I Got Cancer

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ZHF : We love you. Respect apetor.

The Lawn Care Nut : I pray for you friend.

JImmy Rustle : I don't usually cry but, damn, ninjas are cutting onions in my room again. Please stay strong and happy Mr. Apetor.

Singed Poison : Don`t surrend! We love you!

taiversen : Don't worry, people. He's got his Vikingfjord. He'll do fine.

Paul Majchrowski : Hey, at least youll save on toilet paper

Igor Babiuch : U can always throw this bag at someone...

Harnas668 : Trzymaj się Apetor. Jesteś moim idolem :) Życzę Ci powrotu do zdrowia :)

Gustas Šilgalis : ❤️

CREATiV : Stay strong friend!


tutu andrei : Apetor...you remind me of my grandpa god bless his soul. He survived 15 years after the first gastric cancer. He survived with half of the stomac. But he stayed positive just like you do. He made jokes even with couple of hours before...you know. He learned me to be a man and to spit the blood laughing in the deaths face. He was my hero. He was your age too when he got sick first. You are amazing man. You are one of the last people to love the world simple as it is. Youll make it far too man . just stay positive and keep it up. Even if we cry you make us laugh again. Thank you man. Much love and best wishes

MADchannelify : Dont give up! I pray for you! Best wishes from Russia!

Adraxonn : life goes on.. stay yourself

Tatu A. : I can't read norwegian but with my limited swedish I can kinda decipher the info (and google translate helps). It says it he got diagnosed with rectal cancer in march and the prognosis given a month or so later was initially a lot worse than what was decided upon later, that it would have progressed too far to do an operation and apetor was pretty much dead but another doctor who performed surgery said that is wrong and chances of survival are very good. Also that the cancer was from a chronic illness, not his lifestyle. Also he'll be using a colostomy bag from now on. So, looks like we're not losing apetor for now and vikingfjord is as safe to drink as any alcohol ever is. So *ahhh* away and keep being awesome, both apetor and everyone else reading this.


oznur atmaca : Y O U A R E A W A R R I O R

XXLSPB : Апетор, держись мужик!!!


Артем Анисимов : Дай Бог тебе здоровья!!!

Siiatark Z : respect.

Ikju Ikju : I hope everything goes well!

Hallugenetic : So you don't have to wipe your ass anymore? That's a plus I guess. Stay strong, get well soon, stay healthy

Daily Hearthstone Funny Moments - Hearthstoned : I know mens not cry, but...

AntonioKowatsch : I was hoping this was a joke. Damn... Apetor, you're like the coolest person on Youtube. (no joke) Even when life throws lemons at you, you somehow manage to stay positive. I think we can all learn a little something from that. God bless.

biosonefull : OH NOOOOO!!! :( im sad now. greetings from Poland.

StreetManTV : Big respect man

ACE 001 : Stay Strong!! Our best Wishes and Prayers are with you....

Magyar Történelem : i wish more 50 years for U

The Mad Irishman : Odin please spare this man's life. He may not enter Valhalla yet.

Evgeny Klimov : You are a true Norwegian Thor, no disease can beat you!

Einslauch vong heute : Hoffe es geht dir besser und der dreck kommt nicht wieder... halte durch bro!!!😗

Furkan Eke : Nothing but respect! Praying for you, stay strong

adam sutton : God bless

Legenda 79 : Dużo zdrowia

Caio N : Stay strong, mate! Respect from Brazil

W : Respect for you🙌🏼 we love you❤

Exon TM : still being apetor even with cancer, respect

Mc_GamerEdge : You're alive, man, that is main thing.

Mr Ego : Poor Apetor... :( I wish you all the best, mate, but now I guess it's the best to wish a lot of health. I hope everything's gonna be alright. Stay strong and happy!

polestar_stcc _sweden : I have respect for you, Tor... are you fine?? I love watching your videos. Keep it up☺👋❤👊

BAXU : You are like dad and friend for us! I am so sad... like wow. Hope you get well asap, greetings from Poland mr Apetor :)

Knuspertoast : Apetor is strong and doesn't take life too seriously, I mean look at his videos, he can and will overcome this mental challenge. Best of luck for one of my favourite YouTubers...

Jānis J : I really hope that you gonna beat the cancer. Wish u the best, with love from Latvia.

Dawid Biriuk : Nie poddawaj się kurwa!

Dovahkiin : Hope you feel better, my man

packrit : Almost your 54th birthday! I will be 13 on the same day!

Gryfny : You are indestructible! Życzę dużo zdrowia!

zio caino : hey Dude! How are you know? I didn't know you had cancer.......i always follow you. I hope you get well. skål !!

random dude : We love you apetor❤️