I Got Cancer

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ZHF : We love you. Respect apetor.

Studio Kleszcz : Respect from Poland


Kubejk : I love how he does not give a fuck and keeps on loving the life in his way :)

Trolling Klaus : I need that “t ahhhh” Sound

HARD Channel : Respect from Ukraine!

Florin Florescu : Respect from Romania ! Stay strong

nIxon3 ez : Respect from Poland !!!

Jan Mickiewicz : Gta 5 Trevor And Michael in One!

JImmy Rustle : I don't usually cry but, damn, ninjas are cutting onions in my room again. Please stay strong and happy Mr. Apetor.

Creepy Pasta : Respect from Romania

ItsVasko vlogs : You can’t kill dragon with fire Vodka ❤️❤️❤️

ALLU800 : What a wholesome dude you are... Wish you the best! *sip* *AAAH*

Ravn Engamo : Stay strong my friend❤️

Daily Hearthstone Funny Moments - Hearthstoned : I know mens not cry, but...

Shrek : Respect from Russia!


FPW Crew : Respect from Poland , stay strong

Barnabás Fábián : Respect from Hungary! Stay strong! 💪

The Lawn Care Nut : I pray for you friend.

Fexxy : Respect from POLAND !!!

Mathijs Vandenberg : I love you apetor! Stay strong and drink vodka


Dragon071 : Respect from Hungary! Stay strong! Don’t let cancer wins! 😀👍🏻💪🏻

Versaucey : How could a man says he has cancer so boldly yet so brave.

ahmetking 054 : Respect from austria and turkey we love you stay strong :)

Masełkoo : Poland LOVE YOU

Unul : Respect from Romania!

crying emoji *dab* : Respect from Poland ✊ stay strong

Magyar Történelem : i wish more 50 years for U

VPN : how could he get cancer, he has cancer, cold, drunk and rage resist. his volvo has rust resist 2.

COD Froline : Respect from France

Rep Bear : Respect from Romania ❤

Andre Felipe : you're my hero of vodka, thx <3 <3


CobRager : *RESPECT FROM SERBIA* stay strong👏🇳🇴🇷🇸

ns Rey : Respect from Czech Republic

Manuel Thurner : Best Lifestyle Ever👍🏻

Ricky : if Cancer cant kill you nothing can

Adraxonn : life goes on.. stay yourself

Mateusz Bober Vocals : Man, please, stop eating these bars, cakes and stop drinking the sugar-added drinks :( This is extremely important in your situation. I am a dietician and trust me, you should totally get rid of that stuff. Hope you'll be fine for long years! :) F*ck cancer!

ORT!Z : Чота грустный ролик пиздец

Zac Bingham : I’m lost for words 😢

YBN KRYSZKA : Respect from Poland!

Eckson : still being apetor even with cancer, respect

xRadu : Romanians love you :D

Amoikugel : There is no fear unless you allow it to fear you.

DrivE : we love u all apetor! <3

Martini : Respect from Sweden!

Singed Poison : Don`t surrend! We love you!