Punk kid and his family stealing my parking spot

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BlackBoxGamers : That's when you play mind games. After they park and get out, drive up and say "It takes a pretty stupid person to pull a dick move like that, and then leave their car here, unattended and unguarded." then drive away. They will spend their entire day/meal worrying about their car and thinking about what they did.

T Bag : Lol! Kid thinks he's so bad ass! He's going to get beat up alot when he's older with that little tude. Lol!

TheFrostDrake : run the brat over

Robert Wilke : run over the kids bike to teach him a lesson get the hell out of the way

Matthew I : Good, because now you know where they parked and can pull all 4 valve stems. Better yet, pull the license plates off the car and call the towing company saying that it's been illegally parked there for a week.

RubberWilbur : I would have just politely got out of my car and stood right in front of the parking spot until they gave up and if I had to wait there for 5 hour I would have. Also I would have threatened to report her to CPS for child endangerment for letting her son using his body as a blockade. Hmm someone or some people using a child as a blockade endangering them. Where have we seen that before?

Incestral ActionFigure : I would've gently flattened the kid if he didn't move. cause I ain't stopping

Dan Cahill : Well they are muslims what did you expect

Darren Byrne : You soft man SERIOUSLY

Cardjunkie91 : Should have called cops and said the lady had a bomb.

Derrick Moses : That bird at 0:12 tho...

DeltaAssualt : This almost happened to me but I didn't let it happen. I get real aggressive when someone trys to do this to me.

站在反对邪恶醒来帮助 : Actually, you can see in the beginning of the video that the family was there before the car driver and they were talking to the driver of the blue vehicle. I was actually about to side with the person recording until I took a closer look. Thumbs down for lying. The family did not steal the space they were there first asking the couple if they would wait for their car to pull into the space.

Damion Funchess : Where's Madea when you need her.

super horny lol : If you see a corolla with a BC5-93X tag, key it 🔑 🔑


Ruther Glen : I would have got out and laid in the parking spot

inurtrash : That car would have had two flat tires when she came out of the store.

Americus Patrioticus : The driver could have pulled up and blocked the spot, and then argued his case first to the family, and then to the police, since he had everything on camera. The kid was dead wrong and will get himself into lots of trouble one day if he continues this type of behavior. The kid will then have something to blame on his parents for telling him to play traffic cop. The parents will have themselves to blame for telling the kid to do something illegal and incredibly arrogant.

Joe B : And he didn't completely vandalize the shit out of their car because......?

Future Fungus : You put up a vid of you getting punked by a kid no less ? You say it was your spot, you didn't even get out of your car & stand in the space to fight for it. Puss of the day.

Trey Davis : It's not all of them but some Muslims come to America thinking they can do whatever the hell they want. They act like they own the place.

Carson Phelps : That kid is lucky that I wasn’t there cause I would’ve knocked him straight out

Devin Shillington : Happened to me before, I keyed their car.

name fake : That is a good way to get your tires slashed

The Shadow Master : You should of popped all the tires when they went in and write you wanted to stay in the spot now your stuck in it have a bad day

Tony V : dont ever let that happen again . stand your ground when you are rite.. no matter what

Mochira : I wanted to run that kid over so bad. He was begging for it lmaooo

Jonathan B : How you imagine the kid on the bike in 7 years time?

Blue PoodleHD : I would have crushed that kids bike.

Jimbo Jim : About sums it up. Muslims taking something from the white man using their women and children as fodder with the help of some white women. Then the white guy puts up no fight. Europe in a nut shell

Tammy Yasutake : Tell them to screw of

ebill66 : You were not there first. Lady with yellow scarf was already engaged with people leaving spot.

Armando Ruelas : I would of ran the kids bike over if he did that to my car 😂😂😂😂😂

tyrion : nah the lady was there first see front of the park car she is already speaking on the lady driver before you arrived

MatthewRBLX : I would Have Ram That kid Over

Ivan TheGreat : Immigrant scrums

No Nonsense : So what if you were there first! It’s a car park’ if they were moving to let a friend/family member in what’s wrong with that?? Tough luck! You seen them moving the car for the other car and thought you’d bully the women into giving the space to you? Fail!

Gringo Bandito : I would have done something, I don't know what that is yet but this disrespect requires some kind of reaction. I'm thinking I'd start with some dog poop on their door handles and then go from there...

Ted7864 : After vandalizing their car you should have killed the parents so the boy would have to grow up without a family.

Mindchime Official : Chipmunks always thinking they own the parking space. This is what's wrong with the world, chipmunks.

keechmabreeks : I would've went back and stabbed the tires

Spacey Spux : Just drive the kids bike over geez

Elias Vasilescu : I would have my BF get out and stand in their way. Lmao they won't get the spot either ;)

E.A. Hawley : Smh at all the racist, islamaphobic sheep.

Omar Mohabbat : So many racists. American people took people as slaves

BlueNightfury : Always a Middle eastern family isn't it? Assholes

Patryk : What a muslim scum...they should stay in middle east where is their place

james chanin : I saw this happened in real life ! The  guy who lost his parking place went & got a cinder block  he threw it into  the windshield and then he took it out and put it back !!!!!

Venomlily16 : There are other parking spaces, I'm sure . Why fight over what must have been the 9th row parking space AT LEAST, considering how far back it was from the restaurant ? Life's too short to be adults acting like babies . Lol .