I Got Cancer

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Info in Norwegian: 9. mars, 2018, fikk jeg vite at jeg hadde endetarmskreft. I midten av april fikk jeg dødsdom, legen sa kreften hadde kommet for langt. Kirurgen som opererte meg sa dødsdommen var feil og at det er gode muligheter for overlevelse. 27. juni ble jeg operert, fikk pose på magen, den vil jeg ha resten av livet. Jeg fikk ikke kreft pga livsstilen min, men pga en betennelsessykdom i tarmene, ulcerøs kolitt, som jeg har hatt i mange år. Hospital scenes filmed in Oslo June 26-July 5. The rest filmed in Sandefjord, Norway. Most of the scenes filmed with iPhone7.


MicrosoftWorld : if Cancer cant kill you nothing can

DrawingWith D3mons : He protecc He attacc But most importantly He fights cancer bacc

CobRager : *RESPECT FROM SERBIA* stay strong👏🇳🇴🇷🇸

Ghost : 2:12 look at that smile🙂

ZHF : We love you. Respect apetor.

Martin Tech : Respect from Denmark! You can’t possibly die with that much vodka in your system? He can’t, right guys?

Dante Inferno : He is former marine

honestly same : Dude that sucks you're one of my favs im super upset i just found out bout thid

Augustus.P Crumhorn III : Respect from America

Lunarphase : Stay strong kurwa! Best wishes from Poland ❤️

Денис Собянин : Respect from Russia. Real human being.

XXX Tentacion : Respect from bosnia and swiss Stay Strong and fu{k cancer

softiesida : Respect from Spain. We love u, stay strong

Anon Anon : Did you get rid of the cancer by now? 👍🏻

Moog : Du er helt konge, apetor. Cancer: 0 apetor: 1

Georg Purdel : I'm so sorry... When I've heard that, I almost started to cry... Everybody loves you apetor! ;] Respekt and good luck!

xa1n : Love apetor♡

ZinoxGaming : glou glou glou....haaaaaaaa

Arial-_-GoDツ : Stay strong and respect from an serbian guy from germany ❤️you are the reason because i believe now in humantality ❤️🥩🍸

Studio Kleszcz : Respect from Poland

Complexity : Respect from south korea!!

Necro071 : such a badass


xd : Translation of the description: 9 of march 2018, I got diagnosed with rectal cancer. In the middle of april I got the death sentence, the doctor said that the cancer had come way too far. The surgeon that operated on me said that the death sentence was a mistake and there was high probability of survival. 27th of june i had surgery, got a bag on the stomach which I will have for the rest of my life. I did not get cancer because of my lifestyle, but because of a disease called ulcerative colitis, which I have had for many years.

Salmontres : even ass cancer can't stop the apetor legend <3

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zZap : Respect and Support from Lithuania

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Liam Martin : Lol even after his surgery the man still has his wonderful spirit

LiX : Respect from isreal! <3

강우현 : Cheer up man^^

Кошаре 1999-2019 : I think he is immortal.

Pablo Gutierrez Cardenas : Respect from Colombia 🇨🇴

Theo : Apetor you are a legend. Go tell that poop bag who's boss.

Marco Schneidewind : God bless you my friend :)


Benjamin Spolsino : Man you are a cool guy. I wish I could hang out with you and drink vodka😉

Kaneki Balkanac : So sad

Anto Mustaine : Best person on youtube ever and forever

mxcrec : Respect from Russia to a truly russian Norsk. God bless you.

Alexander Prikhodko : Respect from Russia.Stay strong!!!

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