Mecha: The Rise & Fall of Giant Robots

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JaxBlade : YOU Dig Giant Robots I Dig Giant Robots WE Dig Giant Robots CHICKS Dig Giant Robots *_nice_*

Vicente Ortega Rubilar : Maybe we need to make a show of giant robots that look and act like lolis and the main argument would it be about how they live their normal lives fighting monsters and eating cute food in the mall. Maybe one could have a crush with her pilot. Just ideas.

minecraft lets plays egg toys suprise eggs mega gummy bear : Wow 8 seconds about code geass Disappointed

darkreigncometh : Give me mecha anyday!

Matt Britton : If Gundam Origin leads to a full-blown OG Gundam reboot, we could see the genre regain some of its popularity once again. Imagine the very first Gundam, but completely reanimated and dubbed. I would absolutely watch that.

ZDY : Mecha is (not) dying

GabeFromKyushu : 22 MINUTES, GEEZ! Work can wait :)

Wil T : lets be real... AoT is Mecha. Fight me

A Really Rad Boy : Darling in the FranXX will save mecha prolly

minecraft lets plays egg toys suprise eggs mega gummy bear : What bout code geass movies and season 3

Titus : You can't make hentai out of Giant Robots ... Unless you're in to that stuff too....

Ryan Carless : This made me love mecha more than i thought i would. Nive video!

Crying Lemons : Darling in the franxx is awsome, I believe this is the catylist we were waiting for

Tatsuya Sensei : gUNDAM IRON BLOOD orphan was really good and looking forward to another build fighter

Eli Mendoza : Maybe people realized that mechas are economically and militarily nonsensical. Breaks suspension of disbelief.

Nkanyiso Innocent Khwane : Brilliant Documentary

Matheus Sousa : I am a Darling in the franxx fanboy fight me

FunkyTikiGod : Transformers Something evil's watching over you Comin' from the sky above there's nothing you can do Prepare to strike There'll be no place to run When your caught within the grip Of the evil Megatron Transformers More than meets the eye Transformers Robots in Disguise Strong enough to break the bravest heart We have to pull together We can't stay worlds apart To stand divided we will surely fall Until our darkest hour When the light will save us all Transformers More than meets the eye Transformers Robots in Disguise Transformers Autobots wage their battle to destroy the evil forces of The Decepticons Transformers It's judgment day and now we've made our stand And for now the powers of darkness Have been driven from our land The Battle's over but the war has just begun And this way it will remain til the day when all are one Transformers More than meets the eye Transformers Robots in Disguise Autobots wage their battle to destroy the evil forces of The Decepticons Transformers

Bressan Franco : hopefully idol anime won't last 60 years, i wouldn't be able to stand that trash for that long


Hector Hernandez : Giant Robots are F***ing Awesome !

JonBros : Masterfully edited. This was really a joy to watch.

Fusionsaur : What is the song at 14:03 to 14:09

RayShadow278 : .... I loved Macross Delta, and I've been a Macross fan literally my whole life Now we stand a mere 2 years before the 2020s, and it is my sincere hope and dream that the Mecha genre comes back to life, just like Gunbuster eventually made its way back to Earth

Miguel Robles : Gundam thunderbolt has been one of the best pieces of anime I've seen in a while

Minty Bliss : I think the mecha genre has kind of been over taken by more futuristic/dystopian genres. In the past, big machines were the biggest and coolest things out there, partially due to the advancements that had recently occurred regarding this technology. Now, technology involving easy, immediate results (ie telecommunication, etc.) is definitely more popular, as that’s what our technology has started to do.

zipzip070 : 20:47 "Considering its instrumentality" -- Video shows Gendo, *that* song in the background. Nice touch

Gary Tee : "Two mecha anime in for the last hurrah in the 2000s" (Shows 00 and Gurren Lagann) (Talks about GL and Code Geass) Me: Wait what? I know Code Geass is amazing as hell, but where's the 00 description? But still, amazing video!

dottstuff : Great video man. Btw anyone knows the song that starts at 14:50?

Santelmo Buenaventura : Gundam Thunderbolt is amazing! Such a very unique story line and concept. Check it out, it is a hidden gem!

The Ace Of Spades : Ahhhhh yes... The countless hours and money I spent on building Gundam figures incorrectly

Neir Skyforge : What the song at 14:00

36Erkanator : With all that copyrighted music, I'm guessing Gigguk has given up on YouTube money and gone all in on Patreon.

孔凡歌 : Giant robots never die, they just fade away 😔

DuwangChew : Man I hope Gridman is gonna rock, cause I ain't gonna lie I really don't care for Darling in the FranXX.

Daitomodachi : To this day, Gurren Lagann and Code Geass are two of my favorite animes of all time, even though I'm not really a fan of the mecha genre. As for how mechas are to survive, they going to have to adapt to the changing landscape as well. Instead of a focus on war, they should put an emphasis smaller scale conflicts on social issues and the impact of the internet on today's culture (even though I think some do)... Oh and more waifus. Can't forget about the waifus.

AdamIsTalking : Great video, as always. I do always feel sad when I look at the mecha genre's decline in popularity, as someone who still very much loves the genre. Code Geass wasn't just the show that got me into Mecha, it was the first non-pokemon/digimon anime I ever watched, and it is a shame that it isn’t what it used to be. While I personally adored Iron-Blooded Orphans, and I’ve enjoyed plenty of other mecha shows (Not Knight’s & Magic though. That show was BAD), I do get why, and even more so when you were talking about the social aspect. That said, that’s what I think could revive the genre. We still aren’t seeing mecha shows that are plugging into modern story tastes, but I think that once we do get a show that does that, we’ll see the genre grow again. (Annoyingly, I have a couple of ideas for mecha shows with a bigger focus on more modern social themes but that’s no use in England…)

Mii Rico : Once the eva 4th and 5th movie comes out its gonna bounce back!!! r-right guys?... g-guys?

T : 8:32 Motherfucking ads

Mochikou : Voltes V. That's all I'm going to say.

LemonOVA : Iron Man 2 is my favorite Mech Anime

Jene Clyde : -sits in his awkward corner because he likes Gundam Seed- I have watched every Gundam anime at least the ones I can get and am a big Gundam fan. I like war stories. I find war stories fascinating. Maybe its because I grew up with a Vietnam vet in my family. Dunno.

MidNite Mayhem : What is the last music ? IT'S SO BEAUTIFUL 😍

Rayzarke : 6:47 “Char Aznable says let the purge begin !”

Spanky32 : My love started with tekkaman blade and patlabor

FrostWarp : Awesome break down man. I'm a huge mecha fan so seeing this pop up I had to watch it.

Jhet : GOD-TIER content

mundox : I was happy I have seen most of the shows in the video. The fact that we are no longer getting a lot of great mecha shows made me really sad.

serene syder : This should be called the rise and fall and rise again because trigger i believe brought the mecha anime back to the top

Steve Gravel : The show that introduced me to mecha was Ufo Robot Grandizer (or as I know it as: Goldorak) and you barely mention it. :( Ok, it was Mazinger Z's 3rd robot, and not that popular in Japan, but it was really popular in Europe and in North America's French community. Still have a cult following and blu ray releases as in today.