LASERPOPE Trailer (2016)

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Freddie Costanzo : Wasn't expecting boobs, but it was a lovely surprise.

Michael Dougherty : Please tell me this is a real thing.

Bill Stickers : I can believe in this God

mails 118218 : If this guy existed I would become christian without question.

Lucas Bello : come on,this looks awesome!Ok,it's a trash movie,but trash movies are fun sometimes

James Fyfe : Pontifex Maximus...perfect.

TheDamnSpot : Oh. My. Pope. I think I've just pontificated myself. In the rectory.

Outerdimensionreviews : After having had a pretty meh day this actually kind of cheered me up. Two thumbs way, WAY up. :)

Luis Rosado : they forgot to include Machete as special guest

Kanamesamasqueen : REALLY?!?!?! They made the Pope into RoboCop?😥

valkyrie : it's so cheesy, it will be a blockbuster

kinn grimm : rofl ... you know how some movies are so bad they turn out to be good again ... this could be one of those

JustACheeseburger : this looks so absurd and stupid that i like it

Samuel Bakos : This is so warhammer 40k.

Ignis King : The one fake movie I want to be real.

UJR78 : I was a special guest at the Vatican once... And can assure you, the only thing inaccurate in this video was the place settings.

ironmonk yang : There will be riots in the streets soon. Amen!

David Lemos : At least it has sense of humor, good B movie feeling and breasts on youtube.

re12evil : Why does this movie remind me of Kung Fury?

Katz : wish this is real.

Emanuel J. Gómez Sánchez : This is how Warhammer 40000 begins

timothy rose : wow just wow.......

Crohn : Now this is a "Young Pope" i would like to watch!!!

Genchmen : he is establishing new world religion.

Jeffrey Kolodziej : This has to be made into a film. "Hobo with a Shotgun" started like this. I WANT MY LASERPOPE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jivitesh Barooah Das : this is fucking awesome! how is this that much different than sharknado?! we need this movie in our lives!

iHaku : But... they were ninjas. ninjas cant die

Connor Phoenix : Father, Son, and Holy Shit.

Poly Blank99 : is this a joke, or is this crap really in development

Felton Pavitt : Had a really shitty day, but man was this enjoying to watch. lmao

keith courson : A movie for the whole damn family...

aSirludvig : Warhammer 2016 - Dawn of War

Lu Kosta : I'm an Atheist and I'm offended by this.

wcresponder : Well there goes sharknado.......long live laserpope.

Fabricio Nogueira : I really need to study cinematography to understand why some movies seem so cheap and fake and others are amazing looking sometimes with less money invested in them

Clubberd1 : There is so much butthurt in the comments, so many popeboys and believers of the tooth fairy.

Shandromand : And just like that, my writer's block is gone.

mlongpre100 : 2:21 wilhelm scream in da house !

hitchadmirer : It's gone 2 in the morning, I don't know how I found this or why I sent this link to my kids (adults!) but it's awesome. Terrible. Hilarious. Scandalous. Awesome. Burst out laughing with the jihadist's shock ....and just loved GOD - someone tell me that's an acronym for something.....just amazing. Shockingly amazing. Ha ha ha....gotta go but can't stop laughing

dkmorbid otaku : The SJW dislikes on this vid. are insane.Really just a bunch of obtuse non-breastfed animals with a mental handicap allowed to live with humans..disgusting

Austin Singer : The Laserpope suit actually looks kind of cool.

Broken Fiction : We finally get a Black Jesus and this is what happens!!!

samotnick : Artistic freedom and bravery is very selective, it seems. Why no Laser Mahomet?

Atomseure : amazing its trash but i love it hope this is a realy movie the comes out


lakcajydna : the world needs a movie like this!

atj1973 : If it was about jewish religion it would be banned in a minute by YT admins, the owner of this channel accused for antisemitism and wanted by police.

1devilkat : Epicness personoified, I want to watch this now.

ripley4 : Holy..... oups....Hahahahahahahah!!!! what the hell did I just watch?!?! This is ridiculously awwwwwwwwesome!!!!!!!

Ze FatMan : Take my money dammit that was beautiful