Punk kid and his family stealing my parking spot

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T Bag : Lol! Kid thinks he's so bad ass! He's going to get beat up alot when he's older with that little tude. Lol!

HamTokes - : You should’ve ran the kid over lmao

spencer vance : Buy an air soft pistol that looks real and pull it out whenever shit like this happens, if it goes to court it wasn't technically a death threat because you were just showing them your air soft pistol

nimo hobbs : Would have slashed all 4 tyres

Paul K : Someone should skin them alive and roll them in salt!

RubberWilbur : I would have just politely got out of my car and stood right in front of the parking spot until they gave up and if I had to wait there for 5 hour I would have. Also I would have threatened to report her to CPS for child endangerment for letting her son using his body as a blockade. Hmm someone or some people using a child as a blockade endangering them. Where have we seen that before?

jay garcia : that family would see my evil side pretty quick doing that shit to me.

James McGrath : Would have been funny if you had mown down the kid and crushed the life out of him in front of his parents lol 😂😂

alienjuicy : Well technically it's not YOUR parking spot. So calm the fuck down. But... it's not really THERE'S either. Should have killed the kid.

Timotius _10 : Aah the muslims, all about respect and sharing

Buffomarinus : Do they WANT their car vandalised? Because THAT is how you get your car vandalised

0xygenIsOverRated : Oh I would of been going to jail that day.

Istok : Man the way that kid crossed his arms tryna look cool, I would've stepped on the gas.

THE BLACK DAHLIA : That's how you get your car keyd😊

Soldier1287 : gotta make some sort of bumper attachment thing for ramming

Whatgrinds mygears? : What?? No justice?! You just let it slide?.. Booo! 👎why even post it up.

TheGamingWolf : (Note to self) always carry a bucket of nails and tacks

ADEBISI ADEBISI : Should have shot them

Steve : Anybody going to say anything about the rag on that ladies head.

Drew G. : How did you just let that slide? Run him over!!

Cole Lutz : Just run trough the bike? I don’t know how nice your car is, but the paint on mine is fading and I could give 2 shits about knocking that kid off his bike. OOOOOOOOOO THIS MADE ME MAD

PLO 8 : 1-0 Allah lol

SurGe KraKen : I would’ve just ignored them and parked my car

James Acson : Should just ran him over!

coolcars : Lmao I would've just parked in front of the Corolla until police show up and show them proog

A youtuber lol : That boy pisses me off

34k : You should have just parked in front of the car

gallo_mtz : Always have some spray paint cans in your car. Just in case, if you know what I mean. 🙄😁

Dylan Rsb : Well that lady asked first for that spot and you saw her waiting, and the owner of the blue car gave the spot to her, you are an idiot.

Alexander A : I would of just parked behind their car and block them so they couldn’t get out

Johnnymushio : This made me more angry than I would have thought. Now how can I sleep?

bluepizza2112 : That would have been a fight I would have whooped that husband's ass

Ed inurbed : Just a damn parking spot people stop being so dramatic and take another spot it’s not the end of the damn world! Smh

Daniel !! : *Does it say ur name on it ?*

myles cruzado : You dropped the ball by letting them punk you like that

TheWooorthlessTV : That's life

Dunnoahhha : Come back and loosen all the wheel nuts.

Cody Biancuzzo : I would’ve beeped and wouldn’t let go of the horn on the kid

Samuel Hensley : I'm 13 and if I was in that car I would if BEAT THE SHIT OUT IF THAT KID

President Moore : I swear, with every grain of molecule and atom in my mf body, I would have snagged that kids bike and stole it. I strongly believe in balance and if they had the audacity to steal my parking spot like that, I feel like stealing one of their items in return will keep balance in my life. An eye for an eye. And call the cops if you want. I'm gonna be gone already. Just cancel my plans for the day and pick up somethin simple to eat at a drive thru. Go home. And sit comfortably on my bed, knowing that I got myself a new bike.

RageBear : I always carry a knife and for once it would have came in handy, go back once there gone and pop those damn tires

TheSlothyYoutuber : Should've said, "I hope you have insurance on your car."

fukqyou asszhole : It sucks but yeah it's not your spot just because you wait longer. It's whomever parks there next spot, so you had to either have more nerve then them and force you way in like they did and be a fag or simply left. I would have did something to their car but only due to that kid pissing me off like he was some kind of authority figure to block you on like that. Most likely would have stolen his bike.

Ed C : Flat tires for sure.

Robert Wilke : run over the kids bike to teach him a lesson get the hell out of the way

Jim Bertido : I just would've let them have it waited for them to have gone in & then just slashed all 4 tires & left.

DV : This condom advertisement seems cool

Gerardo Valencia : I hate those type of kids so damn much better that just pisses me off

Aloha From The 303 : WOW, this wasn’t YOUR spot. You got outsmarted and instead of taking it like a man, you throw a pitty party on YouTube. Grow up.

Al Most : title should read “got punked by a kid and his family”