Mecha: The Rise & Fall of Giant Robots

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The Goat : Pacific Rim is still the best live action anime adaptation as far as I'm concerned.

Dimitrisaurus : Attack on Titan is actually a mecha anime where humans pilot giant meat robots. So you could say that mecha anime are as popular as ever.

TekkaSage : Evangelion is not the Starwars of Japan. MS Gundam is. Evangelion never got a 1:1 scale build in Japan nor a western movie spot light in a major blockbuster movie. It never generated the global reaction that Gundam got. Go home Gigguk, you're drunk.

Manrisa Kirisame : Chicks dig Giant Robots.

Aldnoah : Bet all the people who said Franxx would be what the Mecha genre needed feel silly now.

ZDY : Mecha is (not) dying

mewofforcena : 'Idols killed mecha anime'? BAHAHA-no. Idols killed anime. Ever been to akihabara recently? Jesus breakdancing christ, it's everywhere.

BlueBlurBlast : My favorite Mecha movie is Ratatouille

minecraft lets plays egg toys suprise eggs mega gummy bear : Wow 8 seconds about code geass Disappointed

DarthSparhawk : It is not dying, it is actually attacking mainstream cinema and western cartoons. Gundam was in Ready Player One, there are now two Pacific Rim movies, Transformers are ever popular and Voltron returned.

LemonOVA : Iron Man 2 is my favorite Mech Anime

Crunchy Mouse : Darling in the FranXX will save mecha prolly

Lin Yen Chin : Amuro teaches us to embrace the light within the Human Heart. Gundam will only die when the light within the Human heart has died.

Loren Smith : The Giant Robots were wiped out by a Flood of Idols.


There's a starman waiting in the sky : Gurren Lagann is a masterpiece.

KageRyuuUji : Perhaps mecha fans are just tired of watching anime about giant fighting robots, and instead have made games about giant fighting robots, or gone the distance and set about making giant fighting robots for real.

Jeffrey Canzani : Mecha has actuallly made an incredible resurgence. Gundam Origin (both the incredible manga and the Films) are an amazing, mature retelling of the greatest mecha ever made- the original MS Gundam. That, plus Gundam Unicorn, which was the pinnacle of modern day UC era timeline, show us that quality is better than quantity in this new decade of mecha. The redone Code Geass Films, Darling in the Franxx, IBO, the list of well written and masterfully made Mecha is quite impressive.

Kei kato : Iron blooded orphans never failed

faytesp : Bumber that Iron Blooded Orphans didn't gain a lot of popularity in the mass anime scene. It's one of the few mecha series I feel could do just fine even without mechs as it's characters were memorable with compelling reasons throughout the story. It also didn't pull punches in it's brutality. One of the more ruthless mecha series in a long time.

The Ace Of Spades : Ahhhhh yes... The countless hours and money I spent on building Gundam figures incorrectly

Tyler Jones : Your choice of music in this episode is on point! I love Radiohead.

Cyber CityMan : Gundam 00 and code geass. My faves

Antony Shannon : We get it, Gigguk really likes Code Geass and Gurren Laggan. That doesn't make 2000-2010 the "Golden age of mecha" Considering how this video barely mentions things like Ideon (a major influence for Eva) or thinks Sunrise makes more money off of idols...Well this is an entertaining video but it's full of nonsense. It's good enough to entertain but it's not a well researched at all.

Gamzee Ampora : god dammit as if we needed another reason to detest idols

Titus : You can't make hentai out of Giant Robots ... Unless you're in to that stuff too....

MareTranquil : Title Card: "The 1990s" Nirvana starts playing. Damn I'm old.

Carson Ryder : Mecha is just too hotblooded for the ironic casual fans of today, i find.

