Punk kid and his family stealing my parking spot

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T Bag : Lol! Kid thinks he's so bad ass! He's going to get beat up alot when he's older with that little tude. Lol!

Jack Easton : You should’ve ran the kid over lmao

Willysmb44 : I once saw someone zip into a parking space someone else had clearly been waiting for and the guy got out, looked at the driver and said, "Take a good look at your car, it WILL NOT look like this when you get back." The other driver just stared at him for a moment, realized he probably WASN'T kidding, and got back in his car to leave, leaving the space for the guy who had gotten there first. I never forgot that.

nimo hobbs : Would have slashed all 4 tyres

Timotius _10 : Aah the muslims, all about respect and sharing

RubberWilbur : I would have just politely got out of my car and stood right in front of the parking spot until they gave up and if I had to wait there for 5 hour I would have. Also I would have threatened to report her to CPS for child endangerment for letting her son using his body as a blockade. Hmm someone or some people using a child as a blockade endangering them. Where have we seen that before?

0xygenIsOverRated : Oh I would of been going to jail that day.

Lil' East : Man the way that kid crossed his arms tryna look cool, I would've stepped on the gas.

ClashCrafter : This gets me so pissed and I’m not even there. The kid thinks he’s so cool riding around a parking lot on his bike with his hat backwards. And the way he inched his bike up after they pulled out? It just gets me so mad.

Paul K : Someone should skin them alive and roll them in salt!

Buffomarinus : Do they WANT their car vandalised? Because THAT is how you get your car vandalised

Nate Nizzle : Not saying I would have mowed the kid down.. But I would have gently let my foot off the brakes until I did some damage to his bike. Who does that kid think he is to block a car with his bike?

jay garcia : that family would see my evil side pretty quick doing that shit to me.

spencer vance : Buy an air soft pistol that looks real and pull it out whenever shit like this happens, if it goes to court it wasn't technically a death threat because you were just showing them your air soft pistol

TheSlothyYoutuber : Should've said, "I hope you have insurance on your car."

Americus Patrioticus : The driver could have pulled up and blocked the spot, and then argued his case first to the family, and then to the police, since he had everything on camera. The kid was dead wrong and will get himself into lots of trouble one day if he continues this type of behavior. The kid will then have something to blame on his parents for telling him to play traffic cop. The parents will have themselves to blame for telling the kid to do something illegal and incredibly arrogant.

Steve : Anybody going to say anything about the rag on that ladies head.

34k : You should have just parked in front of the car

RageBear : I always carry a knife and for once it would have came in handy, go back once there gone and pop those damn tires

THE BLACK DAHLIA : That's how you get your car keyd😊

Gmork13 : Not gonna lie, hope that kid gets bullied. Punk kid being raised by punk parents.

coolcars : Lmao I would've just parked in front of the Corolla until police show up and show them proog

Drew G. : How did you just let that slide? Run him over!!

ADEBISI ADEBISI : Should have shot them

Vanquish Media : I would have slashed all 4 tires, can't jihad without wheels.

Johnnymushio : This made me more angry than I would have thought. Now how can I sleep?

Gman g : I would have wrote them a little message on their car using my keys to remind them of karma

gallo_mtz : Always have some spray paint cans in your car. Just in case, if you know what I mean. 🙄😁

msanderson890 : they're going to find three flat tires when they come out. AND tooth picks in the keyholes as well. . since they want the spot so bad..they can STAY in the spot til the AAA comes to help their asses

yuth pang : In a normal society we live in, the kid and his mother only have a couple of minute before he and his mother get murder and the murderer spend 20 till life in the state penitentiary.

Whatgrinds mygears? : What?? No justice?! You just let it slide?.. Booo! 👎why even post it up.

LaSonja Wyatt : They would need a tow truck because the tires on their car would some how lose all of the air.

Ty Handsom : It seems bad but at the end of the day,they’re the ones burning in hell.

charliemcnuggets : Jr would have had to get a new bike after it got ran over with him on it while mama watched

rustybodine : Uhh, why even warn them? Just drive off like it didnt bother you and return in abt 10 mins. Only puncture one or two tires. Never do all four cuz insurance will pay then. Just do enough that they barely meet their deductible.

Boosted2v : wouldve slashed their tires as soon as they left

Riho Pütsep : Wow never thought a kid could be so punchable.

Soldier1287 : gotta make some sort of bumper attachment thing for ramming

Kenny Nordieker : Should've ran that "so bossy" kid over.

mrkiiprototype : Key their car

Ray G : I remember I was once waiting about 10 minutes for a spot in a jam packed beach. After they put everything away, they would not budge. They told me I had to leave because they were holding the spot for a friend who was trying to make his way to the beach. I played their little game and I blocked them in for a good 20 mins and didn't let the other friend in or let them out. Meanwhile, we slowly unpacked our beach stuff. They wasted my time, so I wasted theirs. They were pissed! Since when should we hold spots for people that are on their way. First come first serve for crying out loud.

HTX original : Smile and wave. Let them go in the store...then key the shit out of their car.

mech cntr : Ah, teaching the kids tribalism from an early age.

Alexander A : I would of just parked behind their car and block them so they couldn’t get out

pink guy : I'm 13 and if I was in that car I would if BEAT THE SHIT OUT IF THAT KID

Almac x : Your tax dollars go to bringing these cockroaches in and housing/feeding them while there are still homeless people dying on the street... lovely

Keith Twiddy : I don’t know why you let them have the spot

Beve Smith : I would have swung around the kid at the last second if nothing else but to block the other car.  If they wanted to argue the point then, I'm cool with that.

SurGe KraKen : I would’ve just ignored them and parked my car

T Sledge : Pressss the horn !! Draw attention to yourself, for witnesses. Pull up in front of the other car, to back into parking space. Blocking the car from pulling into the parking space. Continue to press horn, for attention, throughout process.