Punk kid and his family stealing my parking spot

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BlackBoxGamers : That's when you play mind games. After they park and get out, drive up and say "It takes a pretty stupid person to pull a dick move like that, and then leave their car here, unattended and unguarded." then drive away. They will spend their entire day/meal worrying about their car and thinking about what they did.

T Bag : Lol! Kid thinks he's so bad ass! He's going to get beat up alot when he's older with that little tude. Lol!

Cole Lutz : Just run trough the bike? I don’t know how nice your car is, but the paint on mine is fading and I could give 2 shits about knocking that kid off his bike. OOOOOOOOOO THIS MADE ME MAD

WISDOMTOOTHGAMER : That boy pisses me off


Nickster : ISIS

RubberWilbur : I would have just politely got out of my car and stood right in front of the parking spot until they gave up and if I had to wait there for 5 hour I would have. Also I would have threatened to report her to CPS for child endangerment for letting her son using his body as a blockade. Hmm someone or some people using a child as a blockade endangering them. Where have we seen that before?

Josh Whitaker : Did someone say flat tire or flat tires?

Adrian Soto : That boy trying to look cool with his big boy bike and wearing "COOL" clothes he probably has training wheels somewhere for that bike

President Moore : I swear, with every grain of molecule and atom in my mf body, I would have snagged that kids bike and stole it. I strongly believe in balance and if they had the audacity to steal my parking spot like that, I feel like stealing one of their items in return will keep balance in my life. An eye for an eye. And call the cops if you want. I'm gonna be gone already. Just cancel my plans for the day and pick up somethin simple to eat at a drive thru. Go home. And sit comfortably on my bed, knowing that I got myself a new bike.

Rusty Shackelford : It seems like Muslims are very entitled and have no problem screwing others.

Buffomarinus : Do they WANT their car vandalised? Because THAT is how you get your car vandalised

Cryonic Two3 : you know damn well if he ran into the kid on the bike that lady would’ve been like “why u run over my son?? he right in front of u, y u hev to run him over, hE DiD nOtHiNg WrOnG”

banga head : haa your the punk dude. you let a kid punk you out lol

Alberto Pachaly : Put some cocaine in that car, leave and call the cops.

RISKY BIZKUTS : That's sand monkey's for ya! Should have just went around them and did a 5 point entry turn into that spot.

Johnnymushio : This made me more angry than I would have thought. Now how can I sleep?

tyrion : nah the lady was there first see front of the park car she is already speaking on the lady driver before you arrived

Italia 458driver : That’s right America. Keep fighting to let those poor foreigners in. They don’t like us and don’t respect us. These people will never acclimate to our western culture because they literally hate us. If you believe they are peaceful ppl you are ignorant. They are told in their Quran to lie to our faces as long as it moves their agenda forward.

TheOfficialSynnex : Lol put it in neutral and rev the engine loud! Even if you didn't get the spot it still would have been funny to see the kid freak out for a second haha

Hash : Its just a parking spot, like literally comment section needs to chilax.

Robert Wilke : run over the kids bike to teach him a lesson get the hell out of the way

channel deleted : I would of ran that kid over

J.J. Johnson : Entitled immigrant, THANKS

Livereater00 : I've never waited for a parking spot in my life... not that important. Go find another parking spot. God forbid you have to walk a few more feet.

Al Most : title should read “got punked by a kid and his family”

TheFrostDrake : run the brat over

ChilliPepper 456 : I don’t care, I’m running the kid over.

Ku Sh : Crosses his arms “I heard badasses do this in movies”

HD Ramen : I'm straight piped. I would've put my car in gear and acted like I was gonna 2 step that kid and his mom. Smh.

MaskedMan : That kid riding the bike looks like the skinny version of Tómas from Breaking Bad.

name fake : That is a good way to get your tires slashed

super man : Should go back to the country they came from if we acted disrespectful in there country they would most likely kill us.

Manofsteel : Arabs are nasty people. They import their shadyness to this country

Youtube Paul : You can tell that kid would end up being shot to death one day...probably we all will see it on the news and won't even recognize him from this video

MelsonWithTrucking : Which is why I park in the back. I need to walk anyways. It's no big deal for me.

DeltaAssualt : This almost happened to me but I didn't let it happen. I get real aggressive when someone trys to do this to me.

FORMER 711 : Not yours if they got it first lol

Lightzenon : Actually y'all arrived at the same time, the woman in the hijab was waiting on the other side of the lot ( top right corner @ 0:16 )

dicbyrd : fill there door handles with axel grease

Joe khangman : Wait why didnt you run his bike over?? Play stupid games, win stupid prizes

Matthew I : Good, because now you know where they parked and can pull all 4 valve stems. Better yet, pull the license plates off the car and call the towing company saying that it's been illegally parked there for a week.

J.J. K. : They would have came out to 4 flat tires if they tried that shit with me. I mean 6 flat tires I would have knifed that kids bike too.

кетсин коин : give a GUN !

Gay insults : I would’ve just said I don’t want that parking spot and act like your gonna drive away but instead pull in last sec lmao worked for me once. boy were they pissed

JoMcD21 : Who the hell waits 20 minutes to park?? Just park down the road and walk!

Ku Sh : It’s cause you’re an infidel

Bill Montana : You were too soft

You're a fuckboi : and thats when i remove all your valve cores out of your tires while you go shopping

Nougat Kekz : I guess I would've run this little red shmock over