Series ever made : Super Robot Wars.

Soundbust 11 : Well gundam seems to be expanding more westward with an upcoming live action film by legendary and also appeared in VRchat: The Movie

Don Ventura : I miss giant robot hype fests. The world is need of another classic mecha anime.

TheJazzhands : the つづく was a nice touch at the end

ClockFink : So mecha is waning, and in return, we get Isekai and Imotou? Dark days, friends. Dark days.

Firebird Stark : The gun is (not) evil