MV Master : Eureka 7 FMP Code Geass Big O Gurren Laggon Gundam Knights of Sidonia Muv Luv/Scwarzesmarken loved all of them

Matt Wheaton : If y'all ask me, the 80s was not only the golden age of mecha anime, it was the golden age of anime, period. People who claim that Code Geass and Gurren Lagann are the pinnacle of mecha anime as far as storytelling and character development go clearly have not even known of the true great ones of yore. I'm talkin' the likes of Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam, Super Dimension Fortress Macross, Armored Trooper VOTOMS, Aura Battler Dunbine, Blue Meteor SPT Layzner, Aim for the Top Gunbuster, Super Beast Machine God Dancouga, Giant Gorg, Mobile Police Patlabor, Bubblegum Crisis, Megazone 23, and all of 'em have far and away superior storytelling to the likes of said Code Geass and Gurren Lagann. And then of course I'm expecting a massive ass deluge of ignoramuses and dunderfucks uttering the very same regurgitated verbal diarrhea that's been debunked by far better people than me with them saying "mecha is the worst genre in the known history of mankind, only basement dwelling perma-virgins and manbabies enjoy this tripe" or "mecha is just fucking stupid, it's just nothing but giant robot battle after giant robot battle with no rhyme or reason and besides giant robots as a concept even is the dumbest idea ever" or my personal favorite "I'm glad mecha is on its way out, I say good riddance to utter garbage anime by utter garbage people who think Heavy Metal is an actual musical genre, *HELLOOOOOOOO NEWFLASH RETARDS, HEAVY METAL ISN'T MUSIC AND SHOULDN'T EVEN BE CONSIDERED MUSIC, LISTEN TO BETTER MUSIC LIKE NICKELBACK LOSERS"*

Daitomodachi : To this day, Gurren Lagann and Code Geass are two of my favorite animes of all time, even though I'm not really a fan of the mecha genre. As for how mechas are to survive, they going to have to adapt to the changing landscape as well. Instead of a focus on war, they should put an emphasis smaller scale conflicts on social issues and the impact of the internet on today's culture (even though I think some do)... Oh and more waifus. Can't forget about the waifus.

minecraft lets plays egg toys suprise eggs mega gummy bear : What bout code geass movies and season 3

Earthling Rob : Chicks dig giant robots.

adolf hitler : I just started watching gundam so i am a new gundam fan lol

Kal El : Mecha will live forever only because of the old golden age. the classics never die

Hector Hernandez : Giant Robots are F***ing Awesome !

Firebird Stark : The gun is (not) evil

j s : Mecha shows i've watched and recommend, MS Gundam: iron blooded orphans (2seasons); gundam seed; gundam seed destiny; 08th MS team; aldnoah zero (2seasons), gundam 00 (2seasons); break blade; Gundam thunderbolt.

Soundbust 11 : Well gundam seems to be expanding more westward with an upcoming live action film by legendary and also appeared in VRchat: The Movie

眩暈夢 : 2010s - The decline of mecha. Coincidence? I thought the decline was in the 2000s. My senpai thought it was in the 1990s. See where I'm going with this?

Nkanyiso Innocent Khwane : Brilliant Documentary

Casanuda : Giant robots are the lightsaber of anime. Impossible, impractical, and fucking awesome at a glance.

TheJazzhands : the つづく was a nice touch at the end

Luis Inigo : It sounds like the Mecha anime genre has a very similar history as Rock(music genre) both had industry defining projects that is part of western(rock) and Japanese(Mecha) pop cultures. With both having it’s beginnings with wars. And also rock is in the same state as Mecha today, a shadow of its formal self being overshadowed by other genres like Hip Hop and electronic/EDM music. However like Mecha it has hope in the future to innovate and become more mainstream like it once was from the 60s to 90s.

Kelvin Arnold : This video makes me smile but when he gets to the future part I got sad and damn near cried.

Al bw : I think the mecha genre has kind of been over taken by more futuristic/dystopian genres. In the past, big machines were the biggest and coolest things out there, partially due to the advancements that had recently occurred regarding this technology. Now, technology involving easy, immediate results (ie telecommunication, etc.) is definitely more popular, as that’s what our technology has started to do.

Alejandro Nunez : *you're a shame!!* you don't even mention "The Vision of Escaflowne" *SHAME ON YOU!!*

Otakusatsu : オタクサツ : I was loving this with the history and trope points, and reference given... until the obvious nostalgia-blinded 2000s section, and the "now I'm older" "things were better when I was younger than they are now" take on the current status of the genre.

Matt Britton : I’m interested to see what the live action Gundam movie does for the genre, especially if it’s truly good like I believe it could be.

Эррай Гаусс : Great like for Code Geass!