LASERPOPE Trailer (2016)

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Michael Dougherty : Please tell me this is a real thing.

Bill Stickers : I can believe in this God

James Fyfe : Pontifex Maximus...perfect.

mails 118218 : If this guy existed I would become christian without question.

re12evil : Why does this movie remind me of Kung Fury?

Lucas Bello : come on,this looks awesome!Ok,it's a trash movie,but trash movies are fun sometimes

Freddie Costanzo : Wasn't expecting boobs, but it was a lovely surprise.

Outerdimensionreviews : After having had a pretty meh day this actually kind of cheered me up. Two thumbs way, WAY up. :)

TheDamnSpot : Oh. My. Pope. I think I've just pontificated myself. In the rectory.

JustACheeseburger : this looks so absurd and stupid that i like it

valkyrie : it's so cheesy, it will be a blockbuster

ghostofmars83 : Thumbs Down! I don't like this!

sharaiz magsi : is this a joke, or is this crap really in development

Kanamesamasqueen : REALLY?!?!?! They made the Pope into RoboCop?😥

Clubberd1 : There is so much butthurt in the comments, so many popeboys and believers of the tooth fairy.

Ignis King : The one fake movie I want to be real.

michael martin : wish this is real.

Luis Rosado : they forgot to include Machete as special guest

ironmonk yang : There will be riots in the streets soon. Amen!

Fabricio Nogueira : I really need to study cinematography to understand why some movies seem so cheap and fake and others are amazing looking sometimes with less money invested in them

Austin Singer : The Laserpope suit actually looks kind of cool.

Samuel Bakos : This is so warhammer 40k.

keith courson : A movie for the whole damn family...

timothy rose : wow just wow.......

Hufflepuffed : wait what?

Dave Racing : So ein totaler Schwachsinn habe ich ja auch noch nie gesehen! :-O Eine komplette Idiotie, wie kann man nur so ein Film produzieren? :((

Lu Kosta : I'm an Atheist and I'm offended by this.

Genchmen : he is establishing new world religion.

Steve Govea : Is this on Netflix or Hulu yet?

CyberFenix000 : 10/10 lol

iHaku : But... they were ninjas. ninjas cant die

Emanuel J. Gómez Sánchez : This is how Warhammer 40000 begins

Jivitesh Barooah Das : this is fucking awesome! how is this that much different than sharknado?! we need this movie in our lives!

Crohn : Now this is a "Young Pope" i would like to watch!!!

lulubeloo : TITS, WOOHOO!

aSirludvig : Warhammer 2016 - Dawn of War

Connor Phoenix : Father, Son, and Holy Shit.

Shandromand : And just like that, my writer's block is gone.

Jeffrey Kolodziej : This has to be made into a film. "Hobo with a Shotgun" started like this. I WANT MY LASERPOPE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

RandomBattleXP : I'm deeply offended. And not because I'm Catholic - but because this movie doesn't look the least bit funny OR clever.

lakcajydna : the world needs a movie like this!

mlongpre100 : 2:21 wilhelm scream in da house !

dkmorbid otaku : The SJW dislikes on this vid. are insane.Really just a bunch of obtuse non-breastfed animals with a mental handicap allowed to live with humans..disgusting

CaptainKlotz : This looks like fun, bad fun.

Sergio M : Is that crap a real movie?

vealck : I am offended that this was not made into a full-length movie yet.

Atomseure : amazing its trash but i love it hope this is a realy movie the comes out

lancsFrogger : very funny. perhaps better as a trailer than an actual movie but no one should be offended, except for the single remaining idiot who still hasn't twigged the utter dodginess of the vatican high command

Alex Victor : ok... hmmm... ehhh... dafuq????

bad4ever2001 : LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL!!! I soooooooooo want to watch this!! XD