Paris Rooftop Parkour POV 🇫🇷

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Benj, Drew and Sacha take to the rooftops of Paris for another Rooftop Parkour POV. ALLEZ LES BLEUS! - -------- Music: -------- Storror PARKOUR SHOE - Work with Storror: Commercial and press related enquiries - Facebook: STORROR BLOG - Instagram: @STORROR - Twitter: @STORRORPARKOUR - Join the Storror Army and subscribe for next week's video! - Storror Team Members - Toby Segar - Drew Taylor - Sacha Powell - Joshua Burnett Blake - Callum Powell - Max Cave - Benj Cave

Comments from Youtube

DAT BOI Jjmxd : Imagine taking a shit on the highest floor, and you see 3 British guys flying across your bathroom window

nolan dolan : And i thought jumping on my bed was parkour

Aku The Mask : These guys played assassin's creed too much

Sam Jennison : Mum they’re on the roof again

Purplepenpen productions : *Hears footsteps on roof* Me: Oh just the local parkourers

Sascha Prokesch : I just get scared when they suddenly don’t upload

Random Dogface : 0:07 *Me escaping from school*

GACHA MIA : Kid: mommy I here someone jumping on our roof Mom: oh it’s just random guys jumping over roofs XD

AnimeBarbie 2530 : 2:14 U COULDA KILLED YOURSELVES

Kaka E Diversão : Alguém BR 🇧🇷?

HS 112 : Hats off, you risk your lives for our entertainment

Luis Alvarado : Chicos, ustedes están locos y los admiro mucho y espero que puedan mejorar cada día más!!! desde venezuela!!!

Flood Escaper : Storror: *Parkour* CCTV:Someone Doing Something Illegal

Andy Toledo : Assassins Creed Unity: Real Edition xD.

Sei Lá : BRS??

TheKiller293 Plays : These guys fav parkour Spot: building roofs Mine: the living room couch

Francis Angelo Sioco : My crush: where you going Me: parkour My crush: don’t do that Me: i can do it Thats i’m gonna parkour like that

Aksshat Sharrma : My sister sees this video* *she said: "Is this the mission impossible 6 trailer?! You didn't tell me it was out!"* Me: Laughed to death....

Bilal Bouhdi : MIRACULUS😁😁

Eli Strauss : How many confused Parisians do you think heard running footsteps on their ceiling

meche yt : Exelent storror an uruguay

sin nombre huerta alvaro : En mi país hago parkour y los techos de las casas se caen 😂

stepanie lomeli : Umm.. Instead of giving me anxiety i actually get satisfied while watching these

Charley Arnold : And I can’t even jump over a fence without face planting the floor

Cannedcard8499 : Good job the toilet wasn’t open, then his shoes would be screwed

kristin semblante : When you play too much assasin's creed

Dr Tabish Rizvi : Passion kills.. sometimes..Steve Irwin is the example..

BOTGAMER 27 : I wanna do parkour but 1. I'm lazy, 2. I'm afraid of heights sometimes, and 3. I don't wanna die...

warriorcatsfan14 : i can't even climb the monkey bars

lucasXd : When you try to suicide, But you play Karate Kid the other day :v

Isaac david Matute : Soy el único que habla español here I like the parkour

Cheetah Dash : Miraculous in real life XD Me encanto

The killer edres : Im 9 years old and im fast in parkour

Xoxo MPrime : *im guessing ur not afraid of dying XD*

Swoops : Me: **watches this vid** Mom: DINNER TIME Me: ;) time for my inner parkour Also me: **tries to jump off bed but lands on LEGO pieces and gets yeeted**

meriem merhoum : Waaaw it's amazing you are so perfect guys 👏😍

A M G PIAYFUL : إلي عربي إليك إخوان ماوكلي وينكم

Laser Gamer : I was born in Paris & you are parkouring on my house!!! 😂😂😂😂😂

hi SiSteRs : They’re doing this while i cant even walk straight...

Juan Miguel Gequinana : I always watch this likeif u agree andthis is really real o my gosh i camt belive it!!!

justagirl x : did ya see lady bug and cat noir?

Keith Meir : Assassins creed Unity in a nutshell

Aksshat Sharrma : My hands literary sweat

electrical lightning : Assassins Crees Unity in real life lol

Shaikh Rehan : Anyone noticed at 0:59 the scene is changing see it at 0.25 playback speed than only you will understand

Colonel Omar : Why do not you care about building height ?

Zoel Khair : Bang mau ahli parkour kayak mana aku mau jadi kayak abang yang setuju like 👇

Maryam Minsar : Well they’re obviously going to win in long jump 😂

movies ツツcritical ops : Kurde ja bym się bał przecież to jeden zły krok i koniec życia bo się walnie w głowę i krew się leje jak z fontanny